X-Xander and...Dr. Grey

Author: Lucinda Siverling <lucindasiverling[at]hotmail.com>

rating: pg/pg13

main characters: Xander Harris and Jean Grey

Disclaimer: Xander is the creation of Joss Whedon for the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. All X-Men characters are the creation of Stan Lee and/or Marvel comics, possilby reenvisioned by Marvel Entertainment (for the movies).

Distribution: Paula, Cat, Luba if she wants it, XanderZone, INeedAParrot, Twisting. Anyone else ask first.

dedicated to Dragonhulk, because when I did a series of BtVS/X-Men odd couple drabbles, he wondered why there were none featuring Xander. Now, Xander gets his own X-Men-Marvel crossover drabbles...

note: these will wander from season to season and/or series to story arc to movie, depending on what season's Xander I feel easiest to have encountering each particular X-person. There is no continuity from drabble to drabble.

Chapter 1

Xander shivered in the cool air, glancing at his shirt, currently draped over a chair. He'd been injured went he Friends of Humanity protest to the California bill guaranteeing mutants equal protection had turned into a riot. Not only had there been a riot, and not only had he been injured, but it turned out that he was actually a mutant. Go figure.

Maybe he could blame the Hellmouth?

Doctor Grey was supposed to be in soon to make certain that he didn't have anything more serious than a few scrapes and bruises. Apparently, he'd taken some solid hits, enough to alarm the X-Men sent to try to help out. He felt cold, but fine.

"Any time now…"

"No need to be in a hurry." A red haired woman in a lab coat and a set of gray scrubs walked in, smiling.

"You're Dr. Grey?" Xander blinked.


"Wow, if I'd known that a hot red head wanted me to strip down, I'd have been a lot happier waiting." The words spilled out.

"What?" She looked at him, and one eyebrow raised.

That's when Xander noticed the diamond sparkling on her left hand. "Never mind. Just shoot me now."

End Dr. Grey.