Xander as... DC style

Author: Charles Parker <charles_parkerh[at]yahoo.com>

Feedback: Coin of the realm

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Xander takes the roles of various DC alums and characters.

Disclaimer: Xander and other BtVS characters belong to ME. I wish I owned Laura Prepon but that's another matter.

Chapter 1

Season One, Sometime after 'Angel'.

"Stupid Angel. Stupid Buffy for falling for a guy like that. He's a frigging vampire, she should be making with the stake, not...ecch..."

Xander kicked at the trash on the ground as he walked down the street. He tightly gripped the stake in his pocket, more aware of the 'nightlife' then ever. Occasionally he would look around, trying to not be obvious as he searched for anyone or thing following him. As he reached the intersection about roughly 4 blocks from where his street was, he paused.

"Guess it's another date with Patsy for me tonight."

He shook his head and took one step forward when a green glowing light surrounded him. Xander looked around, trying to figure out what was going. He was encased in some sort of green energy ball.

"What the-?"

Before he could finish that sentence, he and the green orb blinked out of existence. This being Sunnydale, no one noticed.

Some miles away, both the globe and Xander reappeared. The globe then dissolved and Xander was left free to examine his new surroundings. It looked like he had been taken to a disaster zone. Rumble and trash littered the whole scene. A sound drew his attention to a rather large hole in front of him. At first all he discerned was darkness but faintly he could see something inside. Hesitantly he moved towards it all the while telling himself he shouldn't be.  Eventually he came upon what looked like a...

"A spaceship? No way..."

A low moan behind him caused him to whirl around eyes searching wildly for the source. He finally found a man-shaped figure lying on a piece of rubble. Slowly he approached the unknown figure, ready to flee if something happened. As he drew closer, he saw the thing was wearing some odd uniform, which appeared stained with some purplish liquid. Abruptly the figure opened its eyes and looked at him.

"Finally... you have come."


"Yes... It is time now... here take it..."

So saying this the figure held out a brown skinned hand to him. Xander hesitantly moved closer and touched the figure's hand. The creature opened it's hand and pressed something into his grasp. As he did so, a ragged breath went thru the thing's body and it visibly shuddered. A faint green light seemed to surround the creature as its breathing became more labored.

"You... are the one... use it well... use it to save...to protect...to serve."

With that, the creature's breathing ceased and the greenish light faded from around it's body.  Xander blinked a quiet sadness washing over him. Then he was again surrounded by bright green light and he again disappeared from that site.  

Xander blinked as the light surrounding him faded, he was in a park less then one block from his home. When he was a child, he used to play here with Willow and Jesse nowadays he avoided it. He glanced down at his hand and saw for the first time what the creature had passed onto him.

"A ring? What am I supposed to do with this?"


Season One, 'Prophecy Girl'

"You tried. It was noble of you. You heard the prophecy that I was about to break free and you came to stop me. But prophecies are tricky creatures. They don't tell you everything.  You're the one that sets me free! If you hadn't come, I couldn't go. Think about that!"

As the aged vampire known only as 'The Master' stepped forward to finish the job, a light tapping on his shoulder distracted him. Annoyed, he turned and was promptly punched hard in the face by a large, green, glowing fist. The force of the blow sent him flying clear across the room. As the undead horror struggled to it's feet, he was enveloped in a large green ball and promptly whisked out of his underground lair.

Buffy hadn't moved from where she stood, paralyzed with fear. Behind her, she heard the sounds of a struggle and vampires being dusted.


"Thank god your safe."

She barely registered the presence of Giles and Angel grabbing her and making sure she was okay.

"Buffy, where is the Master?"

Giles was eyeing his slayer with a great deal of curiosity.


Above them, the green orb containing the Master abruptly stopped while high in the air. The aged vampire looked surprised and confused at what had happened. His supernatural senses quickly detected the presence of another nearby and he whirled around to see a man dressed mostly in green and black floating even with him and watching him nonchalantly.

"Where am I? Where is the Slayer? How did I get free?"

"You're still in Sunnydale or rather above it. Buffy's fine, she's safe from you and I don't know." The man appeared to answer him.

"Who are you?"

"Just someone doing the world a favor. I hear the Sun can do horrible things to a man or thing you're age."

"It's Nighttime Child."

"Only here on the planet. Hope you enjoy your trip, Buddy."


