Xander Harris

The Killing Perfection

Author: Alex DarkFire <eternitynchaos[at]paradise.net.nz>

Summary: Glory's on the move early so some things have to be set in motion, of course, Dawns arrival isn't the only thing going differently.

Disc: I own nothing, or at least very little

Crossovers: Inu Yasha, among others

Rating: R if for Violence only *evil grin*

Music: Of Wolf and Man by Metallica

Chapter 1

It had all happened the night before, he had been stupid enough to ask Dawn what she was planning to wear for Halloween, turns out she didn't know yet, this had caused him to fall under her scrutiny however.

This was bad, because she found out his plans to do his normal 2 dollar costume king bit and had declared loudly that it wasn't happening while she had anything to say about it. He quickly found that pointing out she didn't have any say in it was not that correct thing to do, mainly because Dawn has started to fight dirty, she called in the one person he couldn't say no to, her mother.

He sighted and muttered about the unfairness of it all as Mrs Summers looked from him to Dawn and back again as Dawn vented her dispar at his lack of Halloween spirit, he had the sudden urge to find a nice rock to hide under, or maybe he could go find a vampire, it would likely be a less painful and embarrassing way to die then being mothered to death by someone younger then him.

And so this is what led to Dawn bounced from costume to costume like an over-caffeinated cabbit in a room full of carrots. He pondered sneaking out of the shop for all of three seconds before Dawn appeared before him and glared. "No" she said stomping one foot and pouting at him, he gave her an innocent look... which judging from the reaction received didn't fool her in the least. "Don't even think about sneaking out." She informed him imperiously before accosting the storeowner.


"Now then young lady, what can I do for you this fine evening?" Ethan asked in a rather insincere voice as a young lady grabbed him by the arm and started dragging him towards one corner of his store, towards a rather despondent young man who looked like he was having about as much fun as he himself was. 'Somehow I have a feeling this poor chap managed to do something... Ill advised, how... sad.'

The young man sighed in defeat as his companion started to talk. "Yes you can, I need two costumes that go together, one for me and one for Xander please." An eyebrow rose 'an American that has some manners, wonders never crease to amaze.' "I'm sure that could be arranged, was there anything in particular you were thinking off? Or would you prefer something more... traditional?" the last word Ethan uttered was filled with all the loathing and contempt that only someone that had been serving American teens for over 5 hours without rest could manage.

The young man grinned at him before speaking for the first time. "You sound like Giles whenever he's complaining about American students butchering the English language." 'Giles' Ethan wondered 'no it couldn't be.' "Giles?" he asked in curiosity. The young lad nodded once before smirking "Yeah, Rupert Giles, stuffy English Librarian and he who I call G-man just for kicks and because it makes his face go this really neat shade of red." Inside his mind Ethan rubbed his hands together in glee, so this charming fellow knew old Ripper, how... wonderful.

"Well, what a small world, you know old Rupert, how interesting. Well, as your Rupert's Friend then I think I have just the thing for you, and I'll even cut the price if you make sure to tell all your friends how good the selection is here hmm? Does that sounds good to you two?" he asked pleasantly, getting a swift nod from the girl and a rather stunned look from the young man he cheerfully went on his way.


Ethan fairly danced about his backroom collecting supplies for the two costumes, he was here on two jobs after all, but why not add his own unique touch to this, yes... after all it wouldn't do to short-change Rippers chums now would it, particularly one that seemed to take a similar delight in getting a rise out of his old friend as he himself was want to.

He picked up a gold covered book and began to flip through, finally seeing something that perk his interest he grinned in delight.

'Wonderful, this... will make things interesting for weeks, if not months to come, hah Ripper should thank me after all, I'm lending him a... paw as it were.'


Dawn hummed happily to herself. No Buffy to take her Xanders attention, No Willow to try and do the same just her, Xander and plenty of time before her high Buffyness turned up 'yes, coming early was a good idea.'

Dawn perked up as the nice Englishman returned carrying to rather large wrapped packages.

He smiled and handed one to her and Xander. "These are something rather different, I've been thinking of creating something along the lines for a few years now, just never had the right pair to wear them." He smirked at Xander "You costume young man is rather interesting, there's a animated Series airing in Japan at the moment that features this character.

He is the son of a Demon lord, one who feel in love with a human woman, this character was the son by his first wife however, and due to various things that came to pass held a rather low opinion of humans." His eyes twinkled as he turned his attention to Dawn.

"But then the character you will be came along, a young girl found this Demon lord badly wounded after a confrontation with his half brother, needless to say this girl managed to worm her way somehow into his heart."

Ethan placed to small books on top of both wrapped packages.

"These are instructions on how to correctly dress yourselves in these costumes, they are rather intricate so it would likely be best to start putting them on as soon as possible."

He nodded towards Xander then. "Yours also includes a colour drawing of this character as you will have to apply some makeup to get the correct effect for some of his markings."

He held up a hand as Xander began to open his mouth. "Do not worry, it is nothing to complex or degrading, merely some face paint and such."

By this time Dawn had putdown the package and hugged Ethan, much to his rather large surprise. "Thank you so much for all of this." she said with a beaming smile.

Truly smiling for the first time that day Ethan nodded to the enthused young girl. "That isn't a problem at all dear girl... hmm oh how foolish of me I seem to have forgotten part of this outfit, one moment if you please." He asked before dashing back to the rear of the shop.


'Ethan you old fool, damn it if I'm not going soft in my old age' Ethan cursed himself.

He had it all planed out, turn the boy into a human hating Demon Prince, turn the girl into the one human he had any fondness for, however have them both from a timeline that the girl was used as little more then a bargaining tool and the Demon Prince was still an ass.

'Then that dratted girl had to go an be nice about it' sighing Ethan once again picked up the book he had been previously been browsing through, its title now showed 'L's Guide to Major Personalities throughout the Multi-verse and there various counterparts. Edition 7'

'hmm, lets see, ah here we are this one should work."

He returned the book to where it was laying and went to a circle drawn chalk on the ground.

"I can't believe I'm using this, but a jobs a job I suppose."

He picked up a piece of chalk and began to inscribe a second set of symbols that glowed a white colour when finished; considering the chalk was red this wasn't something most would expect.

A flash of white light later and a finely crafted sword lay in the centre and the symbols were gone, if someone knew what they were talking about they would have recognized the sword as a Kodachi, also known as a shield sword.

"There, that's done, now to get it to the girl, it should be enough to effect the boys outfit as well, its not like there's any difference between the clothing those two versions of each other wear."


Ethan swaned back out towards to two waiting teens. "Here you are, this is also part of that costume, please be careful with is though, it is rather sharp."

At the confused looks he received from that he shrugged.

"What can I say, I like to be at least semi-authentic with my costumes, and these two are most definitely my costumes."

He gave a slightly disturbed little grin before heaving a great sigh as someone rang the bell at the counter.

"Oh, by the way, you can pay for all of that when you return it, until then enjoy, and how a... truly unique All Hallows Eve."

Chapter 2

Eyeing the door before him with no little trepidation he looked down once more at the package in his arms again, he had looked through the book after he and Dawn parted ways, only then finding out that two people were needed to put this monster of a costume on, thankfully Ethan had provided the number of someone who had volunteered to help with such... which was why he was at this door now.

He sighed and shifted slightly again, raised his hand to knocked and missed to door as it opened showing a young man about his own age looking at him with an eyebrow raised in question

"Err, Ethan..." he Started to say before the guy just nodded and started walking inside, a few feet away he turned around and spoke. "Oz" before continuing on his way.

'Well... that was different' Xander thought to himself as he walked in 'Guy has good instincts though, even if it is daylight out he still didn't invite me in... or maybe he's just rude as well as the silent type."


Xander stood flicking through the book that Ethan had included in with his costume.

'Hah, this is great.'

Ethan had from the looks of things taken pages from various volume of the comic this character was from and mixed them up with basic information, personality, style of talking, all that sort of thing.

'Ohhh, nice swords, damn that thing would work great on a vampire... though I'm not sure if it would turn them human or just dust them.'

'Hmmm, Toukijin, seriously ass-kickage sword, heh, damn that thing doesn't even need to touch that twit Inu Yasha.'

Xander suddenly coughed as Oz tightened the fastenings for the costumes chest plate.

Xander looked down at himself and nodded his thanks to Oz, being around the rather quite man had caused Xander to start to react in much the same way, it was to the point after almost an hour and a half that his friends would begin to wonder if someone had cut out his tongue.

Xander raised an eyebrow at Oz, who picked up some face paints and pointed to a seat, grumbling Xander placed the book he had been reading through next to the long silver haired wig that went with his outfit and complied.


