Xander Rising

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

This is inspired from the Fiction: Ares Rising by Teri.

If Teri is angry please hurt some one else I don’t like pain.

But I really beg for mercy in advance...

Thanks to "Canadian Satan", for helping cleaning up some of the spelling

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Summery: During the Halloween episode Xander got Ares attention this is the evulution of that.

The story is a bit OT for some charactar ass they have a drastic chang life.

Catagory: Crossover and loots of them.

Pairing: Many diffrent.

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Chapter 1

Xander relaxed in his room any one looking would have believe that he where firmly asleep on the Couch with a small cat spinning softly on his chest. But inside his mind went over what happened the last couple of days his new work and duty. The thousand things that in his mind didn't stop him from hearing the call for help a call from a potential supporter. With a shimmering light he disappeared leaving a frustrated Cat behind.

Inside Cat brain *Warm sleeping place gone again how dare it I will claw his Couch to ribbons* A dimension and a heartbeat away in dark broding cave a young man face one of the hardes decistion in his young life.

Robin had a real bad day so far it look like it would turn to the worst. His arm bone where probably broken or at least fracture.

Batman where hold hostage and unless he freed him or gave Joker the key to the Bio-weapon Vault Batman would be killed. Robin angry kicks a stone. "I am not the hero Im nothing"

soundless a shimmering light appear and a man spoke softly to Robin "Robin why do you look so troubled"

Lighting fast Robin turn around looking at the strange young man probably only a few year older then him if that even. He had the ugly T-shirt Robin had ever seen.

"Who are you and how did you find the Batcave"

The man smile a genuine friendly smile and walk towards Robin. "I'm a friend and my name is Xander let me look at your arm I can help you"

Robin first instinct was to say no but something deep inside of him screamed trust Xander so he just stood still and waited ass the Xander's hand softly touch his arm and a glowing light spread from him and over the arm.

"So try it now and tell me how you fell!" Xander said as he sat down on a cave floor.

Robin slowly started to touch his arm and then flex it "It is hole. Its not broken any more"

Xander smile and said "Actually It still IS broken I just hold it tighter until its heal it self. Its like Glue but with out the drip and drop"

With a confused voice "So I can fight again" Robin ask Smiling Xander said "Yup you can save the life of the Bat Tim"

"I... I... how did you know that" Robin ask nerves about the amount of knowledge the Xander had.

Xander smile looking a bit nervous "I am God of Bravery and Sidekicks, New line of work but that it"

Robin look a bit drooping "Can you prove it"

Xander "Hehehehe you have to have Faith, not the girl just Faith"

Robin "So what I'm supposed to bend over and worship you now"

Xander "Gods no but sacrificing a Twinkie or offer me a prayer would be nice. My strength come from such acts after all"

Robin "If you are a God can you help me free Batman."

Xander look like he was sleeping before his eyes open glowing with a golden light "Yeas and No, I can in this Case and probably ONLY in this case give you a map to where Batman and a phone number to Cat woman she IS in town and she is in this case likely to help you if you offer her a escape the Batman once free card."

Robin "That's ALL."

Xander "Hey I am new at this and as gods go I am still Week info is the most I can do and I do have other to help. Actually you are the first and I still haven't got any followers"

Robin "Ooo I love to talk but"

Xander cut him of with a wave "Don't bother you have a friend and a town to safe just know I am there for you"

Robin smile knowing that they're somewhere some one believing in him. Robin jumped up to his bike and rode away from the Batcave leaving the new god in a cloud of dust.

A voice echo through the cave "Would you like a cop of tea Sir"

Xander turn around "I Love to Alfred you wouldn't happen to have a Twinkie?"

Alfred smile "of coursee but surly a God like you would prefer something better then a Twinkie"

"Better then a Twinkie. I don't think so" Xander smile as he followed the friendly old man out of the cave.

...Some day later...

Batman "What are you doing Robin?"

Robin "building a alter to the god Xander"

Batman "In the Batcave"

Robin blush "Yea is that a problem, He is the God of Bravery and Sidekicks and I thought I needed the extra help"

Batman "Hmmm I just don't understand way it decorated with Twinkies?" Alfred "I know and I meet the him really Twinkies"

Batman blinks a bit but decided that some thing was best left unanswered and left the two alone in that part of the cave.

Far away in a nother part of the contry surronded by books where a young girl stuying hard grown in frustration and irritation.

"I Never get this right" the frustrated Cry echo across the empty room as the girl try once again to fix the problem.

"I'm not smart inoff" she depressed said as she slump down.

With A shimmering light a good looking young man sat down beside her "And if you where not their Hawk man and many innocent would have die in the Opal building but you overcame you fear and save them"

Hawk girl "Look chucks How do you know that I haven't told any one" Xander smile "I am Xander my lady the New God of Bravery and Sidekick"

Hawk Girl smile "God with that T-shirt?"

Xander smile where gone "Oki The New God of Bravery and Sidekicks and protector of Fashion victims. Beside Hawaii T-shirt looks good" Hawk girl "Relight those T-shirt don't look good on ANY ONE"

Xander "At least you feel a bit better know. Look Hawky what is your problem"

Hawk girl "He didn't see me"

Xander "hehehe What"

"Charley the boy in my class I'm not smart enough or cute for him to even see me HOW can I be a hero if I don't even have a boyfriend"

Hawk girl said.

Xander look perplexed "Having a boyfriend have nothing to do with being a hero. Trust me I'm a Good and I still cant impress the girls I like."

Hawk girl look up at him "Really"

Xander "Really their name is Cordy and Buffy and they knew me before I become a God and they still think I am a looser"

"You are kidding right," Hawk girl said.

"No I cant tell Buffy because she IS a hero and I told and even show Cordy my powers and she still think I am a looser"

Hawk girl giggled "That's so sad"

Smiling Xander offer her his hand "You know smiling like that I know you can do get his attention"

With a sparkle of light Xander disappeared leaving a pink rose as a goodbye

Chapter 1
SideStory 1

The gang is out

Ed look up at Phil his right hand pain in the but at the bowlinghall "So are whe bookt full for tonight ?"

Phil "juup Bossman most of the lookals are their then lane 7 and 8 is bookt by some outsiders having some kind of fun. Quit a loot of strange thing they order"

Ed "What do you mean"

Phil start reading "Sake, Mjod i didn't even know you could order mjod but they gave me a addres and lo and behold its here"

Molly that stod standing next interupted the boys "Waith Mjod is not that what the viking dranks"

Phil "exactly right"

Ed "Strange"

Phile "I havent even begune"

Molly "Theire are more"

Ed "They did pay diden they"

Phile "Dont sweet it they pay in advance and treaten to trow me in the darkest pit of hell if i try to make a fool of them"

Ed laught but stop as Phil didn't even smile "You joking right"

"I dont think he where joking" Phil said "Any way then their are the food Pitzas and Okinamijake. I hade to find a japanese resturang just to find that stuf. And some greeksisk food i cant even prononce"

Molly laught "Whats do they call them self"

Ed "now the strange and fun starts. Am i right"

Phile "I can see that you where a advocat before you right. they are two team on calls them self the Wargods and the other team calls them self Lovegods."

The laught at the funny twist "Love and war ee" Ed quipt.

Phil nodded "And just listen to the namne. Ares, Alexander, Athena, Raiden, Strife Tyr, the wargods. then come the lovegods Afrodite, Cupid, Freya, Benten, Ranko, Urvasi."

Molly "boy they sure take the joke a bit to far" Ed just noded but smile.

Phile "i dont get it"

Ed "The namne evry name is of a god of war or love exept Alexander and Ranko"

Molly "Athena is namne of goddessof inteligense"

Ed "you are right but she also where a warrior madien"

Molly "are you sure"

Ed "She where conted as a warrior goddessand protector of Athen"

Phile "So this guys namne them self after myths"

Ed "exackly exept the last two Alexander mean protector of man and Ranko is japanese i think its whild child"

Molly "Or Whild flower. Did you know that Benten acording to the myth hade four arms"

Phile Laugh "So she be a natural in bowling They said they would be hear exactly 8:00 and its 7:55 so will soon see"

exactly four minuts later the door open and the first team walk in and the bowling hall whent silent as evrybody stopt att look at the persons No Ed taught Warriors is the only word.

They hade night black leather jacket with reed sign with their namne on front and big reed text on the back -Pinnit on the wargods- writen in gothic writing.

The first man was big muscler move like a warrior ed could se cruelty and bloodtirst come from him in wawe after wawe he hade a crule smile on his face and he look with badly hiden despise. He hade long black hair and a face most women would find fachinating.

On his jacket where the namne Ares.

The second was a woman long with flowing brown hair small spectacel and a portabel computer she held in one hand. Ed could felt like a mous infront of a Cat that suddenly decided she where not hungry.

Yet there where no cruelty or but no emotion just a endless well of inteligens analysing evrything and finding most thing not wordy. But still she where by the gods a beautiful girl. her jacket namne her Athena.

Number 3 was equaly impressiv man a that move with feline elenguence long with hair and a cruel smile but kind eyes that where filld whit energy that Ed suddenly felt lazy. His Jacket said he where Raiden. The number four where less impressiv a thin almost anorectic young man that strode in like a ruster proude and cocy he hade short black hair and numerus scaar and tatto his jacket said he where Strife.

Number five where a stocy man wawe after wawe of bravery and frindlynes came out from him yeat Ed could see in his eyes a hardnees and rutlessnes that belong only in a warrior or murder his jacket said his namne where Alexander.

Number Six relly got Eds attention a long man with golden hair to his shoulder an a mighty Beird he where a head higher then the others and walk with like a king or a general, Ed could see how older solider amidiatly stod in attention as he walk by them noding and acknoledge them and Ed nothis his left hand where missing in it place where a protes chape like a Axe.

Molly "Ed when you said thing never are boring in a bowlinghall you where not kidding"

But then the door open agien and the team calld Lovegods walkt in.

Their Jakets where pink with golden heart where their namne was front and a with big text -Love Strikeback- where on the back.

First was a goddessit must be a goddessa human cant be that butiful She hade long flowing brown hair that totch the ground beneth her.

beautiful phasion eye lookt at him and the others and he could feel the temperature increas in the room. On jacket where the namne Afrodite.

Second was a young man that even the strickly hetrosexual Ed felt attracted to his hair whas golden and walkt with almost dancer like eleqance. Frinly looks that promis love and frindship where given to any one that lookt at him.

Number 3 where a short japanese girl with read hair she hade big breast or it was probly just becuse she where short they lookt that big. She formly oz sexuality and passion with evry move she made. Ed realise that she move like a warrior and her eyes studing and kataloging evrybody as she strode pass them like a cat. The dress where oviusly silk flowting soft somthing from a harem dream VS a Geisha House still it didn't revile anything or hide anything Ed coulden desside if it was undecient or not but it sure was beautiful. The Jacket namne her Ranko.

Number four was a golden hair buty that move with the selfassurnes of a warrior and like the others a body of a goddessher cloading look more like paint then real dress and her namne tag said she is Freaya.

Number Five was a Indiesk girl beautiful and sexy she move witha mix of a predetor and a prey between her eyes she hade a big stone Ed where not sure but it look like a rubin a big one. Her namne said she was Urvasi Number six was a other japanese this one move with a security of a dancer and hade a frinly smile love filld smile it took Ed almost a minut before he realise that the girl hade Four arms. Her name said she where Benten.

The silence where total as the "gods and goddes" started to bowling tornement regardless of the suprise of the mortals.

slowly Molly turn to Ed "Did you se four arms on Benten" Seeing how Ed nodding she continue "Did the hunk namne Tyr have only one hand" once agien seeing how Ed nods she become silence agien.

Ed still look at the love gods "I gues this explain what the gods do this days"

Phile "Daam Bentan must be great at fourplay" he said a bit to laude At witch most of the action in the Bowlinghall including the gods stopt and stair at him.

--Some days later--

The battle hade been hard but The Joker was defeated standing surrounded by the shrapnel of big building Batman started to look around after Robin.

Batman found Robin his body look broken and bleeding from to many cuts and wound a sea of blood had surrounded his body Batman was on his way when it happened.

A Shimmering light appear in front of the unconscious and bleeding Robin.

Surprised Batman didn't have time to do anything except watch how the man started to glow and Robins wound stop bleeding and he went from unconscious to sleeping.

The man berthed out and smile a crocked smile and munch on Twinkie. "Ho ARE You" Batman demanded.

The man smiles and in a mocking bow "Xander God of Bravery and Sidekicks. And a friend"

Batman looked at the man his sharp mind analyzing everything before he said in a baffled voice "I don't believe it"

Xander blink "But believe me I am a friend"

Batman "that I believe"

Xander "You don't believe that I am god?"

Batman "its obviously that you are some kind of god"

Xander "then what?"

Batman "You T-shirt its hideous"

Xander "Oh man not you to; Ares, Zeus, Cordy, Buffy. Can I help it that I am also the Saint of fashion victims? Beside its nothing wrong with multi colored Hawaiian T-shirt"

Xander slowly disappeared in a spark of light but not before he turn Batman's mantel to a multi collard flag.

"Xander you could get hurt" Buffy said as Xander slowly stood up after being knock down by a Vampire.

"Well have you consider that it was part of my master plan" Xander said.

Buffy look at Xander "What master plan getting a concussion"

"No that just the bonus but by allowing the first vampire to know me over I manage to trip the vampire you hade problem with and you dusted them both" Xander said with happy voice.

"Right" Buffy said "you should really stay home Xander you are just a normal guy you could get hurt doing this"

Cordy standing nearby "Right Loser boy you cant even find a T-shirt that match his pants. Believing you can fight is pure hubris"

Buffy look a bit cross at Cordy "Don't help Cordy I" but Xander hade already walked away towards Giles. Buffy didn't see the grateful looks Cordy and he exchange on their way over.

Only Giles did and jet another thing that bother him about Xander latly grew inside of him.

Chapter 2
And so it begins.

Sitting down in his police car Darryl slighted looking up toward the roof wondering how he become the weakling the one needed to be protected.

"It hurts doesn't it" A voice said from seat next to him.

Darryl jumped in his seat and grabbed his gun "Ho the Hell are you and how did you come in here"

The man just look calmly at his gun raising a eyebrow "Xander God of Bravery and Sidekick and according to some Protector of Fashion victims"

Darryl made a disbelieving sound "God you are crazy. Now tell me ho the fuck you are or talk I will talk you down town"

Xander smile and his eyes started to glow with a divine light and Darryl and him disappear from the Car.

With a shimmering glow they reappear inside a white room of ethereal beauty. Darryl looked around watching and recognizing "Hey that's Leo, but he is a White Lighter."

Xander nodded that is right "Leo get you angelic but over here"

Leo hurried over smiling "Xander what are you doing here. And way have you brought Darryl"

Darryl look between them with a bit of awe on him "you know each other"

Leo "Not exactly a couple of beers that it."

Darryl "That crazy White Lighter claim he was a god"

Leo twitched "He IS a god adopted child of Ares actually" Looking nervous towards Xander hoping he would fry steak Darryl.

Darryl turned a shocked look towards Xander finding the 'god' busy talking to a beautiful girl angel.

Xander "okay I got it 11:00 hour at Arnold, See you later cute wings" Darryl "he so God I hope your not angry or something"

Xander "huh what angry? At how?"

Darryl "AT me I swore call you name?"

Xander "Do you want me to be angry I can be angry but you have the right idea to be skeptics after al I just appeared beside you.

Beside lets go back to the car"

Darryl "Wait can we stay a bit longer" then they disappeared in a shimmer of light leaving a confuse Leo in the shimmering dust of a God behind.

Darryl "Standing there was a beautiful female angel that flirted with me."

Xander "I promise to give her your number" then I leaned back in the seat and quit down.

Darryl "Do you mind if I ask. Why are you here and why me?"

Xander "why not? You are a hero with out powers. You are Brave, and time and time have you save those with powers fare above you."

Darryl "Right there nothing special with me so why me"

Xander "But there is Bravery is something rare and loyalty and friendship is the one thing this world need more of."

Xander looked at Darryl his face turn hard as a rock.

"Your friendship and help have time and time again been the only thing that helped the girls to save the world they might not know it but we do and we are impressed with you."

Darryl Blush and looking out the window "So why are you her just boos my ego or offer me some power"

Xander "doesn't work like that, al I do is help you by boosting you ego giving you some support because YOU deserve it."

Xander have a friendly look on his face "I am good of Bravery and sidekicks. I don't give powers away those that gets them have to earn them the hard way."

He looks serious at Darryl "All I can do offer my support and maybe if you like I can tell you where to go to find powers. But do you really need it?"

Darryl "No not really powers corrupt to often. But some protection would be nice"

At that Xander laughs "You truly are magnificent Darryl most would have jumped at the offer of powers"

He then smile pointing at a pawn shop "In there are a small silver medallion of Scooby do. Strange as enough it has a powerful protection spell against death spell, most death magic will be neutralized by it"

Darryl "Scooby do medallion are you kidding me"

Xander look serious "Not my fault that some strange geek made a protection medallion of a Scooby Do Medallion"

Darryl "Sorry"

Xander "Its unusual most magic things where created BEFORE TV. And it's only cost 24 Dollar. If I where you I buy it and where it"

"how can I thank you" Darryl said "just keep this world and the girls safe" Xander smile "But if you really want to thank me ask Leo he know the ritual" With a Glowing shimmer Xander disappears.