Before the Master could say anything else, he found himself being hurtled straight up through the atmosphere. As he went higher, the air thinned out eventually none was left in the sphere. However being undead, that didn't bother him. What happened when the orb cleared the atmosphere and began moving in space was horrific to the Master. Pure, unfiltered sunlight filled the globe setting the aged vampire's skin to smoking and then to burning. With a straggled grasp the creature exploded into ash.

The globe blinked out, allowing the ash to remain adrift in the dead of space. Back on Earth, Buffy was greeted warmly and embraced by Willow and Mrs. Calendar. Even Cordelia seemed grateful that Buffy was alive though she seemed to bristle as the Slayer drifted back towards Angel. Xander smiled and laughed with the others as he watched the en-souled vampire awkwardly hold hands with the young, beautiful, blonde.

'Yeah Buffy's fine, she's safe and right where she wants to be... even if it's not around me.'

Chapter 2

Season Two, 'School Hard'

"I need to say something to the media people."



"You want the usual story?"

"Gang-related? PCP?"

"What'd you have in mind? The truth?"

"Right. Gang-related. PCP."

Xander remained where he was, cloaked in the shadows. Angel hadn't been more forthcoming and frustrated, Xander had gone outside to get some air. It was only luck that he remained unnoticed as the conversation between that slimeball Snyder and the Police Chef had gone on.  He waited until Snyder was headed back inside then crept up quietly behind the policeman. He could hear the man speaking in a broken, hollow sounding voice.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't prevent the deaths of your loved ones by those damn things... Hell I couldn't even save my nephew Jes. God forgive me Roy."

Xander froze in his tracks but his mind-started racing. 'Jes? Roy? Wait a second. Jessie's dad was named Roy... Oh god... the police chief must be Jessie's uncle'. Xander forced himself to shadows and he watched, as the older man seemed to glare at the reflection of himself in the rear mirror and then slump his shoulders in defeat.

After he drove off, Xander emerged from the shadows with a thoughtful look on his face. If the police chief knew then so did everyone under him. And if they knew, then surely they should be trying to help. But something was preventing them from doing so or maybe someone was. There had to be something HE could do, something that would help his friends, the cops, everyone.

"Jessie, man I-"

A noise startled him out of his reverie and drew his attention upwards. In the dark of the night sky, he discerned a small shape, with leathery wings flapping above him. It seemed to circle around him once before flying off in search of it's night's meal.

A grim smile appeared on Xander's face as he watched it depart. He had his answer.


Season Two, 'Becoming Pt. 2'

The police chief sighed as he made his way into his office. The nightmare of the previous 24 hours had taken it's toll on him. Mechanically he made his way to his desk and poured himself a drink. Drinking on duty was a violation and normally he waited until he was home before drowning his problems in alcohol. It wasn't until he was about to raise the glass to his mouth that he realized he wasn't alone.

Silently he lowered the glass to the desk as out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure amongst the shadows. Reflexively his hand crept towards the drawer where he kept a pistol before he saw who it was.

"Don't you ever knock?"

He didn't receive an answer nor did he really expect to. "All right, what do you have?"

"The death of the girl, Kendra."

"Was murder, we already know that."

"The murderer wasn't Summers. It was someone else."

"And how do you know this?"

"Kendra's death was caused wounds Summers could not have inflicted."

"I don't know about that. That little blonde seems plenty strong enough to me."

"Perhaps, but the murder weapon in this case or murder weapons don't fit her. Kendra was killed when the murderer's fingernails sliced through her throat, tearing open her windpipe as well as her jugular vein. Also DNA analysis of the cells left behind in the wound don't match up with Summers."

"You seem awfully sure of that."

"The police lab will confirm my analysis with their autopsy and report. It's up to you to decide what happens next?"

"I can't just let her walk, kid. No matter how much you've helped us in the past with that Ethan Rayne character and everything else."

"No one's asking you to. Only that Justice be served."

The Police chief returned his gaze to his drink. "And that girl Kendra, what about her? What's going to happen to her killer?"

"She'll pay."

The Chief looked up again to see that his visitor was gone and he was alone again.

"I hate it when he does that."