Two hours and a lot of irritation Xander and Oz had both finished getting their costumes prepped and ready.

Xander growled under his breath as he once again flicked a lock of silver hair out of his eyes.

'Sure it looks cool and all, but damn if it isn't a bitch to put on, oh well, off to see the others.'

Xander strode up to the Summers house door his face a cold mask while internally he was grinning like a loon, another thing the book had included was some information of the character he was dressed as, time to see if he could pull it off or not.

He knocked thrice nice and hard and waited. A few moments passed before Buffys Mother opened the door and stoped, staring at him.

Xander snorted softly before starting to speak.

"This Sesshoumaru has come for his Rin" he grinned inside his mind as he managed to get that out in the right cold emotionless tone.

Mrs Summers stood gaping like a landed fish.

There was the sound of someone moving fast and someone crying out. "Sesshoumaru-sama!" followed suddenly by him having a Kimono-clad and now that he thought about it rather pretty young Dawn hanging from his neck.

Mrs Summers seemed to come out of her shock as she looked closely at Xander.

"Xander? Is that really you, my goodness that's an excellent costume, how long did it take you to get ready though?"

Xander sniffed. "This Sesshoumaru has spent the last two hours preparing to meet his Rin." He felt Dawn giggle against his chest were she still had not let go.

He gentle reached up and unclasped her hands. "Come Rin, This Sesshoumaru has things that require his attention, standing here is not one of them."

Dawn's feet touched the ground and she stared up at him and pouted.

"Aww, But I liked being there Xander, don't you like pretty girls hanging all over you?"

Xander thought for a moment. "This Xander Harris will not comment as doing so will likely indanger his dashing good looks, and future breeding chances." He finished this in the same cold tone before turning an innocent look towards the Slayer garbed in frills and lace.

Buffy raised an eyebrow. "This Buffy Summers thinks That Xander Harris isn't as stupid as he looks at the moment."

Wincing in not so exaggerated pain Xander pouted. "G, Buff hit a guy were it hurts... but you just insulted your prettier sister, she was the one responsible for this outfit."

Now it was Buffy that was gapping like a fish, Dawn was beaming at him enough that he was fairly sure that he was tanning under the white face paint.

'Hmm time to make a retreat I think.' He mused to himself, as he saw Buffys face turn into an angry scowl. 'Yes, time to leave, and quickly.'

"Well Mrs Summers it was a pleasure to see you, Tell Willow we will meet her at school, K?"

This said he grasped Dawns hand and turned and walked away, calmly... after all he had an image to maintain, plus it was fairly safe, what with Buffys mother there to see anything that may happen.

Chapter 3

Dawn was grinning as she ambled down the road towards school on Xanders arm.

She had decided she would have to buy her sister a gift of some sort.

'I swear, Buffy has to be blind or stupid not to see how much Xander was into her, then again after that dance I guess she did know, but thankfully it seems My Xander has finally started to get over buffyitus.'

Dawn snuggled into Xanders side, making sure the arm she was holding came to rest in her cleavage.

Feeling Xander stiffen slightly as he walked she grinned to herself, its was ever so much fun playing with "Her" Xander, and no matter what some old crones may think that's exactly what he was.

'Have to thank Giles the next time I see him, if nothing else the research is a great way to find new and interesting things to call Willow,'

Dawn pouted as they neared the school and the troll reared his ugly head. 'Snyder, Joy... I'd best tone it down or he will likely get vindictive and place us in different groups, can't have that after all, not after all the work I've put in to this.'


Xander was in turmoil, After turning up at the Summers home he had played some, taking on some of his characters habits and such, then Buffy made that comment and his mouth opened and started moving without him doing anything.

One thing was sure; This Xander Harris was a dead dog if he wasn't careful.

'Damn, what has gotten into her, hell what has gotten into me, I mean sure she's always with the putdowns but that's normal, wonder why it affected me thing time.'

As Xander continued along musing as he went he suddenly felt his right arm encompassed by two soft warm some things, a few seconds of thought and he suddenly realized what was going on.

'Dawn? Breasts?? Uhmm what, why, who... oh wait I know that one... hmm she doesn't seem to mind, I guess if she doesn't mind I'll just make the breast of it... damn it.'

Xander walked along in a daze of confusion, and a fair amount of teen lust for an unknown amount of time before he suddenly felt a chill along his right side as Dawn puled away slightly, looking around in befuddlement Xander caught sight of the problem.

'Snyder, Wonderful.'


Buffy growled. Deep, and low in her throat as she start forward towards her retreating sister and HIM. Determined to extract her pound of flesh in the most painful way she could manage.

"Elizabeth Anne Summers, Just what do you think your doing young lady?"

The voice of the pit spoke from behind her drawing her advance to a halt.

"But, but he..." She started.

"I don't care what he said, did or was going to do, You are the one who started that little battle, just because you lost does NOT give you the right to act like some knuckle dragging drooling Neanderthal. I know I didn't raise you to act like that so It must have something to do with that far to old for you someone who you are dressing as some noble piece of fluff to impress, hmm?"

Buffys jaw was hanging open flapping in the wind as he mothers tirade continued.

"And don't think I don't know what you have been up to, I was willing to let these thing slide considering you had your friends to help you but it this is the was your going to act then I'm going to be forced to take... steeps."

Her Mother spoke the last word with a dark sinister twist, the only thing Buffy could think at the moment was 'Dawn, that little brat, I'm going to kill her when I get my hands on her.'

Suddenly from behind the two a voice called out.

"What's happening? Is Xander here yet?" spoke Willow

"I'm sorry dear, Buffy managed to make him feel unwanted here, so he and Dawn left all ready, he said they would meet you at school." Buffys mother explained.

'That little bitch' Flashed across Willows mind, as she looked down at her half done costume. Growling she stalked towards buffy latching onto her shoulder with a gripe like steel she began to drag the protesting slayer back upstairs so she could help Willow get ready in time. 'No way in hell am I letting that little... grr have MY Xander all to herself.'


Xander sighed as Snyder talked, nodding every so often to make it look as if he gave a flying f... what he was saying.

'Dear gods, why won't he just shut up?'

He looked around once more trying to see if Willow or 'The Incredible Buff' had shown up yet.

'Nope, No Wills and thankfully no Buffy, I'm not sure I'd like my chaces if she was here, well ok, maybe she wouldn't do anything with Snyder here, but still, Snyder is the last person I want owning my continued good health to.'

"Now get you group and go, and if I find out you have been doing ANYTHING inappropriate by god I'll have you expelled so fast your head will spin."

"Yes Sir, don't worry we won't do anything that would reflect poorly on the school, now Will we Xander?" Dawn said before raising an eyebrow at him eyes glinting with humour as she latched once more onto his arm.

"No sir, of course not, wouldn't think of it for a minute." Xander rambled trying his best not to think what was pressed up against him at the moment.

"Good, See that you don't." bellowed the lemming before it stalked off towards the next group.

"So, off we go then hmm?" breathed Dawn innocently as she looked around.

"Uhmm yeah, go, right." Burbled Xander in confusion as they wandered towards their group of monster.


Fifteen minutes later a slightly out of breath Willow arrived at the school dragging a protesting Buffy behind her.

'Damn it, I hope they haven't left all ready, this is the last thing I need, grr, who to be more angry with Buffy for frightening away poor Xander or Dawn for trying to take away MY Xander.'

Willow fumed as she stalked forward, cutting a swath through the milling teens without noticing, looking left and right she growled under her breath.

'Damn her, Xanders not here, that must mean she managed to talk him into leaving, damn that little slu... slu..., damn, I can't even think it.' She scowled and griped the arm of the whimpering slayer harder.

"Look, Willow, Xander and Dawn must have gone ahea... erk, a little less pressure please, and when did you get slayer strength anyway?" whined the blonde bubble head.

It was at this moment Snyder sidled up to the pair smiling... always a bad sign.

"Ahh, So nice to see you two here, almost ten minutes late I may ask, thankfully we still have a group of children left, over there." He pointed at a group of screaming children that were running around a man with massive red hair who looked like some cross between a samurai and some type of mercenary.

Chapter 4

Xander marched forward face once more set in a cold mask as he fell deeper into character.

The brats behind him had made comments about his costume he remembered, a cold grin flitting across his face as he remembered.


Xander looked around the group of screaming children he was in command of.

'Oh joy, well it was this or stay within range of Buffy's fist of fury, not a good thing in this ones view, nope not a good thing at all.'

Xander drew himself up, face once more falling into a cold mask as he turned to gaze upon the children.

"This Sesshoumaru demands your attention." He spoke in a clear voice, which somehow managed to cut through the noise the children were making.