"Hi Leo" Piper smile and hugs her husband. "How where your day"

Leo kiss her back "I meet Darryl and Xander today in the 'office'"

Piper blinked a bit "But that up there isn't it"

Leo looking innocent "Oh yea its up there"

Pru sitting nearby stood up "Is he all right"

Leo "quite all right and alive no problem with Darryl"

Piper "You said Xander HOW is he"

Leo got a mischievous gleam in his eye "The Adopted child of Ares and the new God of Bravery and Sidekicks"

that comment floor Prue "Bravery and Sidekicks"

with a serious look Leo said "Yeas Xander is god of Bravery and Sidekicks.

Obvious the god them selves have been impressed with Darryl's bravery and the help he have given you girls"

At that the Charmed Ones look thoughtfully at each other not much what said that night.

But the next day when Darryl they look at him with eyes field of awe making him really afraid.

Arnolds 11:00 hour.

Xander smile at Brittany OR 'cute wings' as they sat down and the waiter took their order of food.

"So what can I do for you" Xander ask Brittany "Nothing much really but see those guys"

Xander nodded with out even looking at them "yea I see them, Fonze, Ralph"

Brittany "Ralph have a problem and I know you are the God of Sidekicks and they might"

Xander cut her of "I will help you and Ralph he deserves it. Not every hero save the world and not every sidekicks is a warrior"

Brittany smile "Then are you doing anything later"

Xander blush "Hehe no but I. sorry I kind of almost sort of have a girlfriend"

Xander blinked and "Physics rarely make me interested in sex"

Hephaestus nodded "Not many do but I do and Athena do.

'Ditte and me we love each other but we cant be faithful or apart so we try to hide from each other and not be to obvious and if we are discover 'Ditte have the right to punish me and I have the right to punish Ares"

Xander "Admit it you and Aphrodite just enjoy the excitement of forbidden fruit. And in your case a chance to hurt your brother"

Hephaestus "Damn you are smarter then Strife he hasn't figured that out yet and its been over 10 000 years"

Xander laughed "Not the brightest tool in the house. Is my order build"

Hephaestus "of coursee its done I build it exactly after you specification five minutes after your call"

Xander looked over in the corner where you could see a Orange charger with a south flag painted on top "Sweet, He smile"

Hephaestus Laughed "The extras is in the back multidimensional cargo maximum 200 tons. And I filled it with anything you might need in parts or tools. Now get going 'Ditte will be home soon and Cupid is coming home for a family dinner"

In a spark of light the car and Xander disappeared.

Ralph Maul hade a bad day no he hade a Bad week in a miserly year of a worthless life.

And of coursee that's when the motorbike he hade buy decide to break down and the rain and wind started to blow.

The eternally laughter and smile vanish and he hold his fist up to the sky rain where pouring down his face as he scream "Damn it why do you guys hate me why" the rest of his rant where drown out as a 18 wheeler drove by and almost drown Ralph.

Suddenly the rain stops in a wide circle around Ralph and a light flash down on him.

Ralph looked up at the sky and he could see two mysterious light coming flying fast towards him from the emptiness of space. "Where is Flash Gordon when you need him" Ralph said nervously looking around on the dark and empty highway seeing no way to run he decided to stay.

Chapter 3

"Hephaestus" The happy and joyful voice of Xander echoed mentally around in the large workshop that Hephaestus the smith of gods called home.

"I be right their. Don't touch anything." Hephaestus voice came back with a panic hidden.

Xander blinked a bit and sneaked forward where he clearly could see the beautiful nude behind of Athena as she sneaked out from the back. His enjoyment come up short as the much larger face of Hephaestus lean down with fear towards his "Don't say anything Xander do I make my self clear" Hephaestus said.

Xander nodded vigorous but lean his head on the side "but Hephaestus your wife is Aphrodite the beautiful goddess of love surly she knows that you are unfaithful."

Hephaestus "of coursee but that's not the point"

Xander blinked "The Point"

"Sit down" Hephaestus said "'Ditte and me have been married a long time. And she IS the goddess of Passion and love and ass such she is incapable of being faithful the power of Passion overtake her to often" Seeing Xander nodding Hephaestus continue.

"The Passion in 'Ditte often make her go to you adopted dad Ares.

The passion that creep have often give her the fun she craves."

Hephaestus grabs a piece of coal and squeeze it hard between in his hand.

"I my self is the good of craft tools and building I love 'Ditte but I am attracted to Intelligence. Like Athena who is not interesting in a permanent relation ship. This give me and her a bit comment ground talk quantum physic, nuclear generator and wild sex you know." "You know big guy," Ralph said nervously to the sky "I was only kidding"

The two lights came closer and closer and Ralph suddenly realize it was a car that come driving towards him in trough the sky.

And with an elegant side turn it landed right next to him.

It was beautiful Ralph couldn't recognize the design he believed it was a charger but rebuild the windows where dark and it was orange with yellow and read flame on the side and a confederate flag on the top.

The door open and a man his age come out wearing a style and wearing cool looking Hawaiian T-shirt.

"So Mr. Alien where are you from," Ralph said nervous.

Mr. Alien blinked a bit and smiles "Earth, and its God not alien"

Ralph "you are God okay the T-shirt is something I expect the big guy to have but you're to young"

Xander smirked "a God not THE GOD. Think a god like Ares not a god like the bible Creator. AND my name is Xander"

Ralph "Their is a difference"

Xander "Yea the Creator IS the God of all god and she created US gods/goddess to guide you mortals and give you mortals something to worship.

Sadly some of us Gods become evil and try to take over the world.

The Creator had to reveal her existence to some guys that some how manage to forget the fact that He are a SHE."

Ralph "Evil are you"

Xander "Me no I am not evil. Unless you steal my girlfriend"

Ralph "No stealing A gods girlfriend check"

Xander "Come on lets me give you a lift"

Ralph "Lift I think I walk its nice day"

Xander eye started glow Ralph "But of coursee a lift is precisely what the doctor order.

Xander smirked and jumped in the car followed slowly by Ralph.

"Where to Ralph" Xander asks.

"Youknowmynamne" Ralph babbled surprise Xander blinked "strange but okay. Its rare that human want to go to that place I believe that its at least 5 to 10 light-years"

Ralph "NO not a place I said You know my name"

Xander "Ooo of coursee I am a god not all-knowing but plenty knowing god. And YOU Said after I ask where to, Youknowmynamne and that IS a place"

Ralph looked at Xander and said "Milwaukee please"

Xander "Don't be afraid I know that you come from Milwaukee"

Ralph "How your a god you know right"

Xander "No I know because first My girlfriend has a sister and SHE is YOUR guarding angel."

Ralph "I have a Guardian Angel"

"you have and she is proud of you Ralph." Xander said with a warm and caring voice. "And so am I am the God of Bravery and sidekicks and protector of fashion victims"

Ralph looked at Xander's clothing "I don't see anything wrong with your clothing"

Xander looked a bit surprised "You are the first mortal that said that even the other gods say get a clue Xander" and smile.

Ralph "so you are the god of misfits and failure"

Xander eye started to glow aggressive "I AM the GOD OF Bravery and Sidekicks. It talked so much more strength to stand beside a hero to help the hero in his shadow or to fight loyalty beside him forever denied the glory.

A sidekick is often more brave and a better person that the heroes are do you understand"

Ralph "Yes sir I understand"

Xander "Sorry to scare you. But you are NOT a misfits or a failure. You are brave you grade are good not as good as Ritchie but better then Patsy and better then you dad and he is a dentist."

Ralph look surprise "How do you. Are you sure"

Xander "Gee your grades are that good? You are also an unselfish and kind man time and time have you helped Ritchie when he where down. And the time when Fonzy where going berserk You calm him down even when he push you against the door so hard you hade hard time walking for a week"

Xander turn and looked at him. "If you where not their last year Patsy would have died by suicide"

Ralph "No what how"

Xander smile "lets just say that Patsy hade a Bad day not as bad as your day where but bad enough"

Ralph "Thanks god"

Xander "your welcome. But you did the job"

Ralph looked at Xander "So I am important"

Xander said calmly "You are If not for you Ritchie would have failed school and Patsy would have died. Fonzy would have gone to jail convicted of murder and gotten life.

Your strength Ralph is almost magical so strong that most mortal dong even knows it but you can encourage other with a laughed and joke. Give other courage and hope with a friendly joke and smile."

Ralph "that is not anything important is it"

Xander "Ralph laughter where given to help mortals overcome problem to find strength when everything seem lost and hope when their are no hope.

Laughter make things less gray here in life and that is something most don't miss until it's gone then they grieve it forever."

Ralph where quiet then he ask a question "So why are you here just because your girlfriend ask you or"

Xander "I am here because you where on the top of my list of guys/girl to visit and to give you this" Xander held up a small necklace shape like a tooth.

Ralph "what is that"

Xander "That my friend is a key when you sleep you will be able to visit other guys I help and talk to them in their sleep. It will be like you are their even ass you body sleeps and rest."

Ralph Smile cool "So are their any one I know I can meet"

Xander smile "You do understand that ass a God I travel different realities and some of the guys you will be able to talk to is in Your realty only dreams and comics character."

Ralph "I will be able to meet Goofy"

Xander looked baffled "No Batman's side kick Robin"

Ralph "Oh I like wonder girl my self she is sexy"

Xander "But why did you ask after Goofy then"

Ralph "He make me laughed. Wonder girl make me" blushing Ralph stopped talking.

Xander where laughing hard "No Wonder girl is possible to meet yet as she haven't felt the need of my help. Athena and Hera looks after her more then enough"

Xander slow down the Car outside Arnolds "Time to eat I am a growing god"

Ralph "Groovy. Food my kind of god"

Walking in a young man in leather jacket stood up and walk wink them over to his table.

Xander seeing how Ralph hade looked at him nodded.

While they walked over Xander went over in his mind the thing he knew of Fonzy *Half godchild of Hephaestus and a mortal. That strange too is see. Extremely good with machine and women and strong almost vampire strength* Fonzy looking up said "Heeey Ralph how are your friend"

Ralph Flush "this is Xander he is a"

Xander lean forward "a Friend of Ralph and in a why friend of your real dad"

Fonzy blink "your kidding"

Ralph "you know Fonzy Dad"

"jump Ralph" Xander said as his eyes glow with divine light.

"You understand Fonze I am a god.

Your Mother knew that her husband where sterile and she ask the help of Aphrodite the goddess of love and lust to give birth to a child, Aphrodite always love your mother and YOU.

'Ditte Help your mother by asking Hephaestus her husband to impregnate your mother and 9 month later you are born."

Fonzy Looked at the room everyone where frozen in time and Xander's eyes where glowing like to suns filled with love and caring "Your not joking are you"

Xander "No matter Hephaestus or Aphrodite could keep you or stand by your side that IS forbidden by the Creator. No god or goddess stand against that.

But both of them love you, Aphrodite gave you her blessing making you the girl magnet and Hephaestus gave you his blessing making you a natural in building and repairing things"

Ralph "So that's why"

Xander "Jeep that's why"

Fonzy "I'm not human"

Xander "You are totally human you just have the blessing of two gods and blood relation."

Fonzy started to smile "I always wonder why dad was cold not cruel or bad just cold like I wasn't his child even if I look like him."

Ralph "Don't mind me but can you unfreeze the room now?"

As the time once ageing started to move.

Fonzy leaned forward "So what are you then Xander"

Xander "I'm the God of Bravery and sidekicks. And I'm here to give Ralph a understanding of his importance"

Fonzy "That a god of bravery like Ralph I can understand. But why did you talk to me about my real dad"

Xander simply "the rule state that they cant contact you directly but I hade a mission to talk to Ralph and as long as they don't ask me to contact you nothing stops me from asking YOU to contact them by praying"

Ralph "strange rule"

Fonzy nodding "Stupid I think"

Xander "Not really Gods can be quit overprotected of our half children and during the time of ancient half gods where born left and right and gods overprotective created wars and destroy nations. After that the Creator forbid the gods. To directly contact or help their own half children but nothing stops a fellow god to help a friends god or the child to contact them"

Ralph and Fonzy nodding and understood.

The rest of the dinner went quiet except small question from Ralph and Fonzy about Xander him self-witch he answered truthfully.

Afterwards in the parking Ralph and Fonzy looked astounding on Xander while he unloading a brand new Harley-Davidson from the trunk of his car and a portfolio that he gave to Ralph.

"The bike is a gift from you dad Fonzy" Xander said.

"The Portfolio is tips on work that YOU Ralph would be successful and happy doing, I cant give you order or guarantee but they are good and most likely to suit you perfect" Xander said.

After closing the trunk Xander walk to the driving seat stopped and turn towards Fonze "Could you help to repair and rebuild Ralph Car" Fonzy smirk "of coursee"

Ralph "But Fonz I cant afford that"

Xander "he can and he like to. Just accept that as a gift"

Ralph "I understand"

Xander "I bee seeing you Ralph keep up the good work"

The orange charger lifted and flies away through the sky.

Chapter 4

The twin moons hung silently with a every romantic light over the thin forest the silence where absolute only the sound of animal hunting or tree branches stroking each other because of the wind could be heard in the warm night.

The man sitting on the hill had other, more important thing to think about then the moons as he cleans his Mp90.

His body where quiet but his mind million taught where running wild *Where will I find more ammo? Are Jack and Teal'C and Samantha all right? * Daniel Jackson face suddenly burst in depression as new thought enters his mind. *I am a archeologist not a bloody hero how can I safe them* Standing up he raised his fist in a unusual show of fury "Dam it IF there is ANY FUCKING GOD OUT THERE Any one HELP My friends"

Daniel where just about to fall down when a shimmering light appear right in front off him and *That is a Charger a earth car* He thought as the car slowly landed and drove up the hill towards him in a slow speed. *How did it fly I must be dreaming. Only then can a orange Charger with a Confederate flag appear from thing air* A Young man leaned out from the charger Window "You Call sir" He said "My Name is Xander why don't you move u self over their it much more comfy inside with the air conditioning"

Daniel "Walk slowly over to the charger and open the side door looking a bit afraid at the strange young man"

Xander just smile "Don't be afraid you call I answered. A bit impolite but my girlfriend agree that I am a fucking god"

Daniel blinked then blinked before he started talking with suspicious voice "You are a Goa'uld?"

Xander looked outrage "I'm NOT stupid worm with delusion of grandeur I am totally filled with my own delusion of Grandeur.

Meaning I am a Real God. The god of Bravery and Sidekicks.

My adopted dad is the god of War Ares.

Normally He Love any one creating war and mayhem but the Goa'uld he really hate if it where not for that that.... ********* we gods would have vapor them out.

Calling them self God"

Daniel look curios "So you claim you are a god"

Xander "Jeep you don't have to believe me but do you want proof"

Daniel "Proof would be good"

Xander "Lets see" And snap his finger a second later Daniel and Xander appear behind General Hammond.

Daniel "It must be a" He stops as Hammond jump free from his chair screaming intruder Guard Guard.

Hammond "What How did you come her Daniel and ho is your friend"

Daniel "Its real. Not a illusion"

Hammond "If any one is and illusion you are. Last I checked you where light-years away. Now Ho is you friend"

Xander "Sorry cant stay" And he snaps his finger and Daniel and him disappears leaving Hammond and the guards baffled.

Second later they appear in the Charger ageing. "Believe me know"

Xander said with a crocket smile.

Daniel "You have powers or technically but that don't necessary mean you are a god"

Xander look pale and irritated then crosses his arms "True irritating but true."

The silence once is the only thing that can be heard that and some soft playing CD from the car.

Daniel "Lets say that you are a god why are you here?"

Xander looking over at Daniel "You call me here and I answer"

Daniel get a perplexed look "Call you how"

Xander with a friendly tone and voice "you where desperate and you ARE a helper a sidekick a support guy and you are extremely Brave thus you are ONE of those guys/girls I help. And you called me a bit impolitely I quote" Xander raises his hand and copy Daniels voice perfectly as he screams "Dam it IF there is ANY FUCKING GOD OUT THERE Any one HELP My friends"

Daniel "Ah sorry about that I was" begins but is cut of.

"You where afraid panic it happen to the braves of them al." Xander smirk "I know I am the god of Bravery"

Daniel "So you are going to help me?"

Xander looks serious "That's the idea actually there are several ways I can help you"

Daniel "Go on"

Xander "First alternate: I can give you a map that tells you how to enter the compounds and to free your friends.

Second Alternative I can make you my Avatar on this plane of existence and teleport you friend out of their.

Last alternative is that I make you invisible for a short term and lets you free your friend and steal a power unit the Goa'uld have and that Earth really would like to have. You don't know it but earth really like to have that.

Then IF you become my Avatar I could make you invisible while you save the generator I can save you friends"

Daniel "So to get your Help I have to become you slave"

Xander "No absolutely not a Avatar is more then a servant as long as the avatar do his duty help spread the belief in the god. The god their by ME can help the Avatar. The only thing that stands in the way of my help is the rules us gods have to live by"

Daniel "Rules you are gods"

Xander "Yea But the Creator that made the universe made US gods also to stop you mortals from worship her. And she have some strict rules do and do not and only a crazy god would even dare brake those"

Daniel "So if I become a Avatar what then"

Xander "You would bring the gospel of Xander me to earth the more worshiper a god have the stronger he become."

