X13 - The Beginning of something Xtraordanery

Author: Alex DarkFire <eternitynchaos[at]paradise.net.nz>

Summary: AU, Buffy and Willow have both started College and in the last 4 months Xander has seen them all of twice, they don't need him so why stick around, what with the offer he got a few days and all.

Disc: I own nothing, or at least very little

Crossovers: Gen13, others in any follow-ups most likely just stuff from the same people that created Gen13 ^^

Rating: R if for Violence at least, though with Bliss in this who knows *evil grin*

Note: This is for Ed, I seem to remember you putting up a request/challenge a while back for a Gen13 cross and since I've just got my hands on source material so I thought I'd give it a go, maybe it will help me get over my blocks with my other fics.

Music: Wherever I May Roam, Artist: Metallica, Album: Black Album


It was with sadness that Xander looked back at the retreating sight of Sunnydale, it would have only a few years ago been a totally different feeling he would have felt, most likely elation, or joy at the idea of leaving, maybe a little regret at leaving his "best buds" Willow and Jesse but now that was more of a dull ache.

Of course Jesse had been dead for over three months now and he hadn't seen Willow in over a month, and when he had it had been rather shocking.

'I mean really, one minute your best bud is a happy hetro young woman in a relationship with a guy and the next she's got a cute little blond on her arm walking down the street... I wonder if I missed the memo maybe?'

Xander sighed to himself. 'The worst thing was, its was an accident, she hadn't come over to introduce me to her girl, or to say hi or anything. No we just happened to be going to the same place at the same time, bah, they made it very clear that they don't need or want me around anymore, so here I am, on my way to something better, I hope anyway.'

Xander glanced down at the letter in his had from this 'Project Genesis', which he still wasn't so sure about.

'I mean, why would they want me of all people at some government training program, really there has got to be someone else better then me, that and the fact that the little soldier in me has a baaaaad feeling about this.'

"Bah, no use worrying about it now, I phoned them and said I'd be there, they would likely turn up for me if I didn't show so I may as well just enjoy the ride until they work out they sent the letter to the wrong person."

Xander sank back against his seat with a sigh and closed his eyes trying to get some sleep as he travelled onward.


"You are sure it is him then?" a cool voice questioned.

"Y-Yes Ma'am, all the checks confirm it." A nervous voice replied.

"Fine, we will see what happens, assign him to room 15 when he arrives."

"Is?is that all Ma'am? Surely you want toerrrk" the voice that questioned was reduced to a wet gurgle.

"Someone clean up this mess before I get back? and get me a new Aide as well, one who isn't as stupid this time, I'm getting tired of punishing incompetence."


Xander steeped off the bus with a slightly better air about him, no longer depressed but rather looking forward to what the future would bring, he got all of three steps before a he was startled by someone clearing there throat in front of him.

Looking up he saw a group of three men who seemed to inhabit an island of calm among the bustling chaos of the bus terminal, unruffled and uncaring they stood in there black suits and equally black sunglasses. He cocked an eye sardonically before he spoke.

"If your looking for a Mr Anderson, you just missed him." He said with laughter dancing in his eyes.

Seeing that his attempt at humour failed Xander forced himself not to sigh.

'Why is it I never meet people who have a sense of humour?' Xander thought morosely to himself, cursing the gods for forcing him to only run across such people.

"Very amusing Mr Harris, we are here to escort you to the transport to the site of Project Genesis" deadpanned the lead of the three before continuing.

"Do you have any other luggage or can we be on our way, we only have a small amount of time as we have to pic up several other candidates before we head to the Project site." The second agent asked him in a similarly flat tone.

"Nope, this is it, so lead the way, may as well get this show on the road, right?"

Xander replied hefting the backpack over his shoulder as he followed the three agents towards who knew what.