Chapter 3

Season Three - 'Dead Man's Party'

Xander inwardly groaned as he made his way up the sidewalk to his house. The night's slaying had taken a lot out of him. The long nights, organizing and coordinating the patrols with Oz and Willow. That was more of a challenge then it sounded. After all, how do you work with the boyfriend of the girl you first 'I love you' to? Not to mention knowing that said girl was upset because HE was dating was their childhood foe. Cordelia being out of town on vacation helped a little bit but all the problems returned when she came back in town.

'My life is a soap opera. I'm in love with my best friend but I'm dating the former queen bitch of Sunnydale high who I'm not even sure really gives a damn about me. Meanwhile, Willow is dating some guy who's a werewolf and plays in a band. Then there's Buffy… Christ, I wish my life were simpler.'

Xander was deep in thought as he opened his front gate. The sound of metal groaning finally got his attention. His eyes widened in shock as he saw how twisted and bent the gate was.

'How the hell?'

Quickly he shot a look towards the front door to see if his parents had heard or saw anything. That's when it happened, suddenly he was looking thru the foot door into his living room and beyond. Xander blinked rapidly as he shook his head trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. A high-pitched, shrill sound attracted his attention and reflexively his hands went to his ears as the gate clattered to the ground.

Xander looked around, trying to find out what the source of the sound was. He saw no cars or trucks coming down the road. A flicker of movement caught his attention and he squinted to see well. A kid was sitting inside a screened porch playing with his dog it looked like. The boy was bringing something to his lips and blowing cause the dog to yip repeatedly.

"A dog whistle?"

"Alexander, Dinner's ready!"

He jumped at the sound of his mother's voice. Gulping nervously he shot a glance at the front door and then down at the twisted gate. Quickly he picked up the gate and tried to do something with it. Eventually he managed to bend the metal somehow into shape and replace it on it's hinges. 'Tomorrow, I'll fix it tomorrow.' Sighing, he entered his house, carefully he tossed the gym bag containing his 'night gear' up to his room. Apparently he tossed it a bit too hard as it hit his bedroom door with a distinctive cracking sound.

"Shit…" he barely said the word.


He jumped spinning around to face his mother.

"Oh Hi mom."

"Alexander, you're filthy. Now go change those clothes and take a shower."

"But mom, Dinner's-"

"Your dinner will keep young man. I'll keep it warm in the stove, now go shower and change."

With a resigned sigh, Xander turned around and headed up the stairs to do as his mother asked. Jessica Harris watched her son head upstairs before heading back into the kitchen.

"Tony…I think it's time."

"Time for what?"

"Time we told Alexander the truth. About everything."

Her husband paused and lowered the copy of Sports Illustrated he was reading. Noting his wife's calm, yet demeanor he set aside as he looked at her.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. What I saw just now convinced me."

Xander bounded down the stairs, his hair uncombed, clothes sticking to his body because he hadn't taken the time to towel off completely. He strode into the kitchen to find his parents sitting at the dinner table. Normally that meant trouble with a capital 'T'.

"Have a seat Alexander."

Mechanically he sat down as his mother placed his dinner in front of him. The normally ravenous teen failed to notice it as his full attention was on his parents.

"Did I do something wrong? Because-"

"No honey, you did nothing wrong. It's… your father and I have something to tell you."

"Alexander, son. I don't know how to tell you this anyway but directly. Your mother and I aren't your real parents."

The sound of a needle dropping in the house could have been heard in the silence that followed.

"Then where are my real parents?"

"That's the thing son… We don't know. We kind of found you.."


Season Three, 'Graduation Day pt. 2'


All around Buffy, the graduating class shed their robes revealing the weapons they were all carrying. Ahead of her, Larry and some other students quickly set up the newly created flame-throwers and began shooting them at the fully transformed Mayor Snake demon. Various students, mostly the archery club, took up bows and arrows and began shooting them at huge, pure demon. Shouts behind her alerted to the other problem, Vampires.

"Damnit Xander where is this help you promised?"

Then something flashed across the sky, she barely had time to register it before completed it's journey. With a shock Buffy discovered, it was a man, though the smoke and haze prevented her from seeing his face, it looked like he was wearing a mask as well. The unknown man seemed to be flying or floating rather directly in front of the puzzled demon's face. The man seemed to rear back and he punched the demon in the face, sending it flying backwards and left it lying on the ground.

The man whirled around and flew towards the rear of the assembled group of students, which were mostly stunned, as were the attacking vampires. Twin red beams seemed to leap from his eyes and strike a vampire, which almost immediately burst into flame. The beams roamed up and down the group striking each and every demon. When he was done, each vampire was burning and dusting.