Daniel "So you live on psychic energy created from belief?"

Xander "Give the man a Cigar" and hands Daniel a big light up Havana! Daniel "Nothing ells"

Xander "Some time I might give you a mission help another human but not to often."

Daniel sink down thinking "Whets the bonus as a Avatar"

Xander "I will grant you Powers that will help you survive. And if you get hurt I might be able to heal your wounds.

And some times you know when and when not you will be able to call my help or that of one of my angels. In order to heal others"

Daniel "what power?"

Xander "Now that is a secret" With an evil smile.

Daniel "Okay can you free my friend make me invisible and tell me where that bloody generator is and I will be your avatar"

Xander smirks and hands Daniel a map and lets a drop of blood fall on Daniels head.

Daniel "I don't feel different"

Xander "You are not but I gave you the power of true reading and speaking meaning ANY languish a human is capable of speaking you are. And the power to fade away in the shadows, not invincible but dam hard to see and it works on electronic. The ultimate sneak ability then granted you the ability to speak to me and listen when I speak to you."

Daniel "Ooo and I taught you where going to make me invisible"

Xander "I am but only temporarily for 48 hours"

Daniel "when are you going to save my friends?"

Xander "Now" He Snaps his finger and Daniel can see how Teal'C, Jack and Samantha suddenly appear from thin air in front of the car then Xander turns to Daniel "Now your turn when I snap my finger next you will be inside the pyramid and invisible sneak silently and the map will help you in and out from the pyramid"

Then Xander snaps his finger and in a flash of light Daniel is gone. Outside Jack has managed to raise him self up and ask the air "I do remember being torture where are the marks?"

Samantha "Are you sad they are gone jack"

Jack "No I just don't get what's happened and that's pisses me off" Teal'C "There is a car here and Daniel Jackson just disappear from it"

Jack "Daniel. Car Where"

Samantha "strange it is a charger"

Teal'C "Indeed"

Jack don't have time to say more as their weapons starts falling from the air landing around them almost on them. Then the Car lifts off and flies away.

Jack looks around "Okay Where the Hell is Potter"

Teal'C "I don't think I know him Samantha Falls down giggling this night just is to weird.

Chapter 4
Sidestory 1

The Technican lean towards the speacker microfon "We have of base Gate activation. Iris up"

Down benith him in a larg round rom solider stared to run in and a metalic screen where going down over the gate.

The techincan read some code on a computer screen it took only a second for the computer to post the confirm mark "Iris down its SG1!!"

The larg man move with a speed and hast that man half is age would envy screeming when he walk past a door "Janet come with me"

"Yeas Sir. Sir may i ask where we are going"

General Hammon lett his fast walking turn to normal speed and alow the doctor to keep up with him. "To the Gateroom i whant the hole jard of test and IF they are painfull Good"

Janet "may i ask why you wich bodyely harm on SG1!"

Hammon blush "Danniel and some weird alien in hawaie T-shirt teleported in to MY ready room today before i or the guards in the room manage to stop Danniel or the alien they teleported away."

Janet "So you pist they suprise you ?"

Hammon "NO i am angy that the alien manage to by pass our security, And i am concern that Danniel may NOT be human. And they suprise me" Janet "So do you whant the test Fast and get your answer or slow and painfull and have to wait for you answer"

Hammon moving stop for a time "How long do a comprimis take"

Janet contet on her finger and callculatet "If i take in half the extras i tink i can do evrytest in 5 painfull days. And then we know fore sure if Danniel is human or not."

Hammon "Five days. And the test is failproff ?"

Janet "By know you should know that only Death is failproff"

Hammon *Grrr Dont tempt me"

Janet stopt as Hammond march in with the fury of a bull in a china chope "I wonder what made him so angy"

Guard standing near door 1 "He dropp his copp of coffe. And it broke" Janet pale "Not his troffe cupp"

Guard "The same. And he spend most of the day planing a rescue mission to save SG1"

Janet "Hammon will get over it i am sure" She smile "But i give Danniel the tipps to buy Hammon a new Coffecupp."

Guard "Do you know why he love that cupp"

Janet "It once belong to John Wayne him self"

Guard "ooo i see"

Janet "Jup"

Hammons vocie scream from the controll rom "Janet if you and Mr O'Tool have gossip finish would you pleas joinme"

"Yeas Sir" Janet and O'Tool the guard answerd and Janet rush in.

In the silent of the room Janet could hear Hammon vispering to her "That cupp was the last gift my Dad gave me"

Janet "I'm sure Danniel did not meant for it to break"

Hammon actualy laught "I Know but it is a walid fear and better be sure then alow a potential dangerus alien loos on earth"

The techincan ignoring the commenders wispering argument spoke out loode "SG team coming trou. Medic team coming comming to escort them" Janet "So far they dont look dangerus and what is that thing Danniel and Jack are carring"

Hammon "I do not know" He lean forward and to the microfon "O'Neil what is that gizmo you have found"

O'Neil "Me find any thing. I am innocnet Blame wonderboy and his devine help Xander the son of God. Rather strang i mist that in the bibel"

Hammon turn to Janet and said with the microfon turn of "Do you have days you know that it was a mistake to wake up"

Janet could barly hide a smile as she nodded "Having one now"

As Hammon Nodded a confirm he open the microfon and ask "Dr Jacksson could you enlighten us what that gizmo is."

Fumling a lithe as the put the generator down on the floor of the gate room "Its a Generator a shield generator for flyers and small buildings acording to my source. Its a simpel moddel esy to repair and maintain and in our case Reversengeingering" Danniel said.

Hammon "Aa and your Source would that be the Alien that teleport you In to my Readyroom and out before i even got a answer"

"Hej" O'Neil interupted the General "I let you know that Danniel and that weirdo with his flying Charger riskt his own finger saving us from the Goa'uld prison camp"

Hammon "Risk his own finger ?"

O'Neil "He snapped real hard with his finger"

Janet interupted them "I better take them to medical and investigate any contamination"

Hammon nodding erly and sitt down on the chair looking at the Techincan "You know some time i envy you guys. Being a general may look like fun but its not you see crazy guys evrywhere and they are all under your command"

The Techincan desperat try to find any thing to say that wouldent end up with him in the stockad "I have a coffe break" then fast ass his legs could move him he where out of there.

Hammon "See no sympaty" he said to the now emty room.

FIVE PAINFULL DAYS LATER "Outh Damit Janet i am Hetrosexual Man" Jack complain as he walk out from medical.

"I will never be abel to sitt agien" Danniel complain.

Sam smile tirely "You guys are bigg babys. It wassent that bad"

Jack looking mortaly offended "bad Bad well i am a guy and not use to thing sticking IN my body. Its just wrong"

Danniel "I have to aggre with Sam in this its wrong"

Teal'c "Indeed Samantha is right the analprobe where not that big or painfull"

Jack "-----------" phaling "I dont whant to know!"

Samantha "Boys argulater Hammon know"

tio minuts later in the Generals reddy room.

"Wellcom gentelmen" Hammon said as they come in and sait down around the tabel.

"Thanks sir" where the only thing sad as they satt down.

"What is you impresion by the Entety known as Xander"

"Cool car but the Confederat flagg is so blase" Jack said.

"Indeed. He seem like a powerfull creatur it would be unvise to anger him" Teal'C said.

Samantha "Powerfull indeed he teleported Danniel to earth and back agien, He teleported US free from prison camp and heald our wounds like they where not even there and he have a flying car like thing." Danniel "He claim to be a God"

Hammon "He is a Goa'uld ?"

Danniel "No actualy he statet he hatet the parasite but his species where bound by rule of conduct and interfearing with mortals life the wrong way is forbidden."

"I See" Jannet said "The right way do you know what that is"

Danniel "It deppends from what i been told if a man or a girl is spending time praying or beliving in them they can give more help then if not" He pause "They also can schoos a champion a mortal they like and give him or her more help with information when the need exist"

"A Fairy Godmother in other word" Hammon said.

"Definitiv not" Danniel said "From my interaction he can only give us option and information exept in rare times. And the payment is worship him"

"Whorship him, like a Goa'uld ?" Teal'C said with anger in his voice. "No not exactly" Danniel said.

"his species live on and become stronger when other belive in them and worrship them. At the same time they are bound to sertain rules of conduct that they cant break."

Hammon nodding "You wrote down somting like that in the file. Do you still belive that he is a God"

Danniel "He sure gave me convincing proff"

Hammon "what proff"

Danniel "I havent yeat told any one but so far i can read or understand any languish only coding seem to flee my translation capacity"

Jack "So you allready do that."

Danniel "Not quite it take time and i can read Goa'uld writing and more"

Janet "Thats imposible"

Danniel "I know it seems that i can acces the languish knowledge when i need it and from their lern it in minuts"

Hammon "Did he do any thingels"

Danniel "He gave me the knowledge how the sneek relly good"

Jack "We are still humans are we not"

Hammon "yeas Janet test indicate that you are all humand and some strange antibody are in you body"

Janet "They are strange in the labb we have been abel to se that they prety mutch eat up any deciec we try on them and they are slowly fading from you body"

Jack "Cool"

Janet smile "yeas the test can give us a new way to fight deccies as the antibody seem to adapt and teach the body how to fight"

Hammon "Thats good but lets get down to busnins"

Seing the team nodding Hammon continu "I like You Danniel help with a translation a complet drawing where inside the generator"

Wawing the SG1 quitet he continue "And the rest of take it esy"

Sam "Exuse me Danniel you told us he where a god but way have i a feeling thats more to it that that"

Danniel "Aa you see he claim to be the Stepchild of Ares the god of war a mytolocical badguy and him self said he where the God of Bravery and Sidekicks" He finish in small vocie.

Jack giggling "Sidekicks i gues he is what Robin pray to"

"Quite Jack I am the leader here you are ALL my sidekicks" Hammon remandind them with a smile.

"And Yea Becuse of the existens of Alternat reality Robin do pray to me do you have anything agienst that jack" the smiling voice of Xander their he suddenly satt right next to Jack.

"Aaargha" Jumping up spilling his cupp of coffe Jack run up from the Chair "Dont you do that"

Blinking and looking inocent and failing "Do what. I just come to tell Hammon that the Cupp is behond my abilty to fix but here"

He said as he put a new coffe cup down on the tabel.

"Just a small cupp that Batman himself often use to drink from"

Saing that Xander faded away from the room only leving a Batarang holding five collerfull T-Shirts ass a gift to each of the five person in the room.

"Danniel" Jack said "Yeas Jack"

"The Batarang have text on it" jack said nervusly.

Danniel pleas read it "To Danniel a gift from. your idol Batman"

"Danniel Why didn't you tell me you like the cape crusader also"

Hammon said with a smile for the first time.

Sam where looking despertly around the room causing Jack to ask her. "Sam what are you searching after"

Sam looking up "Rod Steward this MUST be the Twilith Zone i just waithing for the explanation"

Chapter 4
Sidestory 2
...Boys night out....

Heaven is a peacfull and quitet night of eathernal bliss and tranquilty. Normaly not this days.

As Ares and seavrel other of the Gods hade inoff and told Xander and Discord and Strife to stopp fighting and or ELS.

Age known knowledge told the tree younger god and goddessthat the best way to bond where with alchole in a bar. Poor bar..

"And Stay out you blody Drunk" The large hammer whearing God working in the bar of the Asguard part of heaven scream as he trow out the tree godds on the ground.

Strife "And my Dad is Ares you old whanebee" he scream towards the unimprest barttender namly Thor god of thunger and war god him self. Xander frindship has always been his weeknes "Thats right And i know a slayer you big big" Xander said and continue he where now on a rool "And i Bet you are a Sissy with out that hammer" Xanders and Strife brain slowly recognet when they realise that Thor where smooking angry and flame where actualy leeking out of his nose.

"Run Fools" Discord screamd as she grabbed her adoptet brother and child Strife With a screem they took of out throw the streets of Asguard with a flaming angry Thor running after them for a couple of mile.

"Hi Xander, hi Strife" a beautiful Godes said as they run past her in full speed.

"Cant speak now runing for my life Urd" Xander said ass he and Discord where dragth towards a Gate to earth.

"what make you think Xander is intresting in a old hagg like you"

Skuld her younger sister said to a now irritated Skuld.

"You lithel Squirt I'm the goddessof the past and Qupid of love i show you Xander whant know what hit him" With a evil smile Urd toke after the fleeing treesome.

Skuld just sagging her head as the know laughing Thore came forward. "what is it Skuld" he Ask.

Skuld look up "Urd decided that Xander will be her new boy"

"IT might do Urd good she like funny guys" Thor said.

Jumping down the portal Discord said "We have to hide i dont think i ever seen Thor that angy"

Urd "Oki but where"

Strife "Why are you here Urd"

Xander looking up from the bozz haze, "Buffy can hide us she have a whatcher and all and she strong"

Urd blink "Buffy how that"

Xander "She is great a mortal vampire Slayer and her whatcher he knows almost as mutch as we do"

Discort said whit drunken voice "better then my plan lets go!"

With a shimering light the four Gods aphear in a Bar near Buffys home.

"But first one for the Road" Strife said. and walk up to the bartender.

Heafting a Big load of mony and a bag put in 4 bottels of Tequla 8, Wichy and 6 rom.

And hurry up"

Seing that the Barteender where not moving Strife alow a spot of lighting move across his hand slowly towards the bartender.

That with suprsingly fast put Strife order in the bag.

Outside the tree drunks Gods/godes and one Urd activly trying to get get as drunk as they are. where slowly walking to Cassa Buffys.

Drinking and zapping Vampires as they made their way.

More then halfway their and the bozze where almost gone.

"I do hope Thor is not angy anymore" Discorde said.

Strife made a disgusting sound "Dont worry Mom he will forget it relly"

Xander laught "Yea he is like those body builder only four brainscell and they tre of them the body use.

Urd actual grone "Dont say things like that Thor relly dont like when you insult his iq!"

Strife "Yhea whats he going to do"

Muller muller *BANG* lighting strike the ground right next to them. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa vengence of the gods" and the four fearfull gods starts running.

Up in heaven Athena is leaning over seeing what Ares is doing "That was not werry nice Ares" she say.

Ares smile evily "I Know but its sure where fun the lighting is low charge they will survive do you whant a chans to hit them"

Athena smile a motherly smile and said "I taught you never ask"

10 minuts later in Cassa de Summer.

Buffy, Dawn and Joyce after a stupid doctor misdignost her with cancer hade taken more time to get to know her children and their frinds even Gilles where their that night.

They where looking at a bigg pile of movie and eating pocpocorn.

"I whise Xander where here" Dawn said.

Joyce smile at her youngest she knew that Dawn was the key but in her book the monks hade given her a more precius gift then the world a second child "I am sure he is as dissipointet as you are Dawn"

Willow hugging Tara "It sure is raining and storming out their"

Buffy pouting "Where is Xander anyway"

Gilles "His boss in the building company he work in demanding that he whent on a conferance"

Buffy "ooho sound boring"

Gilles "I'm sure it would be for any one of us but Xander like his work a"

A strange sound of argument and drunkenspeack come from the outside. Buffy where just standing up when the door when up and a tre strange indiviudals and one Xander come flooting in evryone of them almost to drunk to stand straight.

Witch is exactly way evry one of where flooting in the air. their cloads where sing by lighting and they hade small but painfull burnmarks.

As soon as Xanders eye manage to figer out Witch of the five Buffy he sees is the real one manage to runforward and hugg her "Flubby You gett to safe me. He is angry"

Strife seing a chance his savior in Tara starts hugging her. "help me mighty slayer"

Discort decide the floor is a good place for sleeping falls down in deep sleep.

Urd is looking angy at Buffy.

Dawn actualy smile "Now this looks like fun"

Joyce "Dawn, dont encorich the maddnes"

Gilles "If you pleas Xander" as he walk over to the drunk young man. Xander looking up from buffy brest to her realife "DADDY" He screams and huggs Gilles.

Temporarly loosing his controll "Right Xander pleas How is trying to kill you"

Urd sitting next to Joce still looking angy at Buffy answer him "Thor god of thunder and lighting,"

Gilles "Do claim that a God is hunting them"

Urd "Yea they whent in to his bar and startid to smash it in small pices and when he trow them out they insult him"

Buffy "But a God dont work in a bar"

Urd "They do if the bar is in heaven and its free drinks on for the bartender"

Gilles "Are you saying that Xander whent to heaven"

Urd "Dont be stupid that take special permit, He he whent to Asguard or Olympus the home of the gods"

Xander as this time decide that Giles is soft and falls asleep.

Gilles "But how can he go their"

Urd Looking strange at them "He is a god natrualy he can go their"

Dawn "Xander is a GOD"

Buffy "Dont be stupid pipsqueek Xander is not a god"

Joyce "BUFFY dont insult your sister, Dawn dont you dear insult Buffy"

Urd "No the Pipsqueek is right Xander is a god. Stephson of Ares actaly, He is the new god of Bravery and sidekicks"

the only thing that can be heard in the suprise is a lood "I'M NOT a PIPSQUEEK" from dawn.

Chapter 4
Sidestory 3
...? Can you Handle the truth ?...

