Xander Into Moon

Author: Cute Kitsune Kaydee <banksw[at]bellsouth.net>

Disclaimer : i don't own them dude(tte)s

AN : I'm sleepy, i'm so sleepy

Chapter 1

Xander dodged a blow by one of the zombies.

The zombie moved forward and asked, "Would you like fries with that?"

Xander moved back from the Fast Food zombie and hit it with a large stick. The zombie went down asking about a milkshake.

"Buffy, get down!" Xander shouted as he threw a rock at the zombie that was about to hit Buffy from behind.

The zombie went down asking if they wanted a whopper, hold the lettuce and tomatoe.

"Where the hell are these things coming from?!" Xander shouted/asked.

"I don't know. This is -weird-. Even by Sunnydale Hellmouth standards." Buffy answered.

Suddenly a voice broke out and said, "You won't defeat my minions slayer. The hellmouth will be mine. And I shall rule the world entire. HAHAHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

They looked and there floated a blonde haired man in the mid air. (http://smcollection.www.50megs.com/Jadeite.html)

"You won't get away with this!" shouted Buffy.

"Oh, but I think I shall!" shouted Jadeite who threw a blast of dark energy at her.

Xander saw Buffy go down and shouted, "NOOOO! ARRGGHH! BASTARD!"

Jadeite didn't like this and hit him with dark energy too.

Xander crashed into the tombstones and lay there.

"Now I've got you slayer!" triumphed Jadeite as he laid his hands on Buffy and pumped Dark Energy into her.

Buffy was encased in a cocoon of dark magic and when it lifted...

"Behold!" shouted Jadeite. "My newest soldier! Dark minion Clown Burger!"

There was an angry tootle from a horn as Buffy found herself wearing a baggy clown outfit, her available skin turned pure white except for clown decorations in red.

"BWAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Jadeite.

Beep beep honk honk beepity-beep beep beep!

"I agree Clown Burger." said Jadeite. He then looked at Xander. "He would make an excellent Dark minion."

"No way!" said Xander. "You ain't turning me into something like what you did to her!" He tried to get up, but he couldn't so he fell back down.

Just as all seemed lost a black cat with a golden crescent moon marking came up and gave Xander a pretty Broach.

"Hurry!" said the cat. "Take this and say the magic words!"

Xander took the broach and said "MOON PRISM POWER MAKE-UP!"

A bright light surrounded Xander and when it faded he was... changed. (http://www.animecubed.com/galleries/sailormoon/pics/210.jpg)

Xander had turned into a... magical girl.

"ARGHH!" scremed Xander. "I'm a girl!"

"Actually this isn't so bad." Xander said as she felt her breasts then.

"NOOOOOOOO!" screamed Jadeite. "She's awakened now!"