"Oh my god the Gas tanks!"

The cry attracted the still as yet unknown figure's attention and he landed near the mentioned tanks that had been used for the flamethrowers. The man took a deep breath and then blew out a freezing stream of cold air that quickly and effectively ended the threat. The figure turned to confront the final threat, the transformed Mayor himself.

The man darted forward and grabbed the reviving demon's tail. With it safely in hand, he shot skyward dragging the Demon with him. Leaving behind the assembled graduating class mostly staring open-mouthed, upward in shock.

Buffy had the good grace to keep her mouth closed as she stared with the others. Vaguely she became aware of someone walking up beside her.

"Mmmm… Gotta get me a piece of that."


Buffy admonished the younger slayer.

Above them, their 'unknown' savior was near the upper reaches of the breathable atmosphere. Xander paused where he was as the demon below him suddenly surged upward, jaws flashing in an attempt to devour him. He quickly dodged and slammed a kick into the beast's head stunning it again. Grabbing the tail in a better grip, he began spinning around and around in a circle. Very quickly the Snake demon was forced to straighten out yet still Xander increased his speed.


He let go of the Demon's tail and force from the spin sent it hurtling through the atmosphere into space. There the Mayor had scant seconds to realize his fate before cold, airless vacuum interacted with the properties of his new body. First his entire body was first frozen solid then shattered into countless pieces that would either orbit the planet or burn upon attempting reentry.

Xander saw all this from his position in the sky. With a satisfied grin hidden by the mask on his face, he set off for home.

Chapter 4

Season Four, Few days prior to 'The Freshman'

Xander sighed as he parked the car. He was finally back in town after his road trip from Hell. Truthfully he hadn't gotten very far before his car fell apart and he spent the next few months washing dishes. The rest of his time at that place, he'd rather not think about.


He turned around to see Giles huffing as he ran towards him, "Giles. Why the rush?"

"Thank goodness I've found you. I have something very important to talk to you about."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"Absolutely not. It is a matter of life and death."

Xander blinked slowly and allowed himself to be taken over to Gile's apartment. Once there, the Englishman ushered him into his living room and sat himself in a nearby chair. Xander began to squirm slightly as he realized that Giles was examining him closely.

"Umm… Giles, no offense but you're starting to really creep me out here."

"Oh, I see," Giles removed his glasses to clean them, "Xander, have you noticed any changes about yourself lately?"

"Changes? No, Why?"

"Ah yes… Umm… well I was researching some of our past adventures to more accurately record them. And I came across some information as it regardless you specifically. Or rather events that happened to you?"

"And those events would be?" Xander felt the hair on back of his neck rising.

"Your possession by the Spirits of Hyenas and the altering of your body's chemistry by the swim team coach. I believe those two incidents may have had a profound and permanent change to your life."

Xander's heart sunk as he listened to Giles explain how his life was now vastly different…


Season Four, "Primeval"

"We still got men out there."

"Well, let's go save 'em, by gum."

"You guys get to the exits, get 'em open."

 She looked over at Riley, "You, organize the soldiers, pull 'em back. I'll take point."

 She started walking out. "Are you up to this?"

 "I am." She knocked out a demon for added emphasis.

"Hold up Buff."

The slayer paused where she was and looked back as Xander walked towards her. "Look I know I may not be a slayer and all but I think I would be better suited for this then you."

"Oh and what did you have in mind?"

Out in the main area that served as the gather room of the Initiative, groups of men and demons were engaged in numerous little battles with the humans getting the worst of it. The groups of Scientists and soldiers were trying and failing to hold back the overwhelming onslaught of HSTs.

From behind them, a roar louder then any freight train issued forth. Shaking their heads, trying to clear the demonic equivalent of eardrums, the creatures turned around. And they came face to face with a massive full-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex. A bright green Tyrannosaurus Rex that is. The beast let out another ear splitting roar and then opened it's humungous jaws and promptly snapped up two of the demons. They flailed about briefly before the dinosaur bit through their bodies and then hurled their remains across area.

That act drew the attention of everyone, demon and human. All at once, they ceased fighting each and started scrambling around, trying to flee the area. Several of the human groups raised their weapons, aiming to drop the beast before it could attack them.

"Hold your fire. I repeat HOLD your fire."