Last episode:

Buffy "Dont be stupid pipsqueek Xander is not a god"

Joyce "BUFFY dont insult your sister, Dawn dont you dear insult Buffy"

Urd "No the Pipsqueek is right Xander is a god. Stephson of Ares actaly, He is the new god of Bravery and sidekicks"

The only thing that can be heard in the suprise is a load "I'M NOT a PIPSQUEEK" from Dawn.

This episode:

While Giles and Buffy drags the drunken Xander and Strife in to the guest beddrom.

No bady mangage to dragg Discort out from under the Soffa so after many trying they decide she can sleep undernet.

Giles look astounding at Urd how is drinking tea. "I Newer belive that i would meet a real goddessin the flesh" Giles finnish.

Buffy interupt "So oki she proven she is a goddessbut that dont mean that Xander is one"

Willow "Acording to the myth a god or goddesscant lie only twist the truth"

Joyce "So if Urd say that Xander is a god then he IS a god"

Urd smile "You gott it in one lady"

Dawn "I Knew it Xander TO good to be human"

Urd looking irritatid att the competition "What are you Postergirl for Lolita magacine"

Dawn "Moom the Urd"

Joyce "Urd stop teasing Dawn now"

Urd "But but"

Joyce "I said NOW"

Urd "Sorry Dawn"

Willow "But Xander have lie to us so whats give"

Urd "Thats becuse you all know him during his days as mortal that make it possible for him to talk and lie to you"

Giles "You say that as a god Xander can only lie to thos how knew him during his days as mortal ?"

Urd "More or less some of us Gods have gott the abilty to lie but only the Creators must trusted Gods and some devils have that...

Buffy "I am Going to Kill him"

Willow "Me to have dear he not tell us"

"Yea and if he where a god he could have helpt us with the Judge and with the slaying a bit more"

Discord vocie is heard from under the Soffa "The rulls say no. But he have helpt you by giving you a rocket launcher to kill the judge. And by removing Cancer from you mother and stoping Tara from being shoot to dead. And som other thing that i dont know about zzzzzz"

The group blink and look under the Soffa where Discord have fallen asleep.

Urd "That was strange Dis helping som one"

Giles "I know if that IS the Discord from the myth i espected her to be more vile"

Urd "She is specily in the morning"

Willow "oo I dont care Xander have a loot to answer for waith untill i get my hands on him"

Upstairs a drunken Xander have awoken to eat a Twinky his secondary sorce of energy.

"O Shit Willow angy got to run" And he snapped his hand and the house and evryone in it dissipair to another dimension...

Chapter 5

In Previus Episode:

Upstair a drunken Xander have awoken to eat a Twinky his secondary sorce of energy.

"O Shit Willow angy got to run" And he snapped his hand and the house and evryone in it dissipair to another dimension...

Next part....

Summer residens spinn and twisted true a vortext of energy a gate of dimension more and more wild it move.

Inside the Mortals hang on for life on furniture and the walls them self.

Urd the only semi sober god/goddessstod up ignoring minor things like Gravity and other pescky laws of physic.

"Gods inside hear my comand awaken from you drunk and assamel down stairs the life of frinds mortals are att stake" Urd Chantet with her magick.

Upstair Strife awoke suffer a sevar one second hangover before his devine powers cure him and he teleported downstairs powerer him self up on the wawe of fear and anger the mortals where sending of.

Xander awoke inhale a some Twinkys before he run donwstair afraid of teleporting anymore.

Discord simply stod up the argument and dissagrement hade pretymutch power her fully and whent over to Urd.

Xander "What happen Diss"

"I am not sure X but from what it look like some one try to reopen the hellmouth under the summer home just the moment you desided to teleport."

Urd "That ovius the drunken teleportedion you did Xander ovius stole energy from the hellmouth and close it but trow us and the hous totaly lost"

Xander "But why i where carfull when i teleported. That couldent hawe happened"

Strife "I bett you where thinking on Dawn She has the power of the Key"

Xander "Dhoo" and smack him self in the head Strife "Xander and Dawn sitter on a tree ki"

Discort "STRIFE mess with Xander later"

Urd "thank you whe have to save you frinds Xander"

Xander "Do you have any idea"

Discord "We could make a combine spell transforming the hous in to a safe zone for the mortals regardless where whe end up"

Strife "Sound like a loot of work. Okey But Xander IF i do this you fix me some picture of Buffy in the Buff"

Xander "Hehe oki"


Urd "Shall i lead the spell ?"

the other gods looks at each other before noding affarmativ.

Glowing a divine and hellish light Urd begine to float "Power of time and space i call upon you Make this home a safe place regardless of the space and dimension. So i say Urd child of the Creator and Hild"

Xander starts to float glowing with divine light "Power of bravery and loyalty i call upon you make this home a strong place for the mortals to deffend them self. So i say Alexander Child of mortals and adopted son of Ares"

Discort starts floating and songs of war fill the air around her "Power of dissagrment and war make this home powerfull inoff to safeguard the mortals inside. SO i say Child of Ares and mother of Strife"

Strife start floating and ghost pictur of fights filld the air around him "Power of batthle and misconduct make this place powerfull to stand a fighting chans to deffend the mortals agienst the outside problems. SO i say Child of Discort and Ares"

With a lighting the four Gods falls down in sleep and the hous starts to mold and reachape it self around them.

Dawn is the first one to find her self and she runs to Xander.

"Giles i cant wake him" She screach.

Giles and the rest seem to awaken from the chock and run over.

Joyce "He look owerworkt its best if whe let him and the other rest i am sure they will awaken and help us then"

Buffy "I say whe kick them untill they help us now"

Willow "NO buffy i am sure its a acident"

Joyce "They will rest and then we can ask them"

Giles "That correct this are true gods they make Glory look like a toy enemy"

Tara observing the others before she starts looking around the room that now is totaly diffrent then before.

The Soffa is now splitt up in four diffrent small coutch and each one have a small computer tabel infront of them.

The TV is now a the Biggest of bigscreens she ever seen a hole wall. And the windows looks thicker and have armor screens.

Tara slowly go forward and starts looking out the windown with a gulp she turn around "Willow could you com here"

Willow walkd ower "What is it honny"

Tara point out the window and all Willow can se is Stars and more stars no Sunnydale at all.

Right then a piping sound is heard "Pirp Computer online pleas acknoledge"

Willow carfully walks over to one of the computer and totch it with out any result. "Hmm Computer are you vocie activated ?"

Computer "Affarmativ kindly state you namne on att the time"

Willow looks to Tara that nods and smile "Xander would never hurt you"

With a smile she say "Willow Rosenburg"

the computer answer "Willow Science and communication officer"

Buffy "What do you meen"

Computer "Willow is mainly responsibel for the science and piloting this ship"

Joyce "I am sure this is a house not a ship"

Computer "negative this is a Starship class space Battlevilla and we are currently in unknown space"

Dawn "Sweet whats my possition im Dawn Summers"

Computer "Dawn Summerspilot"

Dawn "I i i Thats so unfair"

Joyce "i might as well Joyce Summer"

Computer "Accnolge Joyce SummersCaptain of this ship"

Joyce "Captain you you are you certain ?"

Buffy "It must be a mistake i im im the slayer and Giles is a watcher"

Computer "negative the program clearly state that the most respected and capabel human would be the ledares as the gods currently occuping this home is not ledar material acording to them self"

Giles look fear full "i going to reagreat this. My possistion is what mr computer i am Rubert Giles"

Computer "Sir Rubert Giles, Medical and secend in command of this ship"

Buffy "Hej that not fair" she sulk before she "I am Buffy Summers"

Computer "Buffy summers slayer extra ordiner chief securtity officers"

Buffy "Sweet all i need is some one to beat up i wonder if Strife is awaken"

Joyce "You will do no sutch thing Buffy"

Tara "My namne is Tara Maclay mr computer"

Computer "Lady Tara Maclay you are chief enginear and tactical officer"

Tara "You whant me to shoot att others"

Computer "Affarmativ only you and Giles dont hesitat if its needed"

Tara "oki but i dont like guns"

Willow how have been toying with her station suddenly push a compel of buttens and the bigg TV screen lights up and she starts to talk "It looks like we know HOW to use this thing probly the spell"

Giles "That a relife. Now whe at least can do things"

Joyce looking ower to Giles "Do you have Any idea what happened"

Giles "Ah actualy i have a teory they chanted a spell a power full one that would make this hous a protected zone from any danger outside and give us a fighting chans at surviving"

Joyce "I see and after some we come out in space they made it a starship"

Giles "exactly"

Dawn "And they gave us weapon acording to this, and made moms volvo in to a Suv in to a space shuttel. thos this mean that their might be enemys that we have to fight"

Giles "You rise a valid point and i am a fraid that you might be right"

Joyce "I thinks its better to be moving in that case we can at least run if it looks bad."

With that the ship Summerhome a Battlevila class starship starts to slowly move and seartch space after frinly nighbors.

(The ONLY one of its kind mind you)

Mean while in La "C, C wake up i goot a wigging strange call from Sunnydale"

Cordy turns and looks att her girlfrind for the last tree years "What Faith"

"Summer hous is gone its just a big hole in the ground not even a blasmark and the hole gang is gone" Faith say with fear in her voice. Cordy "Dont worry nothing bad has happen to Dawn, Joyce and the rest i dont think Xander would allow that to happen"

Faith "But what if somthing happen to him i mean look at Glory even a god can die"

Cordy "You have right i better call Betany and see if she knows what happened"

Faith "Betany ho she ?"

Cordy "Xanders X-girlfrind a true ArchAngel cute you like her, I do"

Faith "I call Kendra we might need extra help in Sunnyhell if the hole Schoob gang is gone"

Faith runs away to the bedroom fone noth even caring that she awaken their boyfrind Rilly.

Rilly "damit i work night this month"

Faith look evil at him "Shuudup or no loving for you boytoy"

In Cassa del summers.

Willow have finaly manageg to scann space and looks a bit uncertain "I think their is another ship that way she point" and puts up some direction on the screen.

Dawn looks carfull "OOo thats simpel." Then she looks at Joyce "moom what do i do ?"

Joyce "O'my i the Captain aint i well what do you think Rubbert"

Giles funders a moment "As the gods still sleeps i think it would be of the best to find frinly neighbors. After all a space faring species how hostile can they be ?"

Willow "Giles Dont jinx us"

Giles "Sorry but this is hardly the hellmouthh"

With a fearfull look Dawn press some button and ship burst to Warp speed.

"Mr Tuvok could you plees come and look att this reading" a Ensige said with unsertain vocie.

Tuvok move over look and then did a dubbel look in case he where drunk and diden know it.

"I't seem like a Villa shape starship is moving on a intersept cours" Janeway looks up startle "Did you say Villa shape starship"

Tuvok "Thats its right it look like a late 2000 th and erly 2100 th type of earth villa flying at Warp 5. With this speed it will intercept us with in five minuts."

"A Villa shape ship are you sure you havent eaten somthing strange" Paris joke.

Tuvok "Quite sure i even dubbel sheckt after system faults in the computer and in me"

Janeway "Unsure of you self"

Tuvok "The first time i see a starship in that unlogical shape it only logical i am unsure of what i am seeing"

Janeway "You think it could be some type of cammoflage"

Tuvok "I is possible"

Janeway "On standby. leets start frindly"

In Summerhome

"Their wee can see it" Willow anounce happy before she lost her smile in chock "Its the Voyger. From Star Trek"

Tara smile suddenly become enorm "Do do you think 7 of 9 is their"

Willow "I hope so"

Chapter 6

In Previus Episode:

"Their wee can see it" Willow anounce happy before she lost her smile in chock "Its the Voyger. From Star Trek"

Tara smile suddenly become enorm "Do do you think 7 of 9 is their"

Willow "I hope so"

Next part....

Summerhome formerly know as the home of Summersfamily in Sunnydale now know as spaceship Summerhome..

The Crew

Captain Joyce Summer
First officer and medical: Rubert 'Ripper' Giles. How know regret never whatching TV.
Science and comunication: Willow Rosenberg
Pilot: Dawn Summer
Security officer: Buffy Summers Sweet she get to hurt badguys and she relly like to hurt Strife.
Chife Enegnerir and Tatical officer: Tara Maclay.

The sleeping gods

Xander God of Bravery and Sidekick Second Class Unlimited.

Urd goddessof the past and cupid of love Second class Limited Discord goddessof agrument and problem First class Unlimited Strife God of problem Second class Limited.

They will wake up as soon as the wake up larm ring or they have sleept at least sex hours they are tired.

....To boldly go where no slayer gone before.,..

Catain Joyce of Summerhome look around her crew and came to a fast dessicion.

"This go for ALL of you and dubbel for you Dawn and Buffy"

"WHAT that unfair" Buffy and Dawn scream.

Joyce lookt at the girls "Act you age Buffy, Dawn,"

when the girl look down and seem to consider following her comand she continue "I dont whant any one ower there to know that we come from a dimesion where they are a TV serie"

Willow "Why not"

Joyce "They are millitary and if it got out other might whant to get their hand on us in order of getting military informaion"

Buffy "ooo that logical"

Giles loock chock at Buffy.

Buffy "Hey i listen a loot specialy when Rilly and Faith talkt"

Dawn "Suure you did in yellosy that Faith got him"

Joyce "Dawn chame on you. Buffy dont you dear say anything bad to Dawn"

Growling a lithel Buffy back down and satt down in a chair.

"If any one ask where we got the information tell them that we goot kidnapt by some strange creatsure and they implantet us with information but keep your knowledge as lithel as possible"

Joyce turning her self towards Willow "can you call them"

Smiling willow noding "I think its open a line of comunication"

Computer "Peep peeep"

Joyce "It sound like a telephon"

Tara "I think part of the Telephone where use in creating it"

At Voyager.

Tuvok looking down at the controll panel "They are hailing us"

Harry kim turn to paris and wisper loudh "Usaly we are the first to call and the stranger is the bad guys wonder if we are the bad guys this time"

Paris hiding a snor of laughter.

Chacote "order in the brige"

"thank you Chacote," Janeway said as she turn to Tuvok "Open a line of communication"

Amidiatly the pictur of the housship disipaird and inside of what look like a cross between a living room and a higly advance bridge/sickbay with two adult and four teenagers sitting respective standing behind controllpanels behind them on the sickbeeds they could see four others individuals that where sleeping.

"Hi my namne is Captain Kattrin Janeway and this is the Starship Voyager. We belive that we where the only humans out here"

Joyce smiling "That is a loong story i am captain Joyce Summersof the ship Summervil this is my crew"

The crew amidiatly started to Wawe energig. and screming "HI"

Witch brought a smile evryone exept Tuvok.

"You crew seem a bit young " Janeway ask.

Joyce "That is becuse of a slight accident but i assure you they are extremly competent"

Tuvok inqury trou the scanner force him to interupt "Captain Summersyour four crew members behind sleeping are they sick or hurt acording to our scaner they are in light coma. And in that case do you need some kind of medical attention.?"

Joyce look desperat over to Giles that energice shock his head.

Turning back she smile "No in their casses i dont think its needed they are just extremly tired and need rest."

Janeway "You are sure. Our medical officer can esely check them over" Joyce "I am quit sure they are just resting."

Smiling a bit she ask "Do you mind if i and my crew discust a privat mather"

Janeway "No go right ahad we are eger to find out what you are doing out her but we are not going to force you in to anything"

As the call was cutt between Summerhome and Voyager 7of9 call to the bridge.

"Captain i like to inform you that inside that ship their are some or one power source simlare to Q but more powerfull the number i am not sure of but between one or four in my best estimation"

Paris "QandQ. Tell me pleas that we can run now" and looking hopfull towards Janeway.

Janeway face hade turn flint hard "no this is just becoming intresting."

At The Summerhome.

"what are we going to tell them" Joyce ask her crew.

Giles Looking down "In this case i belive we are best of if we tell them as mutch as possible and as close as posible to the truth."

Joyce nodding "I will do that" she look up to her crew "The rest of you best remember what i told them becuse THIS IS THE TRUTH for know" After seeing them nod she turn to Willow "Call them agien"

Willow noding and punsh a number "Ping Ping" And the screen once agien open up tho the wee of Voyager.

Joyce "Hi agien captain i feel i need to inform you on some things"

Janeways face where that of a perfect pokerplayer you could find more movment in a dimond "I would think so"

Joyce "You see erly this day this ship where nothing but a ordinarey Hous but a accident and my frinds hade to turn it in to this ship or we would have died.

The transformation seem to have made them a bit sleepy but they said they would wake up good as new"

Janeway face actualy slipt a bit becuse of the explanation "you say that your ship where just a normal hous and your frind turn it into a starship"

Joyce "Yeas after a dimensional hole ript us from earth. Did i forget to mension that my sleeping frinds claim to be god ?"

Janeway Looking sharp "I think i would have remember that"

Joyce "O'my sorry. but i can hear the disspelife in you tone and i just like to say one letter to you"

Janeway "and that is"

Joyce "Q meen anything"

Janeway "You say they are Q's"

Joyce "No but they are a simlar lifeform but unlike Q they dont meddel with mortals normaly"

Janeway face become less aggresiv "Normaly"

Joyce "This time they caus a accident that might have killd me and my children" Her arm indicting the wildly wawing Dawn and Buffy "And our frinds so they made it a point of honer that we hade a figthing chance to survive"

Janeway "I see why didn't they just teleport you home agien ?"