Out of the throng of vermin one particularly brave, and stupid individual pushed himself forward. "Why are you wearing a dress, are you a pervert?"

Xander internally muttered nasty things about whoever that brat's parents were; he'd never been that annoying at the same age... honest.

As Xander was about to speak a cry rang out from behind the boy. "Worm, How dear you talk to Sesshoumaru-sama, you are not fit to kiss the dirt he walks on."

Xander boggled at someone who looked like little more then a walking talking toad with a big ass staff, which was currently heading for, ouch that had to hurt, he looked dispassionately at the crumpled body that once was a young child with to much to say.

"Jaken?" Xander asked with eyebrow raised.

"Yes Sesshoumaru-sama, this worthless speck of dust is honoured to see you again."

Xander simply nodded once before turning around and walking on, Rin... err Dawn on arm.


'That was odd, I haven't seen whoever it was since, and considering the staff he was toting that's saying something... maybe it was something hell-mouthy, wouldn't surprise me if it was.'

Xander paused, a sudden chill going down his back.

Looking around Xander wondered what was the problem, but after living on the mouth of hell for so long he wasn't one for ignore warnings like that, and he started his third examination of the surroundings... mostly comprising the part Dawn was inhabiting if he were honest with himself he heard someone yelling from behind them.

"Xander, why didn't you wait for us?"

'Oh look, its Buffy, poor kids must have been run off there feet'


Willow stalked up to the other student that was stuck with this job muttering vile threats about brunet Summers daughters that can't keep there hands of other peoples property.

Oz raised an eyebrow in silent question as he rested the mock Nodachi he was carrying on one shoulder.

Buffy was about to start talking when Willow started to shout orders.

"Wow, I've never seen Willow so... not Willow, If she acted more like this around Xander then she wouldn't have this much trouble with the brat."

"Xander?" a voice behind her asked in monotone query.

Buffy growled "Yeah, Xander. Damn him anyway, telling me Dawn is better looking then me, just because I called his costume stupid... I mean what's up with that?"

"Mhmm" the voice agreed.

Buffy was about to start talking again when she got a confused look on her face and quickly turned around. Standing behind her was the guy who was helping with the group of children, a wig of red hair on his head adding another foot of height at least and his outfit was odd, consisting of a white robe type thing and red armour.

"Who are you anyway?" she asked in aggravation.

"Oni me no Kyo (1)." He replied in a bord voice before turning to see the children formed up in ranks being force marched by a growling Willow behind them, looks of terror plainly on there faces, Snyder could be heard in the background commending Willows ability to control the children, and was making it clear he thought she had a good future ahead of herself in the teaching field.


Ethan slumped against he work table and glared at his visitor.

"What are you doing here?" He bit out without much heat.

"Now Ethan, you know the answer to that."

Ethan sighed in defeat. "Fine." He growled. "If you here then you can at least help me with what I have to do, damn monks and there stupid jobs.

"Of course I'll help you Ethan, After all, what are friends for."


Dawn grumbled under her breath as she straightened her Kimono and tucked the sword out of her way.

'Damn it, Why did she have to show up, damn her, and damn Buffy as well, couldn't she keep her busy with stupid talk over that walking corpse for longer. I guess buffy can't do anything to help me, even if it is what she wants, its just beyond her abilities.'

Dawn pressed herself closer to Xander as Willow walked closer, grinning internally as she saw Willow begin to grind her teeth as her face started to turn red.

'Hmm, just a little more and maybe I can make her head explode.'

She leaned her head against Xander and sighed before she started to talk.

"Oh look Sesshoumaru-sama, that old lady finally turned up, do you think she needed to redye the grey in her hair or was it the arthritis that kept her so long."

Dawn ran a mocking eye across Willows costume; she to was wearing a Kimono this one almost all red with a yellow obi, a three barrelled pistol clenched in her hand.

'hmm a lot of Asian costumes this year, I guess Ethan has a lot of anime inspired costumes.'

"Nice outfit, very... unique." Dawn drawled lightly a smile on her face, one of the many things she had over Willow was she wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind while Xander was around, after all. Its not like she was saying anything nasty... not to anyone stand beside her of course, a mocking smile and the right facial expressions can turn an honest complement into a vile slur.

'Thank you Cordelia, if nothing else you truly have mastered the art of the putdown, this humble student thanks you for your time and patients.'

Dawn grinned at her sister and the speechless Willow.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, should we continue, if we tarry much longer all of the good candy will have been taken."

Xander twitched for a second before his voice came to her ear. "This Sesshoumaru believes you are correct, come children, we must make haste."

Dawn gave a languid wave to Willow and sauntered off with Her Xander.

'Score one for me'


Willow watched in helpless fury as Dawn and HER Xander walked away in a different direction.

'That... that bitch, that cow that that grr'

She felt some patting her on the shoulder.

"There, there, its all right, I understand how your feeling, she has been making my life hell for as long as I can remember, she has had a lot of practice and is very good at it... just think of it this way, you may have lost this battle but the war goes on."

Willow straightened as Buffy continued to talk.

"Right, it's not over until the fat lady sings, and she's away sick so no singing for her anytime soon."

Willow smiled cheerfully and ignored the sounds of whimpering children this produced.

"Well the sooner we get this over with the sooner I can make my comeback."


Buffy looked on sadly at her friend, while everything she said was true there was one major problem.

'You need to actually be able to ask someone out before you can win this sort of battle, and from the look I saw on Xanders face, at the moment all Dawn needs to do is ask and he will say yes, no thinking involved.'

"You really are outgunned in this one Willow, sorry."

Buffy whispered before following on behind her friend.


Xander was thinking, not an easy task at the best of times, and made all the harder with a nubile young woman pressed against your side.

'I just don't understand it, why don't the ever get on, its not like they have anything to dislike each other about... oh sure Dawn spends sometime talking with Cordy but that's because Snyder set them up when Dawn jumped a grade so there would be someone to help her, and he's a putts so he wouldn't set it up with someone who could actually help.'

'Maybe its something I did, though what it could be I don't know... hmmm have to think on this later, right now we have more important things to consider... like candy."

"Rin, This Sesshoumaru believes it is time to begin these children's instruction in the ways of this festival, please begin."

Xander pronounced, he and Dawn had gone over this before they had reached the children, so Dawn knew her lines all ready.

He had to strain as talking did all sorts of interesting things the parts of Dawn pressed against him.

'Thank you Sesshoumaru-sama for having clothing that hides natural reactions.'


Dawn grinned, this was so much fun.

"Hai Sesshoumaru-sama." She carolled before turning to look at the children.

"From the Gods to Sesshoumaru-sama, from Sesshoumaru-sama to Rin and now from Rin to you, I pass on the wisdom of the ages."

The children hushed and Dawn grinned, she did so love an audience.

"On sleazing extra candy: tears are key. Tears will normally get you the double-bagger. You can also try the old 'you missed me' routine, but it's risky. Only go there for chocolate."

Dawn looked around at the nodding children then up a Xanders grinning face and smiled.

"Very good, then lets begin." Dawn waved the hordes of the undead... err children forward.

"Well that was fun." Xander said with a grin that caused Dawns heart to race.

"So, Sesshoumaru-sama, what are you, ach." Dawn started to speak when they both collapsed in pain.


Across town in Ethan's shop two figures finished there spell and collapsed in a panting heap.


In a place far away a gold haired woman smiled as a call for power and a gift was received and granted.


a few moments later he who once was Xander picked himself of the ground and picked up she who once was Dawn and looked around.

[This Sesshoumaru is not amused.] Growled the seething Tai Inu-Youkai.


(1) Oni me no Kyo = Demon Eyes Kyo or Kyo of the Demon Eyes, though "me" translates as eye rather then eyes I can only guess that the creators of Samurai Deeper Kyo felt the need for it to spill from the tongue easier.

Chapter 5

A few moments later he who once was Xander picked himself off the ground and picked up she who once was Dawn and looked around.

[This Sesshoumaru is not amused.] Growled the seething Tai Inu-Youkai.

Sesshoumaru checked himself over; a raised eyebrow was all the reaction he gave on noticing the return of his arm.

He drew Toukijin first then Tenseiga and nodded in satisfaction that they were not fakes or damaged in some way.

Holding Rin close Sesshoumaru looked around himself, trying to find something, anything that may explain what was happening.

'Nothing, whatever this strange place is, nothing makes sense, and the stench of ningen (1) is over powering. Though there is other scents as well, some even more vile then the ningen.'

He stoped his examination of the area as Rin returned to consciousness.

[Oww, Sesshoumaru-sama, what happened, why does Rin feel so bad?] Groaned Rin feeling less then well.