The soldiers hesitated turning their eyes to the source of the order, "Commander Finn?"

"I don't have time to explain but he," He gestured to the T-rex, "Is on our side." As he spoke the dinosaur began attacking the scattered demons and vampires, stomping on more then a few of them.

"Spread out and recover the wounded, we're not leaving a man behind."

"Sir, how are we supposed to get to the extraction point?"

Riley gestured at the green T-Rex, "That is our point man, private."

"Point man sir? With all due respect, he couldn't fit into-" As the two men watched the monstrous lizard transformed into a mammoth bear that mauled a near the corridor entrance.

"Any further questions Private?"

"No, sir."

Chapter 5

Season Five, 'Buffy vs. Dracula'

"You are strange and off-putting."

Dracula paused as he examined the man in front of him. The human reeked strongly of various scents including the slayer, magic and… a subtle yet familiar scent. Mentally he reviewed what he had seen of the young man.

Ah yes… Anyanka.

She was in this young man's life now. How strange. Anyanka, one of the top vengeance demons, now in the apparent romantic company of a young human. Still, if she had chosen the boy, he had to have something remarkable about him.

"Tell me, human. Do you possess any gifts?"

"No, my master."

"None? Truly such a waste. Dear Anyanka condemned to such an empty existence." The centuries old vampire looked at him with a critical eye. "Perhaps… there is something I can do for her. Yes… I will do this… for her."

Reaching into the folds of his cloak, he withdrew a small vial containing a bright red liquid. He stepped closer to the unmoving human. He brought the vial over Xander's head and snapped it, allowing the red liquid to pour down onto him. The red liquid seeped into his skin and hair quickly and disappeared, leaving no mark or sign.

Satisfied, the vampire stepped away from Xander.

"Go now."

Xander nodded, turned and walked away.


Season Five, 'The Gift'

"Okay when we get there. Remember stick to the plan, Dawn's counting on us." Buffy's voice was breaking as she looked over the group with tears in her eyes.

"We can't… We can't fail."

A strong and familiar hand touched her shoulder, "We won't Buffy."

Buffy weakly smiled, "Thanks Angel."

The ensouled vampire pulled her into a hug. Behind him, Spike was glaring at the couple with open hatred and envy in his eyes. Something thumped him in side of the head finally getting his attention. He turned and glared at the responsible party.

"Knock it off Fangless. We have more important things to focus on."

"All right you bloody wanker."

Xander watched as the chipped vampire walked off, turning he saw that Angel was observing him. From the look in Angel's eyes he knew the other vampire would have some questions. He put it out of his mind and concentrated on getting ready for his part in the plan. After a few minutes he looked up and saw Angel watching him.

"What's up deadboy?"

"Just wanted to see how you're dealing with… your situation."

"I'm dealing with it, just fine. There are worse things out there," Xander paused, "How is she?"

"They're fine. Both of them."


At the sound of Buffy's voice both men quickly left the room. They joined the others as they followed Tara out of the building and down the streets. The group followed the mentally damaged witch as she led them to a tower that looked as it was built by a lunatic. Which when he thought about it wasn't that far from the truth.

"Where is Dawn?"

Buffy searched the area frantically with her eyes.

"Niblet's on top."

"Huh?" The blonde slayer snapped around to glare at the chipped vampire.

"He's right Buffy. She's up there by herself it looks like." Angel placed a comforting hand on Buffy's shoulders. She paused to take a deep breath, then began, "Okay, let's do it."

Xander nodded as he stepped forward to carry out his part of the plan.

"Don't screw up now whelp. We're counting on you."

He didn't bother to face Spike, "I'll do my job Chip. You just make sure no one lays a hand on Anya, including yourself."

"Or else what?"

"Or else, you'll be dust in the wind."

He heard Spike give a derisive snort and walk away. He mentally relaxed allowing the change to happen to his body. It didn't bother him anymore, it hadn't since he came to terms with it following the fiasco with the two Willows. He stretched his arms up, angling towards an outcropping on the top level of the tower. The old Xander wouldn't have been able to do this. Or handle having his childhood friend be split into two parts. One, a lesbian uber-witch the other a cute, shy nerdish girl that…

Best not think about that night, he and Willow swore each other to secrecy over it.

No it was best if he concentrated on the task at hand. Saving Dawn, taking out an army of flunkies and stopping an insane Hellgoddess.

