Xander Harris: Spider-Man

Author: Joshua <extraconfused[at]hotmail.com>

Summery: Xander Harris gets the spider powers instead of Peter Parker.

Disclaimer: Buffy and Co. belong to Joss Whedon. Spider-Man belongs to Marvel.

Rating: PG-13

Xander Harris has finally returned home. After spending his summer vacation on the road, he has come back to Sunnydale, CA.

˜After all that happened, I'm finally back home˜, Xander thinks. ˜Who would've thought I would actually be happy to be back in Sunnydale. The hellmouth. No. That's not it. I'm happy to be back because I'll see Buffy again.˜

As he reaches his destination, we see an unusual costume in one of his boxes. It's blue and red. With black web patterns on it, and has a black spider on the front. It appears Xander Harris has changed alot over the summer.

Cut to the Bronze.

We see Xander explaining to Buffy what happened on his road trip. "Listen Buff. There's something else I have to tell you. But not here." Xander continues, "Someplace private. With no else around. Okay?"

"Sure Xander. But why?" Buffy asked.

"Let's just say that something happened and I feel that you are the only person I trust to tell." Xander explained.

"Cryptic much?" Buffy responded.

"Please Buffy. Will you just trust me?"

"Alright Xander. I will trust you."

"Thank you. Now, let's meet at what's left of the high school in about 30 minutes?" Xander asked.

"All right. Any reason why?" She prodded.

"That's where we first met. I feel comfortable talking there."

"Then it's a date." She teased.

Xander just nodded and walked off. ˜When I tell her, I just hope she won't freak out.˜ Xander prayed.

˜Xander's never acted like that before. Like he was someone different.˜ Buffy thought. ˜Could Xander be a vampire? No. He would rather die than become a vampire.˜

˜But still, he wasn't like himself.˜ Buffy soon dismissed the idea.

When Xander realized that no one was around, he stepped into some trees. He began to undress to reveal that his muscle structure has changed dramatically. He has more muscles than Angel.

He proceeds to put on his costume. Xander is almost finished. He stares at the mask. ˜If anyone can understand, Buffy will.˜ He then puts on the mask. Xander Harris is gone for now, and Spider-Man is reborn.

He shoot a line from his spineret to a nearby light post and heads toward the remains of Sunnydale High.

As 30 minutes has past, Buffy is waiting impatiently. ˜This is just like Xander. Let's all laught at Buffy.˜ She thought angrily. When she was about to leave, her slayer sense kicked in. A vampire jumped out of the darkness.

She got ready and started to fight it. It went on for sometime. But, unfortunately, the vampire got the upper hand. As he bent down to drain Buffy of her blood, someone grabbed him. The stranger had one hand on the left shoulder and the other on it's head. Without straining the stranger pulled off the vampire's head and it turned to ash.

Buffy stood to reveal a man in a blue and read cotume. She was amazed to see how well built he was. Still amazed by the pattern of webs and the black spider. But the mask commaned her attention.

"I told you I would be here in 30 minute." He responded.

"Who are you?" Buffy asked.

He pulled off his mask to reveal...

"XANDER?!?!?!?" Buffy shrieked.

Buaffy was speechless to say the least. In fact, the only thing she could say was "How?".

"When I wnt on my road trip, my first stop was UCLA." Xander stated. Buffy gave him a look of disbelief.

"There is one thing I never told you. That was my interest in scienece. Actually genetics has always been my favoarite." As he continued, "Well, I went to this free seminar on restructering genes. I actually saw them doing this on fruit flies. There were supposed to ten. I spotted nine.

"Since math was never my best subject, I told myself to forget it. As I was ready to rejoin the rest, a spider had just finished eating the tenth fly..."

"Ewww!!!!" Buffy was grossed out.

"Buffy, please. Let me finish." Xander pleaded.

"Sorry." Buffy apologized.

"S'okay. Then the spider landed on my hand and bit me. When I saw the spider, it had already died. So, I just flicked it away. And I rejoined the rest of the group.

"When the seminar was finally completed, I went, to my car and left. While on the road I felt dizzy. I pulled over and passed out. When I woke up, I was 20 feet above the ground sticking to a nearby billboard.

"I started screaming at the top of my lungs. When I realized no one was listening, I started to calm down. I pulled one of my hands and I started to fall." Buffy had a look of horror on her face. "And when I landed it was like I was a cat. I had no injuries. I walked back to my car and started to drive off.

"A few weeks later, I had noticed slits at the bottom of my wrists. After what happened before, this didn't freak me out. To get a better veiw at it, I bent my hand back and something poked through. This." Xander displayed what he has been talking about. Something the size and color of a rose thorn poked through.

"What does it do?" Buffy asked.

Xander smiled. "Would you like to find out?"

"Yes." Buffy said.

He put the mask on. "Hang on tight." Spider-Man ordered. Buffy walked up to him and wrapped her arms around Spider-Man. "You ready Buffy?"

She was a bit scared. "Yes." She responded.

Spider-Man extended one of his arms and shot a line of spider silt to a light fixture and swung.

˜I thought I would be afraid. But, I'm not. This is just like a roller coaster.˜ Buffy thought. ˜No, this is way better than a roller coaster.˜ She amended. She then found herself beaming with pride.

After 10 minutes of going through the air, they stopped. Xander went to cather his clothes and proceeded to dress himself.

Buffy found herself staring at Xander. ˜I knew Xander was built before. But nothing like this.˜ her mind wandered for a bit. ˜What am I doing!? This is Xander. He's my best friend. I shouldn't have lustful thoughts about him.˜

Xander caught Buffy oagling at him. "Like what you see?" Buffy turned bright red. Redder than Willow's hair. She then turned quickly around. Xander walked out and headed towards Buffy. "Buffy if you find me attractive, you shouldn't feel ashamed. I mean, I find you very attractive and I'm not."

Buffy was dumbfounded. "You...You find me attractive? I knew you had a crush on me. But I had idea you felt this way about me."

"Buffy, I have been in love you since I first saw you. That's why I crashed head first in that railing. YOUR radiance distracted me." Xander clarified.

"When you were gone, Xaner, I found myself misssing you so much. Then I realized something. That I am in love with you." Buffy was on the verge of tears.

Xander embraced Buffy in his arms. As their lips neared each other, then Oz's van pulled up. Their heads snapped to Oz's van.

Oz, Willow, and Giles got out to greet them.

"I heard you were back in town, Xand-man. I missed you werewolf jokes." Oz retorted.

"You come back and didn't see me? I have known you since we were in diapers." Willow said.

"I must say, it is refreshing to have you back Xander. Things have been a tad stressful since you left." Giles explained.

Xander had to smile. he didn't think they would miss him this much. "You know that I couldn't stay away forever. I mean, what would you do without research boy to go gather information." Xander said as he joked.

"So, Xander, what did you do over the summer?" Willow asked.

"Will, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." Xander and Buffy proceeded to kiss each other. The others all had looks of shock all over their faces.

"So, Xander, are you going to tell them?" Buffy whispered in to his ear.

"When they're ready, love, when they're ready." They continued to kiss.