Sesshoumaru leapt to a one of the strange buildings roof and settled down resting Rin against him before he began to talk.

[This Sesshoumaru is not sure, but it is most likely some ningen sorcerer of some kind is causing this trouble. And from what I can feel we are somewhere in the far east from my lands, across the sea most likely.]

Rins hand quickly sought out the blade at her side, sliding it partially out of its saya (2) much as Sesshoumaru had done Rin carefully checked that the blade was in the same condition she remembered.

Rin sighed with relief as she turned to Sesshoumaru. [Seijun (3) is fine, thank goodness.]

Sesshoumaru simply nodded once before raising to his feet.

[This Sesshoumaru will find-out who is responsible for this, wait here Rin, if need be use Seijun to defend yourself, if you are confronted with something to powerful you know what to do.]

[Hai Sesshoumaru-sama, please be careful, Rin worries about you.] Rin said in a small voice.

[Do not worry Rin, This Sesshoumaru has far to many things to do to die here and now.] Sesshoumaru said with a small smile.

Rin looked down cheeks tinted red. [Hai Sesshoumaru-sama.] And with that Sesshoumaru was gone sweeping across the town like the wind.

Rin looked up at the moon and sighed.

[Why do things like this always happen to Rin, just once, Rin would like a week without anything unusual or life threatening happening.]

Grumbling lightly under her breath Rin looked out across the strange village they had appeared at.


With a groan Kyo opened his eyes to blearily look around. 'Damn it, where am I, what is this place... it almost looks like that place I killed that idiot Oda.'

[Kyo, your awake, what happened?] A woman called from beside him.

Kyo turned his head towards the sound and saw the form of Shiina Yuya looking down at him, pistol in hand.

[Oh? You're here are you?] Kyo asked in a dull voice as he levered himself up off the ground.

[Yes I'm here as well, where else would I be] she growled before sighing. [You can be such an ass at times.]

Kyo just smirked as he started walking away.

[Hey, just where do you think your going?] Yuya demanded to the retreating swordsman.

[There someone strong this way, I feel like a fight so I may as well go looking for a good one.] Came the reply.

[Damn it, why does he always do this?] Mumbled Yuya before she started after Kyo.


Inu Yasha growled under his breath as he looked around, this was like nowhere else he had ever seen, and after his hundred years of wandering he had seen a lot.

'Wonder what happened, last thing I remember was going to sleep listening to Jaken-bakas complaints.'

Inu Yasha mused as he casually flipped Tetsusaiga in a dazzling series of twirls and flips, dismembering the attacking monster without really paying attention to what was happening.

[Feh, I may as well find something interesting to do while I'm here at least.] The Silver haired Hanyou grumbled under his breath as he started walking, looking for something, anything to give him a challenge.


"So, just what is the idea unleashing all these powerful individuals in this sleepy little town." Asked the shadowed figure in Ethan's store.

Ethan turned to face his guest and smirked as he pointed at the shimmering mirror like surface of the viewing spell.

"You mean, other then the grade-A entertainment when two of the major players run across each other, or those girls Inuyasha?"

"Yes other then that." Replied the other lazily.

"Well its really rather simple, I was asked to fix some problems caused by a hell goddess with a bad sense of timing, so here I am to... even the playing field some, make things more interesting if you will... fairly standard for me, of course the money helps make it worth my while." Grinned the chaos mage.

"That's all your going to tell me isn't it?" whined the other watcher.

Ethan just nodded before turning back to the viewing screen tea in on hand and the other in a bowl of popcorn.


Spike was looking at his Dru with no little worry, as the night had fallen she had suddenly sat bolt upright before letting loose a wail from the pit and cramming herself into a corner.

She had refused to talk about what was the matter or even eat, it just wasn't right.

"Dru what's the matter love? tell Spike what it is and he'll go kill it all nice, just please come out and tell us the problem."

He tried his best to keep his temper as he did his best to reason with the mad seer, he had already lost his temper once and ripped one of his minions to pieces because of it.

No, whatever was happening today wasn't something that was making him happy, not happy at all.


At City Hall the Mayor was working late, thing to do, people to order dead, that sort of thing.

When the spell was cast he had been in the middle of having a nice cup of coffee, said coffee was then sprayed across the room as his highly tuned sense went into high alert as more power then he had seen in all his year was suddenly dumped into HIS town.

Whoever was responsible for this would have some very pointed questions asked of them, very pointed indeed.

This conclusion reached Mayor Wilkins calmly mopped up the mess this had created picked up a walking cane he had specially created and started walking, he had a mage to find, and some demons to remove from the vicinity.

"No rest for the wicked I guess." Mused the Mayor as he closed up.


(1) Ningen = Human, and in the way ol'Sesshoumaru says it its basically a rather nasty word from his point of view.

(2) Saya = Scabbard or Sheath, mainly for swords funnily enough.

(3) Seijun = Purity or Innocence

Chapter 6

Sesshoumaru was less then pleased at the moment. He had been wandering through the streets of this village for sometime, and for the most part the sheer level of his youki had kept most of the vermin that seemed to be roaming around, this however stoped being effective when the numbers of said vermin reached high enough levels, such as now.

Sesshoumaru glanced around himself, yes he seemed to be surrounded by a small horde of some sort of goblin, how... irritating.

Growling Sesshoumaru right hand began to glow as he started to spin like a top, a glowing line of green youki extended from the two pointed fingers on his hand to become a swirling storm of death.

Still the filth advanced, and once they were close enough the surrounding area became filled with the slashing green whip tearing everything it touched to pieces, and leaving nothing but mutilated corpses cooling on the ground.

A thin smirk graced Sesshoumaru's face. 'Humph weak, this almost reminds this one of the guardians that flea set on fathers grave marker.'

Suddenly Sesshoumaru sense a familiar power joined in battle with one he had never come across, he turned just in time to see a massive fire bird rise from the east before being cut in to by the familiar sight of the Kaze no Kizu only to reform and swoop down out of sight.

Sesshoumaru sighed to himself as he flicked some of his long silver hair back across his shoulder.

'Little brother, when will you cease getting into trouble?'

A mist began to form around Sesshoumarus feet as he began to rise into the air.

'Probably three years after your death, if your anything like I think you are.'

Mused the Taiyoukai as he flew towards the path of destruction created by the Tetsusaiga's most well known attack form.


Mayor Wilkins saw the flash of light that struck the strange firebird and grimaced. 'That's going to lower property values if nothing else' he though rather glumly.

He turned back the way he was going, something magical was no doubt happening, all he had to do was wander enough and he was sure to find some trace of the offending mages workings, and once a trace was found he would be able to follow it back to its source.

"And then, words will be exchanged." The Mayor whispered rather grimly a smile on his face.


'Damn it, How big is this Village, I feel like I've been walking forward, and still nothing but strange buildings left and right, well that and these weak little youkai.'

Inuyasha was annoyed, to many houses, to many weak monsters and not enough things to do that were even slightly challenging. And still he wasn't any closer to finding out what was going on and why he was here.

As Inuyasha turned left at another crossroad he came face to face with a man walking with a Nodachi on his shoulder.

[Are you strong?] The man asked a smirk on his face.

[Feh, Stronger then you could ever hope to be Ningen.] Snarled the Hanyou.

The smirk on the humans face grew as he pulled his sword off his shoulder and held in pointing at an angle to the ground.

A muttered [Oh no, not again.] Could be heard from behind him as a woman dressed in a red Kimono ran across the street from where she had been standing behind him.

The human snorted before turning his attention back to Inuyasha. [Would you like to prove just how strong you are then, I have been looking for a good fight, and maybe you will be it.]

Inuyasha just drew Tetsusaiga from its saya, the blade transforming in a shimmer of energy, and fell into a loose stance before the red eyed man.


Back at the store Ethans visitor was pointing at the viewing spell as he bounced in he seat like a three year old.

[Look, look, Kyo just meet up with Inuyasha, this should be fun to watch.] He said with glee.

[Can't you act your age for once you loon.] Whined Ethan as he turned to see the action.

[Of course not, where would the fun in that be.] Grinning the troublemaker unrepentantly.

Ethan eyed the shimmering field that went across the from of the store, if nothing else watching the various personalities kick each other around town should make killing time until someone showed up who was more interesting, this thought gone he turned back to the show.


Rin cheerfully hummed to herself as she wove glowing strands of light together into a cats cradle.

'Well, as boring as studying sorcery was, at least it gives me something to play with when I have nothing else to do' she thought grinning as she glanced down at the street.

Several of the larger monsters that had been wandering around were now floating like marionettes on string as they swooped from one target to the next killing anything that may threaten to attack her.