All made possible by the miracle of plastic.

Chapter 6

Season Six, A few days prior to "Bargaining Part 1"

"Mom? Dad"

He waited a few minutes before closing the door behind him. Xander slowly looked around the empty living room before noting the lights were on in the kitchen. Still not receiving a response he sighed.

"Great Mom calls me up and DEMANDS I get over here at once like it's an emergency and she's probably too drunk to even remember."

"I am not drunk Alexander."

Xander looked up in surprise at his mother as she stood quietly at the head of the stairs.


She nodded her slightly at her son, "Please follow me Alexander. I have something I want to show you."

Confused he followed her up the stairs and down the hall to the bedroom she shared with Xander's father. She motioned for him to sit on the bed and shut the door. Jessica Harris turned and addressed her only son, "What I am about to tell you cannot leave this room, Alexander. It has been a secret for more then 25 years and I dare not reveal it now."

Xander blinked and then nodded.

She took a deep breath before continuing, "I did not look as I do now nor was I always known as Jessica Harris".

"Okay mom, you told me maiden name before-".

A glare from her silenced him again. "Alexander, I am not entirely …human. At least not in the way a 'normal' human is thought of. And neither are you."

Xander opened and shut his jaw but no sound came out.

His mother pressed forward, "I was raised on an island that is not found or known on any map. It is a place where war, crime, disease and the other problems of men are unknown. A place that the Gods themselves claim is as close to paradise."

He finally found his voice, "You were raised on an island that's not on any map?" His mother nodded. "And it was as close to paradise as could be?" Another nod. "What are you doing here?"

A somewhat sad look came across his mother's face, "I… there was one woman from our island that told us great tales of the world beyond our shores. I became curious and at length my curiosity led me to make decisions that were not wise ones. I was expelled from the island, never to return."

"Wow. Mom, that sounds harsh."

"Harsh but fair. Those are, were our ways."

Xander furrowed his brow at her answer, "But what about dad? I mean where does he fit into all this?"

Jessica sighed as she had been expecting this question, "Though I did not know it at the time, a spell was cast on me, the moment the shores of my homeland faded from my view. Not only was it's location lost to me but I was enchanted to fall in love on 25th birthday."


"Alexander, there is something else. When your father and I moved here, I discovered this town's true nature as you have doubtlessly already."

A blank look appeared on Xander's face.

"Don't play dumb with me young man. I know this town lies on the mouth of hell as surely as I know your friend Buffy is a vampire slayer."

Xander flinched slightly at the tone in his mother's voice. Seeing this, she softened her voice quickly as she continued, "That is why I petitioned my family back home for assistance."

He watched as his mother entered her closet then reemerged carrying a small leather-bound case. She placed on the bed near him. "This is for you."

"Mom, I… I don't understand."

"Alexander, I am prevented by the laws of my people from using the gifts that they once held but my children, even a man such as yourself, are not. Thus while I can no longer wield these items, you can."

Xander let his gaze fall up on the case as his arms reached out towards it. He stroked the casing slowly before his mother spoke again.

"Have a care, my son. These are gifts from the gods themselves and are not to be taken up lightly. Once worn, they may reveal things, secrets even in the darkest parts of your heart and of your friend's hearts that you may wish you did not know."

Xander nodded as he contemplated her words. "I can handle it."


Season Six, 'Grave'.

"Are you okay?"

Dawn looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Her bottom lip quivered as she tried to nod without letting them fall. Wordlessly he pulled her into a hug and held her while those tears fell.

"It's going to be okay Dawn. Giles is fine, Willow is fine, even Tara. The doctor said it was only a concussion. She'll okay."

"No it's not gonna be okay. Buffy… Buffy's sick."

"Dawn…" Xander reluctantly maneuvered the teenager into a position where she was facing him head on. "Buffy wasn't sick, she was… unhappy and angry at us for what happened. But she's better now-"

"No she isn't," Dawn's voice cracked slightly as she spoke, "She's with Spike now and Warren tried to."

He stopped her, "But Warren didn't. He was stopped and he's in jail right now waiting to go to court. And Spike's gone, he left, remember?"

"If he comes back?"

"If he comes back, then we'll deal with it. But right now your sister needs you."

Slowly Dawn stopped crying as she looked up into the warm eyes of the man she thought of as her brother. "But what about you? What about Anya and what she did with Spi-".

