X-Xander and...Marie

Author: Lucinda Siverling <lucindasiverling[at]hotmail.com>

rating: pg

main characters: Xander Harris and Marie(Rogue)

Disclaimer: Xander is the creation of Joss Whedon for the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. All X-Men characters are the creation of Stan Lee and/or Marvel comics, possilby reenvisioned by Marvel Entertainment (for the movies).

Distribution: Paula, Cat, Luba if she wants it, XanderZone, INeedAParrot, Twisting. Anyone else ask first.

dedicated to Dragonhulk, because when I did a series of BtVS/X-Men odd couple drabbles, he wondered why there were none featuring Xander. Now, Xander gets his own X-Men-Marvel crossover drabbles...

note: these will wander from season to season and/or series to story arc to movie, depending on what season's Xander I feel easiest to have encountering each particular X-person. There is no continuity from drabble to drabble.

Chapter 1

Xander pulled his jacket closer, and reluctantly shuffled out the door. He didn't want to leave the building. He just knew that if he did, she would be there.

Marie. His latest dangerous, freaky female stalker. But she was a mutant, not a vampire, demon, mummy, or bug lady. Hopefully, it meant that she wouldn't be planning to kill him.

She was pretty, with dark hair, and gorgeous eyes, and a nice body, as much as he could tell with the way she always wore layers of clothing to cover every inch of her body. Skin contact activated her mutation. And she couldn't control it.

So why, he wondered, was she following him?

"Hey Xander." A soft voice, like honey.

"Marie." He smiled weakly.

"Some of us were headin' out for a movie, want to come along?" She was smiling at him, and there was something there…

"I…. suppose." The words pulled themselves out.

"Great!" She leaned in, giving him a quick hug, her hair brushing against his cheek, smelling like flowers. "It'll be fun."

"Yeah…" Xander wondered what in the world had possessed him. Then he saw her smile. She was so happy … He was officially a sap.

The End