Years spent in the company of Sesshoumaru and various other Youkai had inured her to the sight of blood, and in truth in some ways she felt closer to the Youkai then she did to her own race, well except a few members anyway.

'I wonder what big sister Kagome is doing now, I hope she's alright.'

Suddenly Rins head shot around to look at the other end of the rooftop as she heard feet land on its surface.

After releasing the strands of light Rin drew Seijun from its saya, Rin fell into the ready stance Sesshoumaru-sama had taught her and appraised this intruder.

[Rin greets you, now who are you, and what do you want?] Rin asked in a calm voice.

The woman drew herself up and ignited a blade of light from the cylinder she was holding before she began to talk. "I don't know what you just said girl, but if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you will most assuredly get." So saying Bastila charged forward.


Kyo was twitching with excitement; he could feel the power flowing off this strange silver haired man, if nothing else this would be a fight to remember.

He blurred forward faster then most could see, slicing Tenrou in a wide arc at his foe.

His enemy flipped back from the strike and somehow found purchase in midair and rebounded at him blade first, he raised Tenrou to block and kicked Inuyasha away from himself.

His opponent let loose a cry [Hijin-Ketsusou (1)] and launched a barrage of crimson crescent shaped blades at him.

He flicked Tenrou in a spinning block catching each of the blades in turn until the final blade got through his defence cutting shallow gash in his check.

His gin grew more pronounced as he raised his sword once more to his side and spoke to his enemy. [Well done, first blood to you, but now I end this.]

Energy began to swirl around him as he slowly began to fade from the feet up.

[Shin Mumyou Jinpuu Ryuu, Satsujin Ken (2)]

As his head vanished into the swirly maelstrom of energy Inuyasha began to draw back his blade.

[Suzaku (3)]

As the last word was spoken there was a rush of flame as a firebird sprung from where Kyo had been, it rose into the Sky and turned back towards Inuyasha just as he completed his attack.

With a cry of [Kaze no Kizu (4)] a rush of power flowed out from the blade levelling house after house in its path and slicing through the firebird.

Seeing his enemy vanish into nothing Inuyasha sheathed his blade and turned away.

[Feh, all that big talk and he couldn't even take one of my attacks, how stupid.]

While he was grumbling Inuyasha continued to walk before he noticed the sound of a bird cry, he turned around just in time to see the firebird dive through his red clad chest.


(1) Hijin-Ketsusou = Air Blade Blood Claw, a weaker version of the Hijingetsusou that doesn't require dipping his claws into a bleeding wound, still a impressive attack, but still a purely physical attack that can be blocked by physical means.

(2) Shin Mumyou Jinpuu Ryuu, Satsujin Ken = translates to roughly, Perfect/True Dark Wind of God Murdering Sword Technique... or so the fan-subbers from Samurai Deeper Kyo seem to think ^_^;;

(3) Suzaku = Translation, Vermilion Bird, transforms the user into a fire bird that attacks the enemy, this technique embodies the phoenix in that it revives over and over even when totally destroyed.

(4) Kaze no Kizu = The Cutting Wind attack of the Tetsusaiga, said to be able to destroy 100 youkai in a single swing.

Chapter 7

Tatewake was feeling much better then he had in a long time, though the Dark Sorcerer Saotome had unleashed some spell on him to send him away from his twin loves he had none the less managed to make the best of things.

Calmly walking down the street Boken in one hand and the young noblewoman who had requested his aid on the other Tatewake paid little mind to what direction he was going, he had no idea what this place was but surely the gods must look favourably on the noble house Kuno and would lead him to where he was needed.

"Fear not young lady, I will surely find a way to get you to your home." Kuno declared in a loud voice that caused the young lady to jump slightly and clutch his arm tighter.

"Thankyou kind sir, surely my father will reward you handsomely for your noble deeds this night." Simpered the lace and frill clad lady.

As they continued on there way the lady gave out a shriek of fright was a car drove passed.

"Eek, Demon." She cried hiding her eyes from the abomination, in her eyes anyway.

"Fear not lady I will smite the foul beats with the wrath of the gods." Declared Tatewake as he extracted himself from the clasp of the lady, grasping his boken in both hands he began his attack.

[Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust.] Chanted the kendoist, with each word he thrust forward his boken, also causing his hips to thrust forward for some unknown reason (1) suddenly dents appeared over the surface of the retreating beast, as more and more mounted it slowed until finally it exploded in a fiery display as Tatewake gave a cry of... exertion. Leaving the Kendoist panting and looking rather embarrassed.

He awkwardly made his way back over to the lady and started leading her on her way once more, though now with a shuffling step.


[Feh, all that big talk and he couldn't even take one of my attacks, how stupid.]

While he was grumbling Inuyasha continued to walk before he noticed the sound of a bird cry, he turned around just in time to see the firebird dive through his red clad chest.

As the flames faded from existence Kyo was left sword pointing forward from where he had appeared behind Inuyasha.

[Did you feel it?] He asked as Inuyasha crumpled to the ground. [The breath of Suzaku]

Kyo started to walk away when he heard something unexpected.

[Feh, Stupid Ningen, flames are nothing to me.] The voice of Inuyasha rang out from behind him causing Yuya to gasp in shock.

Kyo turned slowly to see Inuyasha; none to worse for wear with Tetsusaiga resting on one shoulder and a cocky grin on his face.

A manic grin formed on Kyos face as he brought Tenrou up before him with one hand, placing two fingers from his second hand at the hilt end of the blade he concentrated and the blade started to take on a red glow, the glow spread as he brought his finger further along.

[Shin Mumyou Jinpuu Ryuu, Satsujin Ken] he intoned as he held the now glowing blade side on over his head.

[Mizuchi] (2) He cried as a flare of light erupted from the descending blade streaking towards Inuyasha who was spinning Tetsusaiga so fast it looked like little more then a shimmer in the air.

The light faded and both were still standing. Inuyasha laughed. [You missed idiot, what good is an attack if it's to far away to strike.]

Kyo turned at started to walk away, speaking as he did.

[You heard it too, didn't you?]

A strangled gasp came from Inuyasha.

[Kaze no Koe!] (3)

And Inuyasha fell to the ground split in two.

As Kyo kept walking he heard several female voices all cry out [Inuyasha!]


Jaken had been wandering through this village ever since he had chastised the brat that had dared to impugn Sesshoumarus honour by suggestion he was some sort of perverted cross-dresser *not that I have anything against Cross-dresser mind you*

Heh glanced once more at the scrap of paper in his hand, and then looked up at the street sign he was under before giving a cry of relief.

"Yes, this is it, this is the street that the vile ningen that have caused Sesshoumaru-sama to suffer so these last years live... now which house are they in?"

Jaken squinted his eyes as he glared at the paper in his hands.

'Damnation, the words a smudged, now I'll never know which house is there's... oh well, its only ningen.'

Jaken walked up to the first house on the street, the staff of heads clutched tightly.

'A few more dead won't matter, so I'll just burn them all to the ground'

Jaken finished gleefully as he brought that staff down sharply causing the old mans face to open its mouth and spew forth a massive jet of fire, incinerating the house in seconds.

"One down, a lot more to go." He said before sighing. "A retainers work is never done."

Jaken walked to the next house as he set about his self appointed task.


Rin gracefully flipped of the roof to the ground as the woman attacked, she moved casually as she had been taught, just enough movement to get out of danger, while causing enough problems for her enemy to wear them out.

Shimmering blade of light meet placid blue steel blade in a shower of sparks, Bastila was somewhat surprised that her light sabre didn't cut through this other woman's weapon like it was nothing.

Rin's movements began to speed up as she started to use some of the more combat effective enchantments she had learned in her quest to cease being a burden to her lord, her form began to blur and her strikes became a shimmering river of offensive energy, but no matter how fast she was her enemy always seemed to be able to block or shift out of the way just in time.

Bastila gritted her teeth as she flowed with the will of the force meeting attack after arm shacking attack and turning them all back, this continued until she could stand it no more, the attacks were coming at such a rate that she had yet to be able to even launch an attack of her own, let alone have one hit.

Bastila flipped back from her enemy to gain the room to launch an attack of her own, only to see her enemy already in the process of doing the same.

Rin gathered her will as she had been taught and thrust her blade forth crying out [Mizubashira] (4) a rush of water launched itself from her blade tip and streaked at the woman she was fighting.

As Rin was launching her attack Bastila thrust her hand forward, a wave of kinetic energy flowing out deflecting the water to either side of her.

When Rin saw her attack had failed she quickly readied a second strike, this one less obvious, clasping her sword blade in her left hand she concentrated again, a silver blue glow forming around her, pushing everything around her away.