"Dawn," Xander spoke in a firm yet gentle voice, "It's okay everything will work out. Don't worry about what's going on with me. You just worry about you."

The brunette teen nodded as she made her way unsteadily back inside the hospital. Xander watched her go in silence. He took a few steps backwards before turning around and walking to his car. His girls would need some things from home in order to feel comfortable. Mentally he played Dawn's words and the events that had led them here. The decision to resurrect Buffy, her depression, Willow's magic abuse, Spike, the failed wedding…

All of it.

He'd been able to stop the worst of it. Warren Meers was on trial for attempted murder and the murder of Katrina. With two witnesses against him, it was likely to be open and shut case. Spike was a different matter. He didn't understand why Buffy had chosen to be with him though she had told them all nor why she continued seeking him out even after what he did with Anya. That incident had been the final straw in Xander's mind and he had forced the vampire to flee Sunnydale to live.

Buffy wasn't happy to hear that, 'It was me not him Xander. Why did you attack him? It wasn't his fault. It was me, my fault. God, I thought you got over this jealousy thing a long time ago.'

Anya was staying away from him, either unable or unwilling to speak with him since the aborted wedding.

As he reached his car, he glanced down at his hands. They were strong and firm, befitting the hands of a carpenter. And then he saw the flash of the golden bracelets he wore around his wrists now. They had been part of the 'help' his mother's people had sent. While most of that was unusable by him, these had not been. Indeed they had saved the lives of three very important women in his life.

Now all he had to do was find a way to fix what was done.

Chapter 7

Season Seven, less then a day after 'Lessons'.

Xander looked out across the waters of the bay that Sunnydale's harbor was built on. No matter what happened in his life, whether it was a fight between his parents, finding out about vampires or even what happened last year...  The ocean was always here, always constant.

He sighed watching as the California sunlight glinted off the waves. Things had been... well they had been getting better ever so slowly and slightly over the summer. Willow had been nearly catatonic when she had left with Giles for England. Unable to look him in the eye after what she had done to him, to everyone really.  Buffy was alternating in-between periods of intense forced happiness and deep depression. She and Dawn were barely on speaking terms back then. And he didn't even want to think about Anya.

But things had changed, slowly Buffy had become more of the person she was before things with Riley had gone bad. Dawn had grown up a lot and shown surprising maturity in how she handled all the things her older sister had heaped on her. The progress reports from Giles on how Willow was doing had been slow but had increased and the former Watcher felt she was making great progress and could eventually return home to Sunnydale soon. He even saw Anya once or twice and she didn't try to flail him alive, so he counted that as a 'win'.

His girls had been healing, all of them. Some faster then others but all were coming together again, he could feel it. He could feel the Scooby gang gearing up once more.

Then came those... things. And Spike. Xander's face unconsciously twisted into a scowl. The bleached bastard was back in town, talking like he was insane. And Buffy hadn't lifted a hand towards him. She acted like nothing had changed between them.

"Well except I guess she was screwing him in front of me again." He grumbled to himself. That admission along with a few others had rocked him to his core when they leaked out after Willow had left. He had really pondered just up and leaving Sunnydale after learning that she had thought so little of him as to have sex with Spike not once but twice in front of him, with no concern for his feelings. He hadn't felt so humiliated since his junior year in high school when she did that damn dance for Angel. Only now it was worse, now it was sex not a dance, he was a man not a boy and Spike didn't have a goddamn soul just a chip in his head.

But he had put aside those feelings because he knew that Buffy and Dawn, and Willow and even Anya needed him to stay. To be there for them when no one else would. So he had, he had stayed and done what was needed. And things had gotten better until today.

"Maybe I should go a swim today?"

Xander glanced down at water, "Yeah I think I will. Just need to go get my stuff from my car." He turned and headed towards his car when he felt an intense wave of fear and pain wash through him. He immediately dropped to his knees and gripped his head between his hands.

'Help me!'

"What the?" Again the feelings of fear and pain came accompanied by the call for help. Shaking his head, Xander got to his feet and looked around. He saw no one within eyesight. Slowly turning around he sensed the call for help coming from behind him. The call seemed to be coming from under the dock, confused Xander made his way under there and was surprised at what he found.