Joyce "They said they would do that as soon as they manage to figerout witch alternet wersion of Earth we come from"

Willow "Do you think we can get a tour of the Voyager"

Joyce "Willow i am the captian"

Willow "Sorry"

Joyce "Like Willow said"

Janeway "If you are willing to give a guided tour of the Summervile" Joyce "I think that would be possible shall we dock or!"

Willow said "We have a foldspace teleporter her." reading from the screen and looking extremly happy.

Janeway "A what"

Willow "I dont know wait" She begine to read.

"As energy mather teleport is normal way to transport thing undershort rang regarless the risk of teleportation clone and merging a more civilice way of teleportatin have been develop.

The Fold space teleport or FST witch fold twist space itself making it possble to walk from one point to the other reagardless the fact that the two point are many thousend of mile apeart. by creating a gate system. The FST can best be describe as a short range wormhole transporter"

Janeway "And you say that this is safer then normal transport"

Willow looking Furius "Xander would never lie to me,oki,but,only,if,he,had,god,reson,but,he,would,never,never,hurt,me, or, our,frind,and,he,gave,us,this"

finaly stoping for air the only thing that could be heard in the silence was Tuvoks.

"Impressiv lungh capacity"

After the laughter wenth silence Janeway deicded that Willow could put up a teleportation gate in the cargo room and chang of information would be given.

After a cople presiong puttons and typing Willow look up "The gate is seet just open the garderoob door and we can walk to Voyager"

Joyce "Computer you have the ship until we come back guard the sleepers"

Compute "Affarmativ"

Opening the garderoob they could see a shimering portal in the air and one by one they steep true entering Voyager where Janeway and 7of9 where awating.

Chapter 6
Side Story 1
Gathering sidekicks

In Los Angeles at the same time in Cordy and Faiths aparments.

"Damit Toyboy where have you hiden the lether pants" Faith screemd at Rilly how currently desperat wich that the slayer he loved stop riping the toilets doors lock.

With a tired voice "Faith Sweetass i shit right now and i dont know where your pants are"

Faith lookt at him "So i seen you nude plenty of time sure it stinks a bit but you kill a slime demons once and soon you dont care"

Rilly "A i know Faith but" Blush "I have problem when you look"

Faith "Thats stupid what did you do in the military"

Cordy "Where are you guys Kendra will soon be here and. What are you doing in the toilet"

Faith "Making Rilly blush"

Cordy "Cool can i help"

"Sure come on in the more the merrier"

Rilly "Fore Heveans sake get ou"

With a glimmering light a divine being with wings pure like snow and shining light of love and power Betany Xanders X-girlfrind and Arcangel hade arive in the toilet.

Betany "Hi girls what are you doing"

Faith "---------"

Cordy "Making our looser boyfrind blush"

Betany "But that not nice poor you" the angel said and turn to Rilly "But he sure blush in a cute way"

Cordy "While Faith and Rilly try and find their brain why dont you and i go for a cop of coffe and can you hid the wings girl"

Betany "Oki they sure can be in the way down her well i remember once when they got stuck and i"

Egerly talking and giggling Cordy and Betany walkt out from the toilet.

Faith "Boy i cant understand why Xander dumt her. How stupid is he" Rilly "Angel hehe. Im going to end up in hell"

Faith "No she said you where cute" Faith look down and suddenly "I knew it their they are" she said and pick up her leather pants and left.

inside Rilly shit and philosfy "My Brother is a prist have he seen Angels, NO..

Have he seen Demons ? NO.

Have he Seen Vampire ? NO.

Have He seen Gods ? NO But ME that are the black sheep the Ateist in the family, The one that seek to the military to escape religion what have i seen ?.

Vampire, Demons, Gods, Angels, I even seen Hell.

Boy do i feel stupid that i was a Atheist" he say as he flush the toilet and walks out.

Some moment later Kendra and her boyfrind Andrew sits down and talk to Faith and Cordy while Rilly and Andrew and Betany talk egerly.

"I'ts true he is a god. Not only in bed" Betany nod energerik Rilly trying to forget he see both his girlfrind noding with a hiden smile "Xander Lavel Harris the man that put the O in looser a god"

Andrew "I cant belive it i mean sure he manage to fix things and get supply when ever neded but he cant fight. Hi survive with pure luck" despertly trying not to think about the fact that Kendra was noding and smiling about the god in bed joke.

Betany "Its becuse as a god he have to let you mortals do things your own way if he just come in and save the day evry day. You might become depending on him"

Rilly "I dont belive that he made that mutch diffrent has he ?"

Betany "He save Kendra after Dru cut her troath, He stopt Faith from accidently killing a mortal and going crazy.

After Buffy blow up the Judge with the rocket launcher he killd him" Betany seem to think "O'yea he also stoppt a crazy fool from blowing the school with a bomb. And he gave Oz a book with how you controll your inner wearwolf. "

Rilly "O daam he is a good actor"

Betany "No not relly his kind of god are not alowed to lie only missdirect. Its you guys that just dont notic him"

Andrew "I notic him. Tell them Kendra"

Kendra leens over "of course you do he is you hero" after hugging him she ask "But do you notic what he have done or do"

Andrew "No i admire his bravery and tactical skill not his fighting brawlnes"

Rilly "So what kind of god his he ?"

Betany "A War god of Bravery and sidekicks, and thanks to Cordy he some how become the Protector of Fashion victoms"

No body misst the prode smile that lith up Cordy face.

Rilly "You are telling me that he is a War god"

Betany "jeep there are aldready sevreal warrior that worship him in this and other dimension and a car"

Andrew "A Car ?"

Betany "its a AI with a soul long story i askt him to come over today. Britany will bring him to us"

Andrew "Britany ?"

Betany "My Twin sister she look like me but with out the glory light of a archangel as she is only a Guardien angel"

Rilly "And that not as good or ?"

Betany "It just as good but as a Archangel i somthime have to hurt innocent in order to protect life a guardien angel dont have to do that" Betany thinks hard.

"The best explanation i know is this IF you love HUMANS become a Archangel. But if you love individuals human become a GuardienAngel."

A shimering light and Britany and a black trans-am apear in the larg living room traning doyo.

A extremly suprise man almost jump out from the Car "Ho are you guys and how did you do that"

The car "Hi Betany i didn't know you hade a sister"

Betany and Britany wawe "HI KITT"

the man looks at his car and ask "You know this girls"

Kitt "Yeas Mickel they are angels and frinds of a frind of mine"

Mickel "How come that i dont know about this"

With a sad voice "Remember last year when i hade a mental krisis becuse of the death accident i was involve in" Kitt say.

Mickel "How can i forget you run away and try to destroy your self then you come back said you hade a chang of heart"

Kitt "A young man" Kitt begain.

Betany "You can tell him"

Kitt "If you say so. A young God intervin and save my life told me that the death was tragical but unavodible and that if i destroy my self more innocent would die becuse of my lack of action."

Mickel "I think i must thank him."

Betany "You have a chans now"

Mickel "Waith a second HOW did you teleport us here"

Betany unfoilds her wings and glow with a warm lovly light "I am a guardien angel and former boyfrind to that young god that save you frinds LIFE.

Teleporting is but a small part of my power"

Mickel sitt down on the cab of Kitt "O'my i think i have to start pray more often"

Britany giggels "Its not how you pray to that importen its how you live your life"

Faith "lets get down to buisnes"

Cordy "yea Xander the God of Bravery, sidekicks and protector of fasion victom is missing. And the slayer Buffy and her family Do you know anything ells about that Betany or Britany"

Many hopfull and some suprise eyes turn to the two cute angels "Yea i know a bit more Xander, Discord a Goddes, Strife god, and Urd goddessof the past and child of the creator and Hild ruler of hell" Betany say Loots of suprise gasp is heard by that.

But Betany just continue "They hade apparenty been on a wild wild party in Asguard bar thunder where they manage to insult Thor God of thunder and i quot -Bet you are a sissy with out that hammer- after a being huntet out of heaven they hid them self in the summer home"

"Exuse me" Rilly say as Betany stops he continue "Did you say they call the God of Thunder Thor a Sissy with out his hammer. And did Xander say that"

Betany "Yeas Xander did but its only becuse Strife hade already manage to got him hopping mad."

She shake her head "And if he only know how sensitiv the Sissy commend are for Thor"

Faith look qounfuse "what do you mean"

Britany "Millenium ago a evil Gigant manage to steal Thors hammer and only if he got Freya as a bride would he give the Hammer back.

Freya refuse Gigant bride is crule they let evry male frind and family enyoy the bride during the wedding night.

So Thor hade to use magic to turn him self in to a look alike of Freya but sadly he only got his hand on the hammer AFTER the wedding night"

Evrybody pale at the immige "Shit no wonder he is sensitiv about the Sissy comment"

Betany "jeep but fast to forgive" she smile "Anyway after they hade hiden them self in Summers home one of them try to teleport away drunk.

It would have work but at the same time a dark magican try to open and move the hellmouth direct under the hous and the energy of the hellmouth and the teleportering some how interacted and Poof the hole hous are gone in another dimension"

Faith "How are they are Dawny okey and Joyce, Giles and Xander are they well"

Betany "They are perfectly well but inorder to get them back Xander and the other have to rest and reascharge before evry dimensional jump so it will talk a while before they return"

Kitt "Has this something to do with me being her"

Betany "You are correct, Ass the teleportation manage to drain the hellmouths gate to the size of a moushole and it will take at least 10 years before its fully activ agien.

This give us a good news and a bad news"

Faith "What can be bad"

Britany "When the hellmouth become dorment most of the Vampire and Demons in Sunnyhill will go berserce in fear and hunger."

Cordy "Shit"

Betany "exactly what worst is that their are a demon magic cult that have a hole school class that they are going to sacrifice to Hilld."

Faith "Dam whe must stop them"

Betany "thats why Hilld gave us the information as a act of playing frindly neigbor"

Rilly "didn't you say Hilld where the ruler of Hell"

Betany "Yeas she is and extremly evil but she thinks Demons belong in hell and the idea of them escaping her clutces is nothing she like"

Faith "O i see she dont like the demons to have fredom on earth any more then whe like them to run and kill us her on earth"

Britany "exactly"

Rilly "So you need a strike team in Sunnydale right now"

Betany "Jeep i belive Kitt over their can help you finding the kids" "Mickel i like to help" Kitt said.

Mickel look at the kids in the room "NO KITT We are going to help after al buddy we are a team" He smile

Omake ..In a nother dimension far far away..

"Oo great god Xander here my pray and save my skinn" Danniel praid hoping agienst hope that this time Xander would anwer him.

Jack "The same anwer this time"

Danniel "jees and the same irritating vocie -The number you have pray to can not be reetch for the moment pleas pray agien later-"

PS dont take Omake serius :)

Summerhome formerly know as the home of Summersfamily in Sunnydale now know as spaceship Summerhome..

The Crew

Captain Joyce Summer
First officer and medical: Rubert 'Ripper' Giles. How know regret never whatching TV.
Science and comunication: Willow Rosenberg
Pilot: Dawn Summer
Security officer: Buffy Summers Sweet she get to hurt badguys and she relly like to hurt Strife.
Chife Enegnerir and Tatical officer: Tara Maclay.

The sleeping gods Xander God of Bravery and Sidekick Second Class Unlimited.

Urd goddessof the past and cupid of love Second class Limited Discord goddessof agrument and problem First class Unlimited Strife God of problem Second class Limited.

They will wake up as soon as the wake up larm ring or they have sleept at least sex hours they are tired.

Chapter 7
..The Lost meets the Weird..

In Previus Episode:

Opening the garderoob they could see a shimering portal in the air and one by one they steep true entering Voyager where Janeway and 7of9 where awating.

A shimering picture of a garderob hung in the air in Dockingbay 1 where Tuvok, Janeway Chatoke and 7of9 where standing and waiting.

They could see how the door open and one by one the Crew of the Summerhome step out from the picture and in to the Dockingbay.

"Fashinating" Was Tuvok respons as he study the result of the scaners.

"Indeed the Borg have teori about simlare design of teleports but as far as i know nothing has yet buing built" 7of9 responded.

Janeway smile and took a step forward holding her hand to Joyce "Wellcome to Voyager Captain Summer"

As Joyce smile and shock her hand she said "Captain to captain can we at least dropp the tittel it get a bit long. I try to keep thing informal on my ship"

Janeway "of course why dont you present you crew"

Joyce "My pleasure This is Buffy" she said as she put her hand on Buffy head "Chief Security on the Summerhome"

Tuvok raist his eyebrow while Bellana barly could hid a snicker at the idea of the small young girl being Chief of Security.

"You dont think some one bigger would be more intimidating Mam" She said.

Joyce hold back Buffy with a hand on her shoulder "Why dont you and Buffy later today have a frindly training match i belive you Klingons like figthing"

BeLana "I dont whant to hurt her i am only halfklingon but i am almost twice as strong as a human"

Buffy giggel "Weekling"

Joyce "I dont think i have to worry"

BeLana "Okey later it is" As she look sharp at the small girl that dear make fun of her and still stod and wisper things like 'Chicken kuawk kuawk' Somthing only her sharp klingon ears could hear.

Tuvok Ignoring the teasing Buffy made knowing that only he and the sharp ears of a klingon or a vulcan could hear them. "The rest of your crew Mr Joyce"

Joyce smile at the hansom alien "of course my bad. sorry kidspeack.

Her are my First officer and medical Mr Rubert Giles"

As they chock his hand he told them "Feel free to call me Giles or Rubbert like the rest do"

Given such a chans Dawn leept at the possibilty "But Xander calls you G-man and Faith calls you Jeevs and Cordy calls you Stuffy Britt and"

"Dawn" Giles said looking irritated at the giggling girl.

Joyce "Sorry she seem to make it her hobby to teas Rubbert" she continue "And that is Dawn my pilot and youngest dotter"

Dawn wawing "Hi i goot the booring work"

Janeway "I think i leet you and mr Paris talk and maby you stop thinking piloting to be boring"

7of9 interupted the talk "Exuse me why do officer Buffy sound like a chicken ?"

Joyce "Buffy stop teasing the klingon"

Buffy "Butt Mom she look down at me"

Dawn "So do the rest of the world midget"

Joyce "Act you age Buffy and Dawn No slaying for a month for you when we are back"

Dawn "But but i i thats not fair"

Willow step forward and Joyce amediatly said "This is Willow my dotter frind and my comunication and sciens officer"

7of9 took a step forward "We need to talk about science and technoly when are you awaible"

Willow lookt and keep looking "For you any time" with a dreamy smile. 7of9 "Good later today then" as she walk away.

With Willows eye firmly glue at her beautiful rear end.

Joyce smiling said "Thats is Tara Willows girlfrind and my chife enginger and tactical officer"

Tara lost in the butiy that is 7of9 could only say one thing "goot to find us one of those" to willow

The laughter that exploded awoke the two girls that blush terribly.

Janeway smiling said "Lets explore the Voyager then have lunch"

At the same time in a world consist of a dreams and fantasy four sleeping Gods meet and talk.

Discord "I can sens Quirkas"

Strife "Quirkas Sweet hunt kill him"

Xander "And us that dont know ho Qurikas is"

Urd "He is a renegadee God of mischife and Illusions not even Hell like him becuse he dont work well with others"

Xander "Dangerus ?"

Discord "Only to mortals to us he is more irritating relly relly irritating"

Strife "yea and they said bring him back dead or alive prefrebel Dead i dont think i going let him live."

Discord "Dont be carless Strife he is a 3rd level unlimited god and he might have been bosted"

Strife "I i Mom did you feel that"

Discord "I did seem like some one is using his power to influens enemys to Voyager to attack us"

Xander "what enemy and when will they attack"

Strife "I think it will take them two tree days and they are part maschine part humans i think"

Xander, Urd, Discord "Borg."

Xander look around "Shall we awaken or sleep"

Discord "I think i sleep a bit more"

Urd whispering to xander "i heard you are without girlfrind"

Xander "Yup the creator leet it leek that i have a soulmate that soon will revial her self"

Urd "Ooo think its me"

Xander "Possible but they would come with emotinal bond between us"

Urd "Oo a deep bond leets hope" she leen over.

Strife "Boy do he think of nothing but sex"

Discord "And you scould think about it more often i dont get any younger you know and i like grandchildren to spoil"

Strife "Moom you are imortal and for ever young. beside fighting and such is more fun then sex"

Discord "you are so mutch like you dad fight fight is all thats in you brain"

Mean while on the Voyager in the Caffeteria eating the famous food of mr Nelix.

Joyce "It sure have intresting shape" as she poking the food slowly. Janeway "It food try it"

Buffy "Mmmm sure tast good"

The silence where total.

"What what why do you steer at me its good" Buffy complain.

the rest of the crew eat and suprise gasp where heard.

"You are right Buffy" Paris said before he continue talking about flying with the young Dawn how slowly realise that being a Pilot where cool.

Kathering look over and ask her fellow captain "How do you handel it being flung in to alternet dimension and having your hous turn in to a space ship must be avfull distresing to you"

Tuvok "If the reading of thos four sleeping 'gods' where not simlare to a Q being we would not have belive you"

Joyce smile "relly the only thing that baffel me is that Xander was a god that sure where a suprise. The rest of it unexpected and suprising it sure is but not chocking or terrible" she smile.