Bastila felt the power flowing from the other woman and quickly fell into a force reinforced defensive stance.

Seconds passed and the glow began to throb in time with Rin's heart, at the five second point Rin released the sword blade and thrust her left hand into the air with a shout.

[Mizu no Kogoeshinu] (5)

The glow around her flashed once and a bubble of water appeared around Bastila, before Bastila could do anything other then wonder how this had happened the water flash froze sealing Bastila in an icy grave.

Rin calmly returned Seijun back to its saya before she leapt back to the rooftop Sesshoumaru had left her.

'Well' She thought to herself 'that was entertaining at least, she was the first human to ever defend against the Mizubashira, it is a pity her instincts betrayed her in the last exchange, Rin would have liked to see what else she was capable of.

With a sigh of regret and a backward glance at the icy decoration below Rin once more took her seat and began her game of glowing string once more.


Mayor Wilkins stalked through the streets, incinerating the few monsters stupid enough to approach him with a fiery display of magical might.

He had finally happened across a trace of the perpetrator of this debacle, and was now zeroing in on his prey.

'I think I will have to indulge in the use of some of my more painful magic in this instance, I'm just happy to see there are no children out wandering the streets, that would be horrible.


Ethan was cheerfully counting a stack of bills in his hand, his companion grumbling under his breath at the injustice of it all.

"I told you so," Ethan told his companion with a wicked grin.

"Oh hush, how was I supposed to know that idiot half-demon would get his ass kicked by some human with delusions of grandeur.' Whined the other inhabitant of the shop.

"Hah, that's always been your problem, one would think after meeting that sorceress you would have learned your lesson, I guess not."

Ethan pointed out with much glee, always one to enjoy another discomfort.

"Bah, She was the exception that proves the rule, and just you wait, I'll talk her around sooner or later, mark my word.' Muttered the shadow clad other.

Ethan suddenly perked as he turned his eye to the viewing screen.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here, seems we are getting a visit from the Mayor, how lucky for use."

"You should probably go into the back room then, I'll give him your regards, after I've driven him into a frothing rage of course." The grinning madman told Ethan as he was rubbing his hands together.

"Fine, just set up another viewing spell back there, I want to see what happens if nothing else."

The other just waved his hand; a popping noise could be heard from the backrooms.

"Well, let the games begin." Crowed the trickster as Ethan left the room.


(1) If your wondering what this is about the actual word he normally yells for this attack is "strike" however, as this is Larry wearing this costume I couldn't resist pulling something from a forum I frequent, namely that which once resided at Delphi under the name of ranma_fanfics, home of the Tux-borg, tentacle-barneys and Tatewake-Kuno with his "manly boken"

(2) Mizuchi = Translation: Dragon Strike, an attack that at the first stage controls the water vapour in the air causing them to form blades of water to slice the enemy to pieces, at its mastered level it can control the very blood in the enemies body.

(3) Kaze no Koi = The Voice of the Wind

(4) Mizubashira = Translation: Waterspout, an elemental attack that at its lowest level can be used much like a fire hose launching a high pressure stream of water at its target, at higher levels and by a body of water large enough it can sink whole fleets. *Created by myself ^_^; *(5) Mizu no Kogoeshinu = Translation; The Water to Freeze to Death... I think ^_^;, creates a bubble of water around its target which is then flash frozen, this spell also includes various sense spoofing effects as its primary use is against enemies with some form of presence or precognition. *Once again created by myself. *

Chapter 8

The Noble woman gasped in shock as she saw a massive bird of fire streak through the sky only to be struck by a wave of light.

"My lord" she gasped and pointed towards the bird. "Some beast is attacking this hamlet."

Tatewake struck a manly pose and declared. "Worry not fair Lady, I shall make haste an smite the vile demon that has unleashed such horrors on this simple village."

"Oh thankyou my lord" simpered the useless piece of flu... err highborn lady.

"Truly you are a noble and brave man, how anyone could say otherwise is unknown to me." She continued.

"Buffy, Is that you?" asked a voice from the shadows.


Giles was for once having a good night. He had just acquired some new research books from an old acquaintance and had just finished cataloguing them.

With a sigh of relief Giles sank into the well-stuffed chair he had managed to smuggle into the office of the high school library and calmly turned on the radio next to him.

The tones of Don MacLean's "Vincent" came forth and Giles smiled as he picked up his tea, his book and set out for a nice quite evening, with best of all, no irritating teenage drama.

"Thank God for Halloween, if only it happened more then once a year." Giles mused aloud.


Angel was not enjoying this night, some form of demon spawn had broken into his home and he had been forced to kill the things, then on looking outside he had been shocked to see demons and other strangeness everywhere.

He had soon set out in search of the Slayer; unsure she would be able to deal with whatever was happening tonight.

As he had wandered the streets he had seen things that had left him wondering if he was in some form of nightmare. Demons thought long dead wandering the streets slaughtering as they went. Mages battling Warlocks fighting Wu Jin confronting Priests, the sheer level of magic floating around was insane and the number of practitioners would have been enough to cause his dead heart of stop if it had moved in the last two hundred and fifty years or so.

'Now Where is she, I just hope she hasn't meet something she can't handle, and I hate to say it, and I wouldn't if she could hear me but from what I can see most things wandering around here now are out of her league.'

Angel brooded as he stalked along the street, keeping to the shadows as he normally did.

He had ducked past more things then he wanted to contemplate when finally he caught a familiar scent in the air. 'Buffy' he thought as he started forward with new vigour.

Finally he found the target of his search, the only problem was she was acting as if she was some foolish little bit from the era of his birth and hanging on the arm of some Japanese individual who seemed to think he was some strange Shakespearean Samurai.

"Buffy is that you?" he asked as he stepped out of the shadows behind them.

Buffy turned to look at him and gasped in fright, no recognition showing on her face.

She huddled behind the man she was with causing Angel to growl unintentionally his eyes flashing for a moment.

"Eek, Demon, Kill it my lord, please, I beg you." Buffy cried in fright.

Tatewake drew forth his mighty weapon and attacked with a cry. "Have at thy foul demon, return to the pits that spawned you."

Angel gasped in shock as the human moved faster then any human had a right to and a sudden pain appeared in his chest, he looked down and could only think one thing before crumbling to dust.

'Who the hell uses a WOODEN SWORD?'


Mayor Wilkins stormed into the shop, glaring around to try and see who was responsible for all of this.

As he paused in the entrance he heard a cough coming from his left, a strange looking man in an odd outfit was sitting on what looked like a deck chair eating popcorn of all things and watching something through some form of viewing enchantment.

"Are you responsible for this mayhem?" Wilkins demanded without preamble his patients long since worn thin.

The figure raised an eyebrow and shrugged languidly. "Oh I don't know, am I?" he asked with a grin.

"That's what I want to know, tell me now and I may not kill you." Gritting his teeth the Mayor bit out.

"Kill me, my, my, how uncivilized, really wouldn't you rather a nice cup of tea? It would do wonders for your nerves." The man asked, not moving more then an inch more then needed to grab another handful of popcorn.

The Mayor growled under his breath. "Do you know who I am? I could have your death last years if you don't tell me what I want to know."

"Who you are?" asked the rather bord individual. "Hmm lets see if I can remember, Dick Wilkins, Mayor of Sunnydale, which is sitting atop an active Hell-mouth. Currently nearing the end of a three hundred year plan to transform yourself into a low level so called True Demon, if I remember correctly it looks a lot like a giant snake, and goes wonderfully with tartar sauce and lemon if smoked properly."

The Mayor had paled half way through the others discourse and was now a rather unpleasant red colour, his temper seemed to snap in that instant and he rushed forward in an attempt to ring this bastard neck himself.

Three feet from the still seated individual Mayor Wilkins hit against a shimmering golden field and pain arched through his very being as he was thrown back a few feet.

The person responsible for this grinned lightly. "Oh, Dick, Ethan says Hi, and do be a dear and don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Snarling in rage the Mayor rose to his feet shouting. "Damn it who are you?"

The figure waved a hand causing the mayor to fade slowly from view. "Sore Wa Himitsu Desu" he said smirking as he wagged a finger at the fading Mayor.


Sesshoumaru flew quickly towards the scene of his brother's battle, dodging around other airborne traffic.

'This one is forced to wonder why he even bothers, Inuyasha is sure to be able to take care for himself, after all anyone who can do battle with this Sesshoumaru and still walk and breath after such an event is unlikely to die easily.'

From high above he spotted the telltale signs of the Kaze no Koe and began his descent.

As he sank lower he noticed the woman his brother tended to travel with gathered around something on the ground.

He leapt from the cloud connivance to land near them, causing a gasp to escape from the throat of the ones who could see him.