Lying entangled in garbage was a seal. The creature looked up at him mournfully as it lay helpless near the water's edge. He gulped nervously and walked towards the trapped animal. "Hey buddy, how are you doing?"

To his surprise, he heard or felt rather a response 'Scared. Want to go home.'

He blinked and nodded, replying "Okay, I'll do what I can, just don't move."

Slowly and with great care, he disentangled the seal from it's prison. Cautiously the newly freed animal moved away from the pile of refuse and re-entered the water. Before it vanished beneath the wave, it reared it's head up and sent one last message.

'Thank you'.

Xander waved, still not quite believing what had happened.

"Your welcome".


Season Seven, Sometime post-"Dirty Gils" but pre "Touched".

Xander stood nervously in place with his hands lightly clasped around the doorknob. With his remaining eye, he kept watch on the parking lot, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his 'guest'.

"There ya are boy."

Xander whipped his head and saw what or rather whom, he had been expecting. Caleb, the demented preacher that had poked out one of his eyes standing nearby watching him. He turned slowly and faced him, narrowing his eye as he did so.

"Looks like you got my invite."

"A good preacher always keeps in touch with his flock. Especially if they've just lost someone dear to them."

"Yeah, well let's step inside and settle this Preacher man."

With that Xander, turned the knob and entered the building, leaving the door open behind him. Caleb smiled and started walking towards the door. He paused briefly before following Xander inside.  Had Caleb bothered he could have read the sign beside the door that read, "Sunnydale Aquarium: Predators of the Natural World. Employees only".

Once inside Caleb found Xander waiting for him at the top of some stairs that led to a walkway suspended over various larger, water tanks. The minion of the First Evil, slowly climbed up the steps with a grin on his face. As he reached the top, he addressed the other man. "Now Xander, why I must warn you. The longer you drag this out, the more it will hurt. Just stand there and let me do the Lord's will."

In response Xander swung the metal bar he was holding at Caleb's head. The Preacher easily caught the blow and chuckled, smiling madly as he did so. With ease he backhanded Xander backward 20 feet down the walkway. As he struggled to his feet he heard Caleb speaking.

"Why must you resist Xander? All I want to do is usher you to the Gates of the Lord's kingdom."

Xander cast a glance over his shoulder at the water tank. He struggled to his feet as Caleb reached him. With an evil smile on his face, the demented preacher reached down and grabbed a handful of his shirt intent on hauling him to his feet.  Xander gripped both of his attacker's arms and promptly kicked him square in the crotch.


Caleb reflexively doubled in pain and surprise. Xander quickly took advantage of his opening and rolled further on his back while extending his legs out. In effect he flipped Caleb over the railing into the water tank below.

He then turned and watched the as Caleb sputtered to the surface. The former man of God spat out some of the water he had ingested while pushing the hair back out of his eyes. Caleb smiled as he watched Xander get to his feet.

"I like your style Xander but I have already been baptized in the eyes of our Lord."

Xander caught his breath then he straightened up before replying, "Would you knock it off with all the 'God talk'. You're no more a preacher then I am. You're just a woman-hating, psychopath that dresses up a funny costume to make yourself feel important."

Caleb's eyes narrowed and a dark look came on his face, "Boy, I once was going to make your death short and relatively painless-"

"Save it you Night of the Hunter reject. I've got a surprise for you too. See I'm not just 'the one who sees', I'm the one who listens too. And when I ask a favor from my friends they do it."

The preacher laughed loudly, sending the water in the tank splashing against the sides. "I don't see any of your friends here now boy. Not those filthy young ladies or even that dirty, cursed thing."

"I have other friends."

Caleb felt something brush against his leg underwater.

"Tell me something Caleb, you ever notice how odd things always end up here in Sunnydale?"

Again something bumped against him underwater this time with more force, enough to jostle the preacher slightly.

"Did you even bother to read the sign by the tank, the one over next to the 'Do not feed' sign?"

The preacher strained to see the sign the other man was pointing. Enclosed with a set of parenthesis, were the words Carcharodon carcharias. Around him in the tank, the waters stilled. Only his movements as he shifted his gaze from the sign back towards Xander disturbed them.

"Oh, I guess you're not the educated man of the cloth you thought you were. Then answer me this Caleb."

The murderous former clergyman felt a huge presence behind him. He whirled around as the biggest shark he had ever seen reared out of the water jaws agape with it's cold eyes focused on him.

"Ever see Jaws?"