In the silence at that comment you could hear the cricets playing.

Kathering "You must be in chock surly"

Joyce "I havent told you about ower home town i live in"

Tuvok "i dont see what that have to do with anything"

Joyce "You will. Sunnydale sitt right on topp of a dimensiongate to hell the night is rule by Vampire and Demons that are a reality where i come from.

Most of the world live in blissfull ignorence somthing i cant do as my dotther Buffy IS the Chosen one the champion slayer of vampire and demons and one of fue guardiens that keep the hellmouth close."

Kathering "you must be joking"

Joyce "A avreage Vampire is twice as fast and four time as strong my dother is faster and stronger as you BeLana will soon see"

Tuvok Rais his eyebrown "Intresting unless you are delusional"

A sharp but frindly voice interupted them "No she is not" from Xander as he shimer in standing him self in the food cue while eating a twinky.

"Xander" Dawn screemd as she jump and hugg her idol and now god.

(Poster girl for stockers are us ?)

"Hi Dawnmister how it hanging" Xander joke at the happy girl.

Willow stod up her face where a battle sceen of happiness angry and sadnees that xander havent told her.

finally happiness whone the fight as she remember what Tara told her. *He probly whantet nothing more then being you Xander not Xander the god*

"Hi Xander" she frinly said as she gave his hand a firm hugg.

Xander looking fearfull "You not angry at me"

Willow "Angy and sad but i understand you hade you reson"

Xander "I'm sorry its just that you are my Willow and i didn't whant us to loos that so i keept quite and"

Willow "Shhh i forgive you just give me some time to understand How i could have mist it"

Buffy finally found her self "Xander Why didn't you tell me and why didn't you help with the slaying"

Xander look at buffy and stod stright "Rocketlauncher, book about controller your wearwolf, saving Kendra Saving you giving Angel his soul, Do i need to go one."

Buffy blush "O those thing i forgot about that"

Xander "Jeep you did."

Willow "Waith a minut Do Kendra know"

Xander "Eeep yeas but only becuse i hade to or she would have stake me"

Buffy "You told Cordy didn't you"

Xander "She was my girlfrind."

Willow "Did you tell Faith"

Xander desperat trying to find away to escape while still having Dawn the living ankar firmly attache to his neck. "No Cordy told her i just confirm it"

Willow "Why did you tell her"

Xander "it Was her slayer sense she figerout somthing where strange with me"

Buffy "But i didn't sens enything from you"

Xander "Hee you kind of are week in that area, but you speed are greater then Faith"

Buffy "It is but why do she fight faster then me then"

Xander "She train harder then you do even if you natural speed is greater"

Buffy "Oo hard work"

Janeway lening over to Joyce "Are it always like this at your home"

Joyce "Quite often"

Rubbert "You hardly ever have the time to enyoy a book so heactict it is"

After Sitting down Xander started eating with great joy with Dawn happely sitting in his lapp.

Buffy "Dawn go down from their he is to old for you"

Xander "Buffy dont worry i have a soulmate and the creator said i would get some kind of devine sign to point her out evantualy. The chans that its Dawn are small.

And you know me i would never do anything agienst her will"

Buffy "Host Hyena host"

Xander "Angelus"

Buffy blush "Sorry"

Most of the Lunch whent calm as the schoob gang retold their tales.

But after in the Holodeck 1 B'elana and Buffy meet for their scheduled fight.

Chapter 8

..In The last episode..

Most of the Lunch whent calm as the schoob gang retold their tales.

But after in the holodeckk 1 BeLana and Buffy meet for their skadual fight.

..This episode..

As the Scooby and the Voyager comand crew slowly walk towards the holodeckk 1

Xander was taught full for a moment sencing a chans to have some fun as well leting hiss fellow gods have a bit of fun and game. He slowly walk over to Buffy started to talk "Hi Buff" Buffy smile "Hi how my xandershape god"

Xander "feeling Devine you" Buffy hugg xander "better now that i not angry any more" Xander "hmm Buffy hugg good. Buffy i like to ask you the fight with Be'Ellana do you like to do it in a glory style or a normal fight"

Buffy "Uuuu with Style of course" her smile dissipair as she could see misciefe and the bigg bad smile on Xander face "No no Xander dont do anything stupid"

The room sudenly burst in light and they dissipair.

Urd woke up smiling she sad "Fun idea im in" Discord "Deffenitiv i beginging to understand what Ares see in him" Strife smile was enormus "Oyea Catfight got to love it"

Discord "If you only could make you mother happy and get a girlfrind not just look at them fighting" Strife "Moom stop emarising me"

With a burst of light Buffy apeard in what look like a changing room. she could see that she hade some kind of gymcloading on and before her stod Giles holding som kind of tape in his hand.

Giles slowly lookt around before looking at Buffy "what did you say to Xander Buffy" Buffy "Nothing" she said in a small childis voice. "Buffy" Giles said with a charp but frindly voice.

"He ask if i whanted the fight to be in style or normal" buffy complain. giles slowly look up the roof of the changing room "And you said in style did you not" seing Buffy nod Giles just tok a big breat of air before begining to tape her hands.

Buffy just look at Giles and ask "Why are you taping my hands" with a serius look Giles said "Xander would never alow you to be hurt and tape like this is use by fighter before a fight to protect the hand. I belive its a hint use it and be protected Buffy"

Buffy "O are you sure it could be. Tape the chair or Tape to be use to reapair books or" Giles just lookt at Buffy "I relly dont think so"

Then a speacker begun to talk.

Janeway suddenly found her self sitting in a Wip section of a big areana it look like Colluseum but modern with big 3D screens and thousen after thousen audience looking with exitment towards the fighting pit or the 3D screens.

Suddenly a voice intrupt her "Exuse me are you not Katherin Janeway" Turning around she came face to face with Captain Picard. swallowing she said "i am Captain, Supprising to find you here"

Over in the corner they could see Governer Gowron from the Klingon High Council egerly talk to Worf and the old amasdoor Spock talking with Admiral Paris.

"With this crowd we seem to be of the lowest of rank" Benjamin Sisko Said as he walk over side by side with Kira Nerys and Odo and doctor Julian Bashir. Picard ever the thinker slowly ask the gathering crowde "do any of you have a inkling on what is happening"

Sadly Janeway noded "I think i do" As they focus their attention on her she continu "today we got some guest normal humans but from a alternet dimension and with them they hade four being with powers simlar to Q" Seing the gasp and fury in the others eyes she continu.

"Their was a bit of dissigrement between B'Elana and Buffy the Security officers on the Summerhome and Captain Joyce and me said they could solv their problem in a frindly sparring match" At that Joyce interupted "I said that you thaugt it was a bit barbaric did you not"

At that Janeway "yeas but it sound better" turning to her fellow starfleets officers and Gowron and Spook that have walkt over to listen in. "During the walk to holodeck i overheard the being namne Xander ask Buffy if she whanted the fight to be in Glorius style or a normal fight" Joyce shock her head "Buffy buffy let me gues style she said style"

Picard "you dont seem to be suprise over Buffy action" Joyce "No she my child nothing suprise me about her" Spock raist his eyebrown "Intresting are you not worried about the Xander creatsure may put Buffy in a dangerus possision"

Joyce "O'gods no Xander would never hurt Buffy embares her that he would but never hurt her or B'Ellana. He like girls ho can fight and thend to protect them"

Gowron "But he alow them to fight" Joyce "O yeas i think Buffy her self would kill anyone trying to stop her"

Laughing Gowron "Good you dother sound almost like a Klingon i hope she is half as beautiful as you are" Blushing "My what a charmer if you where only younger Gowrong you would make a perfect boyfrind or husband to Buffy"

The suprise made Gowron ask in chock "You dont think a klingon is a bit to vilolent or dangerus to a human girl. We might break her in two" Joyce giggel "It would be a improvment compare to her other boyfrind relly what do she see in a Vampire its nothing but a animated corps or that demonboy, But he was at least charming sad that i hade to shop his head of but relly" Shacking her head she look a bit sad.

In the suprise no body said anyting then the speacers begun to talk.

Dawn look around "Not in Kansas anymore totto She said" looking a bit suprise at the smell stuft dog that stod beside her feet. "Ha ha verry funny Xander" She said looking around seeing a room fild with famous guys and girl from the Trek serie and her mom. But more importent she saw a tabel fild with food and drinks free drinks she smile as she walk over. *If i am big girl inoff to drive a starship i can drink*

7of9 found her self and the girl willow and Tara in a privat boot with wide screen 3D and they where ling in a beed lifting her eyebrow she ask "Why are we nude" Willow look up "Thank you god" Tara giggel "Yea Thank you Xander"

7of9 "care to elleborate on this" Willow Blush and started to stammer before a suprising calm Tara took over "you have been thinking about sex have you not"

7of9 "I have but the crew dont seem to understand me and when i ask Harry Kim he turn me down. I havent ask him any more"

Willow "We whant to have sex with you" 7of9 "relly but you are girls" Tara "some time girls have sex with other girls for fun"

7of9 "I see" Willow "would you like to try" 7of9 "I find it intrsting concept do you think you could after we hade sex help me find a male to experince the other side of sex with"

Tara "I bet Xander would like to help you he is a sweety" Willow Blushing "And if not we can convince him. make it a foursome"

7of9 "How do we begin with sex i do not now how" Willow blush reed "just relax and we do the rest"

Nobody in that boot could hear the speaker as it begine to talk.

B'Ellana look around her self she was in a fine room look like a changing room and she hade fighting tape in her hand and she could see a confuse Tomas Paris standing next to her. "Come over here" She said. As Tom walk over she push the tape in his hand and said "Help me put this one" Tom begun wraping her straping it hard at her comand "what do you think happen"

Looking irritating B'Ellana "The Xander being ask Buffy if she whanted to fight in Style or normal. What do you think she said" Paris "Otch i do hope we are not in any danger i hate to loos you"

Suprise filld her "What do you mean Paris" she snare with fear in her voice. Holding her hand he begain "I love you"

Then the speacer begune talking but paris could only hear B'Ellanas answer "I love you to but now i must fight"

Georgi LaForg was sitting just under a Boot with Will riker and Deanna Troi next to him.

Will ask with a frinly tone "what do you sence from Picard now" Deanna "Nothing now but some moment ago he felt angry then he calm down now its mostly suprising"

Will then turn to Georgi "what do you see" Georgi "3 girls beautiful inside that boot and what they are doing make me happy i have a visor to see with not eye to see with" Will look confuse untill he see the blush on Deanna face "They are having fun will"

Then the Speacers begune to talk and the Bigg 3D screen begune to show a room they could see tree unknown beings and one frind sitting in a speacer corner.

Inside the speacker room..

"What a audience its increadible" Strife said. Xander "I know and just look how many that have read the pamplet from the chair and started to find their favorit among the fighter"

Neelix "But surly it would be prudent to give a short summon on that" Data "Indeed. First representing the Voyager we have B'Ellana a tuff Fighter that time and time deffiting overvelming ods and more powerfull enemys"

Outside the Big Picture of B'Ellana slowly roatated on the 3D screens.

Data "She is one tricky fighter capabel of with the strength of both her human and Klingon ancestery" Neelix "Indeed Humans is a bit faster then a Klingon and Klingons are almost twice as strong and can handel more abbuse then a humans."

"So how do her opponen stand agienst that" Data askt.

Xander continu "Buffy summers is a tuff girl she been the Slayer of vampire seen she was 14 years old at her now age of 22 she is the oldes slayer ever."

Outside the 3D Screens now hold picture of both Buffy and B'Ellana slowly rotating.

Xander continu "As a slayer she is about four time as strong as a human and faster she cant handel as mutch abuse as a klingon but she is tuff and teanius fighter her greates weeknees in this fight is her deep rootet refusial to hurt humans"

Strife "You think that include B'Ellana" Xander noding "Deffentivt that will handicapt her severly. Combine that with B'Ellanas abilty to not be suprise esy and fast with and we have a suprising equle fight to look forward to"

Data "It sure is a great crowd just listen"

The crowd whent whild as they could hear their own chanting already some where hurring for Buffy and some for B'Ellana the information pamplet where good.

Inside the diffrent changing room the two fighters pale as they realise the size of the odince. And with scary simlare taught they bout said "I will NOT loos" and the blood lust started to flow in them.

Gowron "This is exiting mrs Joyce. If what he said about your dotther is true their would be no shame to loos to sutch a fighter" Smiling she nodding "Its true but Buffy have lost to weker oponen just becuse she didn't whant to hurt them"

Dawn ragling "Tt ttt that my sister you talking about so whatch it boby" Joyce "Dawn are you drunk" Dawn "I am jup totaly" she giggel. but before she could screem Picard hand stop her "Dont she has only drink Syntohole she will only be drunk for less then five minuts"

Joyce "Its not dangerus" Picard "No Synthole leavs her almost directly when she stops drinking"

Dawn "I know i ask aks a thing with gren antilpos on his head. No anthena or somthing but it tast so good" she said as she swalow her XXX drink.

Gowron Laught "drinking so many she will still have the hangover and its start with in a few minuts i belive that young one never will drink agien"

Joyce "I will defentivt have a hard word with dawn after wards" Picard "Dont be so hard she is what 17 or so" Joyce "Try four years old. the monks created her as a 13 years old and implanting us all with fals memory of her childhood" Picard blinkt at that and look suprise.

Joyce "Some time i think that she didnot have time to addapt or that the memory they implantet in her where not complet emotianly she somtime behave like a mutch younger child."

The Speackers continue And its look like both fighters are reddy.

Down below in the pit they could see on the big 3D screen how Urd wearing a dress looking like spider weep holding a sign declering the fight to begine soon.

Xander "And before the fighter come in i must remind them and the odience that the fighting pit have a No Death or premanend wound put on it. Mening they cant kill or maim each other inside"

Slowly but steady moving out Buffy came walking seeing B'Ellana coming from the other side she hold her smile at B'Ellana Dimond hard face *She must be angy at me* Buffy fast got hand on her self and swallowing her frinlytaught and showing her fighting lust.

As they come in to the arena the goddessurd explain the rules and the non killing abilty of the areana. before she walkt away.

Xander continue unhinders "Now look their as Buffy second we have Sir Rubbert Giles from england. Now that is a old namne Strife do you know anything about that"

Strife noding "Indeed i do Xander The first Sir Giles was one of the knights of the round tabel a shining exampel on bravery. He join Merlins order of Watcher and the Giles have since then serve as loyal brothers of Watchers following the true way merlin said not the now corrupted why of the watchers of today"

Xander noding "Indeed that is fashinating family history more then i thousen years of service in future of mankind and he is truly the krown that would make any giles proud"

Data "That impressiv what can you say about B'Ellanas Second" "Tomas Paris" Xander begune "is a magificent man coming from a overbaring father that not relly undstod his son he still manage to find his why and are now finally showing how he is a truly a giagent in small pacage"

Neelix look a bit suprise and aks "What do you meen" Strife said sadly "Tomas do evrything esy while his father hade to fight and study hard Tomas walkt trou the hardes lecion with esy and that made Tomas Senior jellus of his child somthing that to this day Admiral Paris still dont understand"

Neelix "That is sad" Xander "I know but Paris is somthing of a universal genius and thanks to that he have problem with autorety and his brillians have not been truly encorugse and he him self take great stake in hiding it from his frinds and family"

Janeway was chockt at what she heard it would explain a loot she carfull begun to make plans to bring out the true Paris.

Admiral Paris was chockt and angry then the terrible thing happen he realise that what they said was true he was a monster and he diden even know it. He almost fell from his chair when he begun to cry wispering "What have i done"

Dawn wispering "Not laude hangover stupid synthole"

The speacker continue "Well its look like the fighter is reddy" Data said.

On the Fighting pit Discord stod between them wearing a black leather that lookt painted on her "I want a hard brutal fight rember You cant kill your oponent or krippel them. Now shack hand and go to you side and waith for the gong gong to ring"

Buffy walkt forward "Hi" she said and hold her hand forward. B'Ellana "Hi how are you holding up" Buffy "Stage fright" Laughing "Me to lets give them a good fight after al You love to fight and so do i. Can we trust them about the no kill thing"

Buffy "Absolutly but it will hurt" she said nervusly. B'Ellana "Hurt is part of the forplay i dont mind it"

Buffy look suddenly goot egerly "the same for vampire and some slayer. Leet truly dance"

B'Ellana chair that bloodlusty smile as she whent back to her corner. And urd floted up in the air holding a small gong gong and with a soft movment the sound eko around the suddenly silence arena "GONG" a sound evrybody herd.

Whell almost evrybody. "Oomy good good Willow" 7of9 said with a suprise at the overvelming plesure. Non of them heard anything and georgi sitting benith seeing evrything with his visor hade hard time hearing anything.

With a suprising smodnes Buffy rush B'Ellana and Jump kick her flying like a hurican she slamdown on B'Ellana how stagerd but mange to get a hold on Buffys legg and pile drowe the Slayer in the ground.

"Smack" could be herd eko around the arena. With lighting speed B'Elana jump the chockt Slayer and starting pumbeling her with her fist agien and agien not giving Buffy a chang to reging her momentom.