He looked them over noticing some interesting things. They were not as he remembered them.

The girl, Kagome who Rin considered something of a sister was a lot younger then he remembered, and more inexperienced, in fact she looked much like when he first meet her in his fathers corpse seven long years ago.

The other woman his fool brother had fallen for was also here, but she was not the undead corpse he remembered her to be, she also didn't seem to know who he was, simple that he was a Youkai.

And third was the young Youkai exterminator, who once again, much as Kagome was younger then he remembered her, what truly confused him however was the look of raw hate in her eyes as she glared at him.

The final thing that told him something unusual was going on however was the fact that Both Kikyou and Kagome had a whole Shikon no Tama glowing at there necks.

As he neared them Sango raised herself from where she had been kneeling, clearing the obstruction to his view of what they were mourning. There between them was, split clean down the middle his half-brother, Inuyasha, the de-transformed Tetsusaiga at his side.

A low growl sprung from deep within his throat causing all three women to stumble away from his suddenly furious form, he stalked forward and was brought short by a pulse of energy from his side.

Drawing Tenseiga from its saya he spared it a glance as if to reprimand it for even thinking he wouldn't do what he was about to and plunged the glowing white blade deep into one half of his brothers corpse.

A gasp came from all three women and suddenly a white glow erupted from his fallen brothers corpse obscuring it from view.

As the glare faded before them sat blinking stupidly his brother, a snap of his fingers saw Inuyashas clothing returned to him whole and unharmed and he began to speak.


Down on the road the ice prison stood, various monsters milling around it seemingly drawn to something.

It shone in crystalline perfection refracting the light available from the various streetlights and such in mini-rainbows and shimmering dreams.

As seconds ticked by the inhabitant was battling, battling against her prison, her fast approaching death and against the force itself.

'I will not die here, because of some insignificant force adept on some backwater planet, I refuse." Bastila declared in her own mind as she strained to keep the freezing ice away from her skin.

As the water from this attack had appeared around her she had less then a second to react, she had lashed out with all her anger and hate sending the start of a force wave in all directions.

This alone was the reason she was still alive. Because of this a thin layer of air rather then encompassing in ice surrounded her.

However, she was fast running out of time, as there was little in the way of breathable air in with her, and soon she would die, no matter how what she did.

'Damn it, the one time being able to enter a hibernation trance would be useful and I have to encounter it three weeks before Revan was going to teach me.'

Growling her denial of her end Bastila gathered the last of her flagging strength feeding her fear of death and her anger at this situation she pushed, pushed with everything she had, until finally her prison chattered and spun through the air like glass rain.

Gathering her feet under her she quickly scanned the area, spotting the impudent adept who was confident enough not to have even left the are, the fact that said confidence was well founded made this turn all the more vile in her view.

She drew, ignited and threw her light sabre in one blurring motion and watched it streak towards her prey's neck.


Rin had returned to her game and had been enjoying the warm glow she was accustomed to after combat when she heard something rather interesting.

The sounds of something like shattering glass tinkled through the air, followed by a gasp and a cry of triumph.

After that she didn't have time to ponder as her senses screamed at her to move, so she did.

Fading from where she was before she reformed some distance away, to see a glowing blade of her previous playmate sailing through the area her neck had previously inhabited.

Glancing down at the road where the ice prison had been she saw the wet form of her prey leap and catch her weapon on its return path before turning in the direction she now was.

[Oh, goody. Its been a long time since anyone has been so much fun to play with as this, normally they die much to quickly.] She said aloud with a grin on her face as she snap-drew Seijun and leapt to meet her foe.

Chapter 9

Rin laughed as the other woman ran towards her, she gracefully caught and deflected her playmates weapon with Seijun before darking behind her faster then the eye could follow.

She giggled as she reached out and brushed a finger along the back of the other woman's neck, causing her to flinch in shock.

'Come on, you can do better then this, your letting your anger rule you silly, that's a fast way to end up dead.' Rin thought sadly as she glanced at other woman from beneath her bangs.

For a few seconds Rin felt something trying to drain her vitality away, but severed the connection with an act of will before shacking a scolding finger at Bastila.

[No, you have to do better then that; surely that isn't the limit of your abilities?] She slyly asked a slight curve of her lips showing her amusement.

Bastila gave an incoherent growl as she attacked with renewed fury, Rin easily evading or turning aside the attacks.

'Hmm, Maybe this is why Sesshoumaru-sama always fights with his brother, Rin thinks it is rather got for ones ego being able to play with someone so simply. It's a pity she doesn't seem to know the difference between power and skill however.'

Rin mused to herself as she flipped over her prey once more.


Bastila growled at her enemies seeming disinterest in her, as if she was little more then a fly bothering her.

Gather herself she let loose with her force lightning attempting to fry the little brat only to see a shimmering field enclose her foe and redirect her attack ether side of her.

"Sith-spit how the hell did that happen, damn you, I'll die before I'm defeated by some nobody from nowhere." Bastila seethed at her enemy, feeding her power with her rage and growing hate.

She attacked once again with her light sabre, starting with an overhead slash that was calmly side steeped, continuing on with a roundhouse kick that was caught, she was then sent flying through the air by her enemy with a flick of her wrist.

Bastila rolled with the impact and turned to look for her enemy, she was forced to fight the growing urge to throw a tantrum as she saw her enemy looking at her from the same spot she had been since the start of this confrontation waiting for her to do something else.

Bastila made a thrusting motion with her empty hand throwing the girl into the air where she started to flip reorientating herself.

While her Rin was facing the other direction she made another hand motion causing one of the nearby houses to rise from its foundations and streak towards the still calm Rin.

'Ha, Now I have you.' Bastila thought with glee as she looked on.


As the glare faded before them sat blinking stupidly his brother, a snap of his fingers saw Inuyashas clothing returned to him whole and unharmed and he began to speak.

[Really Inuyasha, I thought better of you, loosing to a Ningen, you must have lost your touch.] Sesshoumaru stated, trying to see if this was the Inuyasha he knew.

Inuyasha growled picked up Tetsusaiga and snarled out. [Who are you to tell me anything, and why should I give a damn what you think, so I lost to a Ningen, who cares its not like he was a normal Ningen anyway.]

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow as he noticed both Kagome and Sango were looking at Inuyasha in confusion.

[What is the matter with you Inuyasha, don't you recognize your own brother? Or have you lost what small amount of brainpower you were born with?]

Inuyasha blinked and squinted at Sesshoumaru. [Brother? My brother died along time ago, along with my father fighting that damn dragon, how the hell can you be my brother eh?]

Sesshoumaru snorted [I thought as much, we are each from a different place, gathered here for some unknown reason, though I don't think whoever did this is very fond of you Inuyasha.]

[Why do you say that, even if I do believe you're my brother, why do you say whoever did this doesn't like me?] Inuyasha growled.

With a smirk Sesshoumaru replied. [Why that's fairly simple, why else would he cause you, who at a guess came from a world that you didn't even go after the Shikon no Tama to be drawn here along with three women that your various counterparts had fallen in love with, if that isn't a nasty thing to do to someone I don't know what is.]

As Sesshoumaru was about to continue a voice rang out from behind them.

[Hold fair-lady what is your name?]


[Hold fair-lady what is your name?] Tatewake asked the silver tressed woman who stood before him sword drawn.

'Hmm, truly the gods smile on me, true I seem to have lost track of the gaijin woman but the gods have deemed to present someone much greater for mine eyes to feast upon.'

The woman turned to face him returning her blade to its saya in a practiced move and regarded his dashing form an eyebrow raised in question.

[Whom are you talking about?] The dulcet tones of this goddess among mortals asked.

[Why you of course, who else would I be talking about?] Tatewake asked.

[Fool, I am no woman.] The beauties lips curled into a snarl and someone could be heard to be snickering from behind her.

Tatewake blinked several times, tilting his head left and right as he considered the woman in front of him. He took a pose of deep contemplation as he weighted the words his new love had spoken.

[Obviously from thine appearance, thou dost subscribe to the perversion known as "Butch Lesbianism!" Worry not, for I the Blue Thunder shall show you heavens way.] Tatewake pronounced loudly, causing one of the women standing behind his love to fall to the ground in roaring laughter.

His goddess turned to this other raising her from the ground *by the front of her shirt* and spoke to her at length, after she had finished she gently placed her companion on the ground and started towards him.

'Ah, surely she had need to bid farewell to her Sapphic love before coming to my arms.'

She stalked forward with a predatory grace, racing out with a hand that seemed to glow an eerie green.

She placed her hand on his head, in what was obviously a gesture of love and respect before she spoke.

[DIE!] And then the pain started.