Geting grogy Buffy could only do a panic move she slame her face stright in to B'Elana face and manage to trow the klingon of her fast and grogy she came to her leggs agien.

The slamm hade hurt her more then B'Elana she took a grip on her nose and pul it broken but she didn't care smiling with blood rinning she "Strong lets dance"

Then she Jump and totaly misst B'Ellana when she manage to leap over her. With a fast twist buffy manage to avoid falling in to B'Ellanas second trapp.

over all the Crowd when wilde as the two fighter when Dragonball on each other.

Xander "what are the odds he said" looking chockt. Strife "I dont belive it but she have done it" Data "I dont understand from what i see B'Elana is doing things that are physical impossible moving faster then her body should alow the same go for Buffy but not so fast"

Stife "Noding its somting that is latern in evry mortal" he begune the abilty to go behond the limits of your body and move faster and be stronger tapping in to the power of you own soul"

Xander "Noding the Slayer have a shortcut in doing that but any one can do it and it seem that over present have made B'Elana to realise that and do just that"

In the Wip Boot "By the bone of my father" Gowron said "she must have jump higer then a hous" Spock said with intrest "she jump at least 5 meter its like a small hous"

Gowron "How she only a half kling" He stopt as the explanation came from the speacers and suddenly he started to think over the possibiltys.

Dawn smile become grim as the possibilty to totaly slam vampires like a slayer become possible.

In the other boot. "Tha that the the point 7" Tara said as wawe after wawe of plesure assultet her.

But they didn't notice the fight.

Will "Georgi just look at the fight" Geori "dam it just begining to be intresting" Deanna "I know wild girls" the empat said smiling

In the areana B'Elana rebounded on the Pits walls and when flying agients Buffy with a strike that made Buffy spinn like a toy before falling down.

B'Elana landing whas bad and she bounce hard before finding her legs. slowly she stod up and she could see Buffy ragling to stand up. Then somthing most have come over her and fear left the young girl and bloodlust where shining.

"Oki wrinkel face no more miss nice slayer" Buffy said and Jump like a locus towards B'Ellana that simultanius jump just as hig.

A thundering krash could be heard as Buffy and B'Ellana bodys hit each other and bounce away.

slowly the two fighters stod up smiling grimly taking a paus to drink wather before turning and Giving the Physic and realtiy the finger they jumps and started to fight in a speed that made it hard for Data to follow.

Chapter 9

..In The last episode..

"Oki wrinkel face no more miss nice slayer" Buffy said and Jump like a locus towards B'Ellana that simultanius jump just as hig.

A thundering krash could be heard as Buffy and B'Ellana bodys hit each other and bounce away.

slowly the two fighters stod up smiling grimly taking a paus to drink wather before turning and Giving the Physic and realtiy the finger they jumps and started to fight in a speed that made it hard for Data to follow.

..This episode..

Data robotic Eyes where wiede open "Incredibel they are moving faster then physical possible"

Xander "Na they are just begining two understand their capacity"

Strife "jea i remember Xena she could give us gods a run for our mony Now that was pushing the limits"

Data "This is imposible how can they tolerat that amount of phycisal pain and damage"

Xander "Their mind and soul say to the body Hi You i aint going to get seriusly hurt and the body obey them"

Neelix look over "Are you kidding"

Strife "No on this level of fighting the law of reality is more a suggestion not a force opinion"

Data could only say one thing "intresting"

Nothing meant anything as Buffy and B'Elana drow in each other moving with lighting speed and strenght.

B'Elana Kickt and Buffy jump dodge, buffy hit with the left and B'Elana dodge al in a speed that made their arms and legs look like a blur to the crowd that was chockt silently.

With a mighty right Buffy arm drow it self stright in B'Elanas tummy sending her flying acros the fighting pitt.

A medialty Buffy was jumping towards the already standing B'Elana just as fast B'Elana mangate to dodge Buffy kick and drow her legg staigt in Buffy ribbs sending the smaller girl in the ground where Buffy bounce a bit.

As B'Elana fist started pumbeling the fallen Slayer the crowe started to chant "Tores Tores Tores Tores" Wild and wild agien and agien B'Elana fist hit Buffy.

Then suddenly A small arm belonging to the fallen Slayer come up and grabb the klingon neck.

As B'elana desperat try to pry the hand free she was to late to stop the other hand as Buffy sent her fist flying stright in the face of B'Elana.

Buffy was blind on one eye blood was pouring down hard but she never felt so alive her nose where broken and bleeding hard but she was smiling and she could se despite B'Elanas pain and fear so is she.

"Dam leet me loos" B'Elana Growle as Buffy hold her in a iron fist grip then she saw a fist smiling the could only think of one thing *daam she have hell of a grip* then agien and agien Buffys fist stroke B'Elana in the face with the strenght of a hammer.

Beside the fighting Pitt Paris and Giles look at their respective fighter one with the love of a father the other with love of a mate. Their face where filld with worrie and fear but nothing they could do to stop it.

Paris almost run out to help B'Elana when she manage to get a hard kick on Buffy and free her self.

The two fighter ragling away from each other before they turn to look gathering strenght as they stood tall.

In the Wip boot

"Any one that say a bad word about the human fighting spirit I will personly kill" Worf said aloud.

Gowron nooded "Me to that half klingon and Buffy puts us to shame"

Joyce "I do hope my baby is alright"

Dawn puut her hand on Joyce "Dont worry mom Buffy will be alraight Xander promis and he would never hurt Buffy or us"

Joyce "are you sure"

Dawn nodded "but he would not stop Buffy from hurting her self. But this time Buffy is totaly safe" She said with total conviction.

Picard lean back fighting relly wasn't his cup of tea but secreatly he hade to acknoledge he was trilld and felt the blood pound inside him. "i do hope they are rekording this fight"

Janeway "I do belive they are"

Admiral Paris "Noded right this would make good exampel on what a human can do and entertaining also"

In the privat Boot

"I think i can reshape some of my implats to a proper dildo shape" 7of9 said.

"O " Tara said "Look at the Size of that thing" Willow said.

And soon the 3 girls forgot about the fight as wawe of wawe of pleasure overtook them.

Benethem Georgy was baffeld "Did that girl just grow a penis" he ask out load.

Will "What are you talking about"

In the areana Buffy and B'Elana slowly started to slide closer and closer as they cirkel each other like predator waiting for a opning.

"Hieaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Buffy scream as she run with full speed in B'Elanas side and manage to hit her with the fist stright in the ribs but geting ha hard hid on the shoulder from B'Elana.

The hits where hard inoff to send the two girls flying in separet way.

The time almost stod still before the two bloody and worn fighter stod up and screeming jumpt each other.

Xander took a zip mjod "This is incredibel the endurans they both gone abowe and behond any normal limit this are trouly champions"

Neelix "But that you could clerly see"

Strife "Right this are fighter of legendrary true heros that go above and behond i bet they could give heracles a fight for his mony"

smiling Xander said "Shall we ask buffy if she like the chans to pumel a halfgod ? when we are home agien"

In the Wip boot

Joyce stod up "O no you dont Xander so help me i will spank you god or no god you will not trick my girl in fighting a halfgod"

Dawn giggling "So you are going to fight a God if he do"

Joyce "O right. I just stop giving him sundays dinner"

Dawn "That will make Xander roll over and play nice"

Janeway "I think it will take a bit more then that to make a Q being like Xander behave" she said with a smile.

Joyce "no you be suprise what Xander would do for a dinner"

In the privat boot

"O good" Tara said as she whent between pleasure and pain "She have two good no yeas more no not yeas more more"

Willow look suprise and as she hugg bouth 7 and Tara kissing them hard "We goot to get a borg like you" she mumeld piledrow Tara in to orgasm land.

Benith them Georgy could only say one thing "I goot to get this thing fixed first the fight breking the laws of physis then that girl going man and and"

Will "Get a gripp and look at the fight" As he mumch on some popcorn a ferengi hade sold him.

Deanna "Nice of the Q beings to bring Ferengis with candy and stuff to eat"

In the Pitt.

Buffy and B'Elana landed holding each other in firm grip as they landed blow anfter blow with their fist non of them whanted to give up and after a mighty strike from Buffy B'Elana finally fell unconcius.

Buffy hit her once more to be sure then she held up her hand wawing a victory sign before she decided it was past her sleeping time.

With a small grunt the winner fell bloody and worn down on the looser and the crowd exploded with chears of exitment.

Xander "What a fight we have a winner barly a winner"

Strife "That was close Buffy couldent have survive a second more fightnig if she diden manage to get those strike in B'Elanas face it would have been a another winner for sure"

Neelix "I belive this is a fight B'Elana whant mind loosing just look at the crowd"

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Gowron Scream of bloodlust eko trou the boot

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Willow orgasm Eko trou the smaller both.

"That was incredibel" Will voice screem "It sure was" Georgi said still looking up at the 3 now sleeping girls.

Giles and Paris run in to the pitt to the two sleeping girls they could see a glowing light slowly repairing the broken and fracture bones.

Paris look suprise "Are they going to be alright"

Giles look calm "I recognice this kind of healing its dont even leav scaar or marks"

A flash of light and suddenly the crew of the Enterprise where back on the bridge.

Picard was holding a computer padd the crew look at him as he started to investigate the padd finlay he said "Its the fight and a bit more possible a complet reacall on what happen on and during the fight"

Smiling a bit he continue "Their was a bit of the privat life of a borg in their at least one"

Gowron return many of his fellow concile hade been their and after finding a computer disc with complet rekording he order his men to send the info of the disc on Klingon info net.

Janeway and her team found them self standing in the corridor on their way to the holodeck in her hand she hade a datapad.

"well that was braising" She said to Joyce.

They where not suprise to find Buffy and B'Elana gone "i think Xander must have teleported them directly in to their sleeping rooms" Joyce said.

But Janeway wouldn't answer as she was totaly suprised at the sight of seeing 7of9 and Willow and Tara.

The tre girls where leaning on each other they could barly stand and a silly smile where on the three of them.

Fearfully Neelix ask "What happen to you"

Willow blink a bit "When are the fight going to happen"

Joyce "Willow dear it over Buffy won"

Tara "Horray" her face glowing with happines.

Dawn said "You dogs you" before gigling satt down.

Janeway "what ever do you mean"

"Dont you see it they hade sex, and a lot of it" Dawn said.

Joyce "Dawn stop embarrassing them"

At that their where a sudden light and Xander and Urd apeard.

"I have good news and bad news and some good news" Xander said.

Blinking and looking between them Janeway said "in the order you said"

Xander smile "Discord and Strife is out hunting a old enemy of our Qurikas a renegade god of illusion and mischife he like to play mind game with mortals before he kills them.

You guys know him as Q and When Dis and Strife get their hand on him he dead." Xander said with a smirk "That the good news Urd said

Xander continue like a well oiled machine "The bad news Qurikas felt our present but not Ho whe are and what whe where so he decide do get rid of us. He trick the borg and with in two tree days a couple of Borg cubes will attack us"

"That is the bad news" Urd said relly lik playing ping pong with mortals heads.

Xander took over the bool with out loosing the beet "But the good news as a good has satt them up to it we gods can do things. Like revil the shield frekvens and help modulate your shild so the borg cant teleport trow them"

"And that is the last good news" Urd said.

Joyce "That find Xander but is my Buffy alright"

Xander "of course she is i told you she would be" looking offended by the suggestion.

Joyce Smile "Thank you Xander" her smile dropp "But you will not trick Buffy in to fighting Heracles"

Urd look imrest at the anger Joyce could wipp agienst others.

Smiling agien Joyce said "can I expect you for dinner as usal"

Xander "relly you whont trow me out"

Joyce "never you allways be the child i never hade but always whanted"

Xander hugg Joyce thigtly and gave a small cry "Thanks i been so afraid you would see me as a monster"

Joyce "so baby i dont care if you are human or god as long as you dont murder innocent for fun i still love you"

Janeway "Borg we have to talk tactic in my reddy room in five minuts" she stopt and lookt at 7 and the two girls "But you tre better rest before" the tree girl smile and started to walk separatet way.

Then Tara and Willow stop with Xander and Joyce "Xander" They said.

seeing him looking at them they continue "7 have never hade a boy frind and she whant you to show her the way of X-love could you plees with sugger on topp."

Blushing "Eee you sure she whant me" Xander said. the girl nodding tire but egerly and turn on a dubbel puppy eye attack with a resolf face of doom look.

"Okej i am willing if she is only if she is" Xander said.

The two girls look at each other "could you make it a foursome they ask and turn on the power on their Puppy eye attack and Resolf face of doom.

With a week voice of a beten and doom man Xander said "Okej but later right"

With that they walkt away.

Xander alone with the corridor filld with chockt and imprest crew of Voyager.

Dawn could be heird mummel "i know what i will ask of you when i turn 18 and gods help you if you say no"

But the most chocking was Urd reaction "How dear you a four some a foursome you could at least made it a Fivesome you know i am intresting"

With that the angy goddesswalkt away.

Leving Xander their alone "I just cant win can i"

Paris may be mortal but he puts his hand on Xander "You are a man of course you cant they are female. A man could only understand if they could turn female"

Xander suddenly strike him self in the head "of course good idea" and he snapped his finger and a beautiful goddessstod before them. "Call me lexa."

She taught and then strike her self "How stupid can i be am i brain dead or what" she frown then "Damit now i don't understand men"

With a snapped Lexa turn in to Xander agien and he walkt away mumling "Stupid godly power have to experiment a bit why cant their be any esy answer" Suddenly he stod still "Ooo that why. That make sence" he said an calm filld him agien.

Janeway look at Joyce in chock "Your not even suprise"

Joyce "No of course not i know Xander would look beautiful as a girl"

Paris "I dont think that what was Janeway meant"

Joyce "It wasn't. But what did you mean then"

Janeway "That he transoform that five girls where after him that"

Joyce smile "i live on a hellmouth after a while you creat scenario in you head of unlikely thing that could happen. You be suprise how many of the terrible one that Have happened."

Paris nodding "I see so any suprise that happen that is not negative or bad is just fun or you just feel relieved now days"

Joyce "exactly"

Dawn "Dam he look sexy as a girl must NOT let Willow learn obout that"

Tuvok wander away "I go ahead and prepair the Readyroom for the meeting" he said.

Chapter 10

..In The last episode..

Xander smile "Discord and Strife is out hunting a old enemy of our Qurikas a renagad god of illusion and mischife he like to play mind game with mortals before he kills them.

You guys know him as Q and When Dis and Strife get their hand on him he dead." Xander said with a smirk


Xander continue like a well oil machine "The bad news Qurikas felt our present but not Ho whe are and what whe where so he decide do get rid of us. He trick the borg and with in two tree days a copel of borg cube will attack us"

Tuvok wander away "I go ahead and prepair the Reddyrom for the meeting" he said.

..This episode..

Strife and Discord floted in the eterspace as pure energy.

Strife "Look mom no hands" he said with a puls of energy.

Discord "grow up" she said with a puls of energy.

Strife "Their did you see it" He said in a puls of energy.

Discord "Quirkas" she said with a golden puls of energy.

They slowly focus their energy looking as small and invicible ass possible and started to 'sneek' forward in eterspace towards Quirkas also known as Q.

Discord turn to Strife and with command said with a focus puls of laser "I cut of his escape routs while you fight him. i help from a distant"

Strife only let out a week puls as a confirm then the mother son team decended like sharks on the other energy field that floted in space.

A massiv PULS of energy that sett a nebula on fire suddenly where notice by the neriby Voyager and the Borg Cubes.

Captain to the bridge where heard eko trou the ship.

As Janeway rush out from the reddy room and look at Harry Kim "What happen" she ask.

"Their where strong subspace puls that sett a nebula on fire its becoming a sun i think it happen in extrem hig speed" He said with a chock voice. "Their are more a warp chock wawe are moving towards us it will impact in one hour." He look up "Whe better brace for impact"

Janeway nodded "Se to that. Mr Tuvok any idea of what happen"

Tuvok "No captain their continuing pulses of atleast 3 gigantic energy fields"

Xander cut them of with a big smile "Thats Quintas or Q trying to stay alive. And Strife and Discord killing him" he look down and alowd his senses to reatch out in space. "The energy they are ripping from Q is use to bring new life in this place"

Vulcan "Intresting are you saying they are creating a solar system from that nebula using Q energy"

Xander was nodding "We gods dont like to wast energy. By the why the Hyperspace chockwaw dont worry Urd and me are protecting you from that and suprising inoff it will make warp travel imposible so the Borg will come atleast five days later"

Janeway "So we can escape them"

Xander shock his head "No the warps field will disrupt Voyager and summerhome also and we cant interfear with that or help you escape"

Paris look angy "But help us fight that you can"

Xander noding "I am sorry but its the rule i cant break them"

Janeway vocie where hard "We take what we can.

If we have some more time then this meeting can be in 8 hours. We desperat need som more rest after this day"

Paris laught "Specialy 7"

In space Q gave almost as good as Strife but Discord continue to bombard him with wawe after wawe of murderus energy.

In fear he begg them "I do anything i i be you slave just let me live"

Strife "I dont do slaves".

In a last ateamt to escape Q Switch to the godplane and face the two gods physical.

Strife smiling even walk towards the bleeding Q.

Discord look carfull at the two Strife where bleeding hard from numerus cuts and bruises but nothing life treatning.