Sesshoumaru glared down at the bubbling mess that had once been a foolish Kendoist with barely concealed rage.

He turned towards the group and saw his brother smirking at him. He raised an eyebrow imperiously before he began to talk.

[Somehow this Sesshoumaru found that very... satisfying, it almost had a sense of closure to it.]

Inuyasha barked a laugh. [Heh, I can't say as I'm surprised, I somehow doubt I would have reacted any differently then you did there, but have you worked out anything else about what is going on here?] Inuyasha asked, the three women all nodded, though Kagome was still smirking.

[At a guess, these are not our true bodies, for the simple fact that since this Sesshoumaru appeared here this body has been growing stronger, for my strength was a great deal less upon my arrival then it is now.] He stated.

[This Sesshoumaru can only guess that someone intended it this way, and our hosts are growing more like us as time goes on, so there are three things that may be the case.]

[First, the bodies we inhabit were aware of this and knowingly had this happen, likely to gain strength to face something to come, or simply to rule over others.]

[Second, someone wanting to return specific beings to exsistance did this.]

[Or third a second party to somehow increase our host's abilities did this, this is the most likely in my view, and it means there is likely some form of payment involved for us all.] Sesshoumaru explained in a bord tone.

Inuyasha tilted his head to one side. [Payment? Like what.]

Sesshoumaru raised his right hand in show before he continued. [In my case I would say it would be the return of my arm, lost in battle with your counterpart some seven years ago. It has never healed not even with my swords assistance.]

[And for the rest of use?] Kagome asked, somewhat timidly.

Sesshoumaru shrugged languidly. [This Sesshoumaru has no idea, as he has no idea of the specifics of your own worlds or what you may desire from them.]

Sesshoumaru started walking back the way he came.

[Hey, where the hell are you going?] Inuyasha called after him.

Sesshoumaru stoped and turned slightly. [To retrieve Rin, she had something I will require before I find and... chastise the person responsible for your defeat.]

Sesshoumaru continued walking ignoring Inuyashas shouts that he didn't need anyone fighting his battles for him.

'Foolish brother, as if you had a choice in the matter.' Sesshoumaru thought in amusement.


Jaken looked on the street with pride, not a single thing was left but cinder and ash.

'Excellent, those responsible for Sesshoumaru-sama's suffering have been dealt with, now to find my lord.

And so Jaken set out on his way, looking for Sesshoumaru.

Chapter 10

Sango glared coldly at the retreating figure that was Sesshoumaru, maybe not the Sesshoumaru she knew and remembered but him none the less.

'Why, Why couldn't I do anything, I should have at least tried to kill him for what he did.'

Sango clenched her fist around the handle for her primary weapon and blinked back tears.

'I should have, shouldn't I? It was him that killed Kohaku, but do I truly hate him for that, or should I be thanking him for ending Kohaku's pain?'

Sango remembered, she didn't even see it happen, it had just been a comment made on a whim.

[You, your that boys sister, are you not? You needn't worry about him; he tried to harm what is mine. Now he is no longer in this world to be controlled by Naraku.]

Sesshoumaru hadn't done a thing to try and soften the blow, just told her, in a cold tone what had happened and that Kohaku was at rest, by his hand.

'I wonder, if the reason I am so angry is because he did what I could not, what I wouldn't. After all isn't it better that he leave this life to start over, then live on, with the memory of what he was forced to do.'

Sango sighed and peered out teary eyes the way Sesshoumaru had gone.

'I don't know.' She thought with a heavy heart. 'I think that's what hurts the most.


See Jaken.

Jaken was running down the street, as fast as his stubby little legs could carry him.


See Jaken run.

Why was Jaken running, that would likely be because something rather large and hungry was chasing him at the moment.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, please save your worthless servant!!!"

Run Jaken run.

Behind Jaken and catching up quickly was a large cat like youkai, flames lapping at its feet and two tails waving in the air behind it, if someone was knowledgeable enough one would almost say it was grinning as it gave case.

"Please Sesshoumaru-sama, I don't want to die, again... erk."

As Jaken turned a corner just in time to dodge the Youkai-cat's pounce he ran headfirst into someone's leg.


In another world, in another time, a figure that had vanished reappeared, though it likely would not appreciate that fact.

"ROOOOOOAR" came a bellowing voice from the massive cave as Mayor Wilkins faded back into existence.

The Mayor looked around the place he was and had a sudden sinking feeling.

'Maybe I should have said yes to that invitation for tea, I could use it now, that's for sure.'

A snuffling noise could be detected from in the cave, coming ever closer.

Turning around the Mayor's eyes opened wide, very wide in fact as they gazed upon something he had only seen in a few books.

'Oh dear, this... is bad.'

These were the last thoughts to go through his mind before he was snapped up by the large snake demon, that funnily enough was known to taste very good, with tartar sauce and lemon, if smoked properly.


Ethan laughed as he looked at his companion.

"Well at least he should be happy about one thing, he got his wish, now he really is part of a true demon, for the next 18 hours anyway." Ethan said, grinning madly.

His companion just nodded as he watched the viewing screen closely.

Ethan looked closely to see what was so interesting.

"Hmm, Sesshoumaru won't be happy, heh oh well, I have to admit, buying out the other costume shops in Sunnydale and setting them up with our special outfits was a master stroke."

"Oh it was nothing, after all, what's a little chaos between friends right?" he compatriot in mayhem waved of his thanks still focusing on the view screen.


Sesshoumaru Stalked through the streets of the village once more, he had somewhere to be, and someone to deal with, unfortunately both were not at the same place.

'First to get Rin, then I will deal with this Ningen who dears harm my brother.' Snarled the infuriated Inu-youkai.

As he turned a corner he saw before something that brought a smirk to his face, some gaijin noblewoman was being chased be what amounted to demonic dust-bunnies.

She spotted and ran towards him screaming for him to help her.

'Damn you father, you simply had to have me learn this blasted language, if you hadn't I could have been safe in not being able to understand her.'

"Please, my lady save me, you are obviously some barbarian warrior, please kill the demons before they do me harm, my father will surely reward you."

'What is it with these stupid Ningen, This Sesshoumaru looks Nothing like a woman, and yet this is the second to mistake this one for such... wait a moment... BARBARIAN.'

Snarling Sesshoumaru lifted the pathetic excuse for sentient life by her neck and glared into her vapid eyes.

"You filthy excuse for a human, firstly, This Sesshoumaru is MALE, not female, secondly... DIE!" as he finished his rant he threw the sobbing woman over his shoulder with a mighty heave.

She flew straight and sure and impacted on of the living places of this village with a sicking crack and fell limp to the ground.

'Humph, if nothing else, someone that stupid should not be allowed to breed, even this Sesshoumaru at his worst never disliked the human race enough to inflict that sort of damage to the species.'


Kagome sighed as she looked up at the starry sky. She wondered what she would get from this.

After the talk that had happened in the aftermath of Sesshoumaru's explanation she had a fairly good idea what Kikyous payment was to be, warning, warning of Onigumo, of what he would become and what he would do as Naraku.

Of the woman named Sango she had no idea, her story was sad, maybe as sad as the one she knew of Kikyou in her own world, but what could she gain. Maybe her brothers return?

Inuyasha, she didn't know. She had seen that he was happy as he was, true he would have liked to know his family before there deaths, and in a way he had been granted that in meeting his brother like this, but surely that wasn't the whole of it?

Kagome grumbled. 'Enough pointless thinking, its not like someone's going to appear from nowhere and explain everything.' She thought, and then paused looking around, half hopeful that the world would prove her wrong.


Sesshoumaru sniffed the air, he was coming closer to the place Rin was, he could smell her scent on the wind, but he could also smell something else.

'It would seem she has found a playmate, she has been using some of the magic she has learned, thankfully nothing to major though, or I would have noticed it before now.' Mused Sesshoumaru as he walked on.

A few moments later a familiar voice reached his ear.

"Please Sesshoumaru-sama, I don't want to die, again... erk."

He felt a thump against his leg at the same time as he saw the transformed form a Kirara the fire cat that followed his brother around along with the woman Sango.

"Stop teasing him, if you will come, this Sesshoumaru will take you to the woman Sango as soon as he has retrieved his Rin."

The cat tilted its head to regard him for a moment before it was engulfed in flames. When the flames cleared there was only a normal house cat sized youkai with two tails.

With a "Mew" it climbed it's way up Sesshoumaru and sat on his shoulder, pausing only to give him a single affectionate head butt before settling down.

"Now Jaken, come, we have to go."

Sesshoumaru walked on ignoring the toad youkai's platitudes.

'Something is not right, though what this Sesshoumaru knows not.'