Q where a nother story part of his cheast where ript broken.

with a desperat screem Q Launch him self at Strife kicking and screming sending bolt after bold of lighting.

Smiling Strife dodge and energy bolt hit Q ripping new wound in his body.

Discord waited patently when Q where as most buisy she power up and sent a massiv bolt of energy looking Q down.

Strife Fast punsh his hand trouw Q body and took a grip of his heart "Having a heart failor Q" he said as he crusht the heart and destroying Q life.

Discord said with a falsk voice "Happy rebirth asshole"

Strife "I dont think he will be reborn i hade frinds that helpt me he dont have any one"

Discord "I know. Lets get you back to Summershome and get you some rest."

They slowly beigen to fade away after their wish and idea of life where imprinted on the solar that wheir being born behind them.

On the Voyager most of the comand crew use the chans to rest only Tuvok where awaken study the shield Xander and urd hade raist to protect them.

"Impressiv. How soon before the energy creat the solar energy." He ask the resting Xander With out looking up "The amount of energy Q have will speed up the proces so between 1 to 5 thousend years. And then their are fully workabel solar system"

Tuvok "Impressiv speed"

Xander "If the creator took intrest then it would speed up"

In the Summerhome

Dawn "Where are Xander mom"

Joyce "He is on the Voyager hony"

Dawn look irritating "Why ?"

Urd "He fear the girls onboard shall ravish him"

Joyce laughed "I dont think that will happen"

Urd "It might Xander dont know it but Bentan and the other Lovegods where a bit angy at Xander and the rest when they wonn in the Bowling tournament"

Joyce "Bowling tournament ?"

Urd nodded "Ares idea actualy many of the gods have their own team now. Xander is on Ares team the Wargods."

Dawn "What happen what did the lovegods do to Xander"

Urder "Not only Xander the rest of Ares team. They made them more attractiv. Its only temporarly"

Joyce "why didn't Xander tell us" she said with angy voice.

Urd giggeld "He didn't know and Strife and i aint not going to tell him"

Dawn "So our attraction to Xander is fals" she said with a bit of sorrow.

Urd "No its real the spell only help to remove restriction. Making the girls that are attracted act with out so many tabus and fears."

Joyce "Ooo than that is oki but we best tell Willow and Tara exacly how it inflict them"

Seing Urd nod she turn to Dawn "If the love gods put it on Xander lets not anger them by telling him"

Dawn nodded energisk "Servs him right for not telling us about being a god"

A voice inrupted them "Servs ho right" Tara askt beside her Willow and Buffy walkt.

A short moment later the room fild with girl giggel and promis to have fun with the unkoving god.

On the bridge of the Voyager Xander felt straing shivering fear.

8 hour laters in the Reddyroom.

The crew of Summerhome and Voyager where meeting.

Xander where uncomfortbel squest in betwen Tara on the left Willow on the right oposite him Urd where and her feet where playing naughty game with his ziper.

*I have the strangest feeling the girls know somthing i dont* Xander where thinking while trying to force Urd feet of his crotch.

7of9 came in omong the last and seeing Xander she askt "Hellow Xander do you think later this day you and i could have sex. Or if you like it more maby you Willow, Tara and Urd and me could have a orgy"

Xander face turned pink and he desperatly tried to find somthing to say that didn't end up with him being the bad guy.

He could se the attention where fixed on him. "I i i"

A frim sques on his balls from willow and i wispering voice "Say Yeas fool" convince him what the right answer where.

"I Love to the more the better"

Urd smile a crocked smile "Ares did he teatch you how to splitt in two"

Xander nodding "Yea i can split my self in four Xanders"

Urd look imprest "four that impresiv"

Xander nodded "Strife taught me that trick"

Urd "how do you mean"

Xander "You know when you go abov two bodys you start feeling a strugling restistans"

Urd "yea"

Xander "Said that whant happen if you splitt your self in Male, female, male, female"

Urd "I got to try that later on"

Xander noded entuastic "Its great during a fight i let one of the girls stand sniper the other as guard while my two male shape fight close and personal"

Urd shock her head "Wargods"

Strife and Discord look att eatch other "And"

Janeway "I am sure this is intresting but can we get on with the metting"

Tuvok according to the 'gods' their are two Borg cube one battle cube heavy armor and one normal.

A holographic screen show them the cube shape.

Tuvok continued "They have also given us a computer information about the shield frekvens on the Borg Cube and promis us that our frequency are hidden from the Borg sensors."

Joyce "what does that mean"

Smiling Janeway "That mean that our weapon can shoot stright to their shild while they have to penetrate ours"

Joyce start reading from a computer padd "If i reading this correct my car is now a shuttel with heavy weapons"

Xander nodded "Thats correct Dawn could fly and bomb the cube using it if she had a gunner"

Joyce look fearfull then "Giles could you follow her and help her with the shooting"

Buffy "Mom she could get hurt"

Joyce "I know Buffy but the needs of the many upweight the needs of the fue or the one"

Buffy "but but i. I do it am the slayer and"

Joyce "You are not a pilot"

Dawn "Yes finally"

Joyce "Dawn this is not a game"

Janeway "exuse me but Dawn is still young woulden it be better if she stayed onboard with the other children"

Joyce "I wish but she like the challange and it would help during the fight"

Tuvok "Indeed how good is she"

Xander "Paris level of skill"

Paris look up "You sure"

Xander "juup where do you think she goot her skill from. Copy and paste"

Besides Urd said "Xander OR me will teleport Dawn out from the flyer before we alow her to get killd"

Xander smile to giles "of cours that go for you to G-man"

Strife nodded. "if i may their could be a more esy way to beat them" Xander look carfull "you dont mean"

Janeway "what do you mean"

Strife "Bording"

Discord nodded "that would work well the right weapons and the borg would not be a problem"

Janeway "our phaser only have a limited number of shoot and unlees you have a more advance version"

Strife "Guns kemical guns with armor piercing explosiv sluggs. Would esy cut trou the armor of the Borg and their shild are energy ONLY. Close combat use knife and swords"

Tuvok "that is actualy possible"

Janeway "Are you crazy we"

7of9 cut her of "No captain the borg dont have mutch in the deffense agienst that kind of attack and creating a armor agienst so primtiv slugg weapon would take more time then they have"

B'Ellana smile "Time they dont have right just shoot stright trou them find a place and put explosive and BOM no more borg"

Xander "We cant teleport you In as that would be agienst the rule But the shild frekwent make it possible for you to do that by you own metod. But we can teleport you away from the cube."

Janeway "You are sure" Seing the gods confirm with nodding "Do whe have anything on slugg weapon in the computer"

Tara look up "We have on the summerhome"

Discord "I just took a bit of the info i remmeber and but it in the computer only some millijon wersion of slugg guns and energy.

I can help you find the best type and you can build them"

Tuvok "I help you mrs Discord"

"Call me Dis" she said with a sexy smile.

Janeway "Well we have a battle plan lets find out more about the resorses then put forward the attack teams. But for know dismist"

Xander wheir trying to sneek out but a firm hand stop him "Shall we go to my room or" 7of9 ask behind her stod the rest of the girls including Dawn.

"Dawn" Joyce screem and drage her youngerst child away.

"moom the rest are having fun why cant i" she askt with a angy voice "Whait untill you are 18 girl"

Breathing out of relief "well" Xander said "i think i know a good place"

With a blink they wheir on Risa a planet in the Alpha sector know for its hotels and love nest.

Xander walk forward "A room with a Bigg beed" insid he where desperat trying to find out why the girls where on him like fly on sugger.

Janeway look at the empy place where they resonly was and look up to Discord "Xander wont hurt 7 will he"

Discord "dont worry he is to kindheart to hurt a girl"

some time afterwards..

Tuvok "impresiv Diss armor"

"I know it last one or five shoot of phasers fire and its esy replicated" Discord said.

Tuvok "is soft almost like normal clouding"

Disscort "the first material it have some drawback ass it is imposible to fix if its rippt. But it have energyarmor capacity make up for that"

Tuvok "what about the other material you put undernet."

"Advance form of crystal armor good agienst sluggweapon and knife.

If the borg try to inject you it will give extra protection not mutch but still a edge" Discord explain.

Tuvok "Wheir dos this come from"

"A alternet reality where war is consider sport and fun" disord said.

Tuvok look grime "that awfull"

Disord just smile "they manage to become imortals by kemical druggs and well children are born and grow up but no body die of old age and unless massiv physical trauma happens acciedent is just not inoff so wargames is their solution"

Tuvok "But why not stop using the imortal drugg!"

Discord "Evrybody whants to live for ever even if they have to risk dieing by in a bloody and hard way"

Tuvok just shock his head "thats illocical they probly have greater chans surviving if they didn't take the drugg"

Discord "its a culture thing but you are right"

Tuvok "The guns are they from their two"

Smiling you are right "The ammo is and the guns" she pointed at a pictur of a slugg "Thats the borg killer a armor picering slugg with a plasma sharge the will relise inside, literly fry the borg from the inside"

Tuvok "impresiv if this numbers are correct it will be like becoming shoot from the inside by a phaser"

A smile where on discord face "Exacly combine this with other sluggs and the borgs wont know what kill them"

Some days later..

Buffy, B'Ellana, Tuvok, Paris, Willow, 7of9 stod in the transporter room of Summerhome.

Joyce Said "okej when Tara say now you Tuvok and Buffy will enter the first Borg cube, It be just like killing vampire buffy with in a minut later its your turn B'Ellana." after hugging the away team members she said "Now be carfull and kill the enemys fast and when you comback i have some Chocklad and good thing waithing"

Smiling they nodded (and raising a eyebrown in Tuvok case) "Ya Mom" Buffy and Willow laughing said.

B'Ellana wisper as soon as Joyce where outside the room "She is strange wonderfull but strange"

Buffy "we live on a hellmout if you are not strange you will not survive"

Summerhome zipt and zapt betwen the rays of death the two Borg cube fire just behind her the larger voyager came flying with deadly eleguance.

both ship fire rays ofter rays torpedo after torpedo blowing up phaser conduict and other important part of the Cubs.

Dawn suddenly signal to Tara that begine tho screem "We are in go go go" and Buffy and Tuvok Dress in a black body fitting armor that only revile their eyes rush in trow the gate in to the borg cube.

Guns where blazing and Borgs wheir deing Payback hade come to the borgs and her namn is Buffy.


Chapter 11

..In The last episode..

Joyce said, "Okay when Tara says now you Tuvok and Buffy will enter the first Borg cube, It'll be just like killing vampires Buffy within a minute its your turn B'Ellana." after hugging the away team members she said "Now be careful and kill the enemies fast and when you come back I have some chocolate and good things waiting!"

Smiling they nodded (and raising a eyebrow in Tuvok's case) "Yes, Mom" Buffy and Willow laughing said. B'Ellana whispered as soon as Joyce where outside the room "She is strange wonderful but strange" Buffy "we live on a Hellmouth if you are not strange you will not survive"

Summerhome zipped and zapped between the rays of death the two Borg cube fired just behind her the larger voyager came flying with deadly elegance. Both ship fire ray after ray, torpedo after torpedo blowing up Phaser conduits and other important part of the Cubes.

Dawn suddenly signal to Tara who began to scream "We are in go go go" and Buffy and Tuvok Dress in a black body fitting armour that only revealed their eyes rush in throw the gate in to the Borg cube.

Guns where blazing and Borgs were dying. Payback has come to the Borgs and her name is Buffy.

..This episode..

With a loud scream "Cry havoc once more and release Oz of war" Buffy storm in shooting with her Kerz99 Automatic rifle tightly followed by Tuvok and Paris.

Tuvok firing just as fast with out the screaming, "I believe its Dogs of war Buffy"

"No, you don't understand Oz is a Werewolf friend of mine" Buffy said with a pout.

Paris Look around "the room is clear right where to next"

Tuvok activated the armours computer map and with out looking "This way. A Werewolf is still not a Dog Buffy"

With a pout Buffy took rear guard "You no fun Elfboy"

Paris smile "I think he lost his reindeers he has always been a bit grumpy"

Buffy smile they sure had become a great team after only a couple of days training under Strife and Discord.

She remembered the days they got their toys of death.

Three days ago.

Xander Stood in front "This is the Kerz99 Automatic Rifle it have single shot, three shots or full auto but in full auto you empty it in seconds.

The Mag can hold hundred and fifty rounds.

The bullets are Plasma hardheads a semi armour piercing round that contain a small amount of Plasma after penetrating the target this round explode in a small but extremely warm explosion."

Paris interrupted "How warm"

Xander smile "Iron melts warm"

Buffy look a bit sick "Instead of parboiled enemy warm"

Xander nodded "Buffy got the idea. Even a shot in the leg with on of this puppies causes the blood to cook and kills the targets"

The crew of Voyager look a bit sick of this.

"A painful way of dieing unless you aim in the chest and head" Xander said "So don't cause friendly fire"

After seeing the crew go quiet again he continued.

"The second round is the Armour Piercing sliceround. An improvement on the Armour piercing anti personnel round.

Normal Ap you get a small entrance wound and a small exit. The AP's have small slicer blade that slice and dice the target from the inside causing massive bleeding and fast death."

Janeway "Do we really need this barbaric type of weapon"

Strife "Do you want to win. Do you want you crew to survive ?"

Tuvok "This guns are the most effective anti Borg weapon we have they are brutal but effective it's only logical that we use this to win against them"

Xander continue "As a back up the Kerz99 have place for a grenade launcher on our Kerz99 we have replace the launcher with a Federation type of Phaser. It can only manage a few limited shoot before the Borgs adapt but it's a good backup"

The crew look and felt calmer as they knew there would be a real weapon with the away team.

Discord came forward holding a black full body suite.

"This baby's are the armour it contain two lair of protection. The first is an Energy reflection layer that can protect you from 5 to 10 Phaser shots depending on energy level use. The second lair of protection is a crystalline matrix extremely good against slug weapons and stab and cuts. It may protect you from Borg nanoprobes"

The crew look happy at the idea of protection but a bit suspicious

Neelix "Wont the armour be bulky and in the way"

Discord "About as much as you uniforms are in the way. Do you fight in the nude? If not the armour will not be in the way"

Xander smile "And it have a inbuilt computer with mapping communication capacity. The eyes have goggles that will give you nightvision and zoom just like the Borg."

Many began to smile at the young gods enthusiasm

But Xander continue "On left arm I have put a fold back cutting blade its 1,5 feet long and can cut through steel." Buffy could not hold back an enthusiastic "Sweet cutting lethality can't wait to try them on a vampire. Slice and dice baby" and she look with barely hidden blood lust.

Some begun to laugh nervously and move away from her.

The Fight...

Buffy walk fast shoot now and then against Borgs that come from the walls. "Hurry up Tuvok" She said, as he put out one more explosive.

Suddenly part of the wall folded in and hands grab Paris and dragged him inside.

Buffy Swore, "Keep up the mission I save Paris" With that Buffy folded up the blade took the gun in her right hand and Jumped like a kangaroo straight in the mass of Borgs.

Tuvok look irritated then he started to shoot high precision shoot before running away to the next place of to put explosion.


Dawn hade cold sweat pouring down her body as she maneouver the Summerhome between the two giants Cube avoiding so many rays of death ass possible. The Shields of Summerhome where down to 70% and Giles and Tara where shooting as much as they could.

Joyce looked strangely, almost surreally calm "Drive closer Dawn so the second team can enter the other cube"

Giles could not believe how impressed he where with Joyce *she must be a queen in a former life* where in his mind shamefully he hade the time of his life firing the Phasers.

Tara looked afraid almost falling apart but she time and time fire of high precision Photon torpedo at week point on the Cube.

Suddenly the computer chirp and she look up "Second Team GO GO GO. And be careful Willow"

The second team B'Ellana, Willow and 7of9 rushed in shooting and casting magic.

In the first Cube.

Buffy arm blade decapitated another Borg wile her gun hung empty on her back.

She hade the arm of a Borg as a club waving and crushing Borg heads as she made a path of death among them. "Die you stupid Zombie wannabe, " She screamed.

Paris where wrestling with a big Borg probably Klingon that again and again try to penetrate his armour and inject him. In the last second he remembered the arm blade and -snick- it was out.

Paris cut deep in the chest of the Borg and suddenly it went limp dead bleeding.

He struggled to stand up.

Then his way se could se 15 Borg arm and in his way gulping down his fear he look at them "Run and you may live"

The Borg advance on him "Resistance is futile"

Then suddenly the central mass of the Borg exploded in blood and Borgs come flying out with broken arms and heads.

Paris could only watch as the 15 Borgs where reduce to spare parts by a bloody and angry slayer that rush to him.

"Are you okay Tell me you are alright?" she said.

Paris could see tears of fear in her eye. "I am alright the armour protected me. But we better move"

Buffy hade a grim "look I go first" With that she suddenly jump straight in the next corridor and behind a corner. And Paris could see a Borg actually trying to run in fear before a small hand grab his neck and twisted the neck in a strange shape.

Buffy look around back "Are you coming. I really hate ambush its only asshole that do it bad guys. Don't you hate ambush I men its so unfair that they do it to us"

Paris nodded as the young slayer rave on about the unfairness of life as they run fast through the Borg cube stopping now and they to massacre Borg fighting and non-fighting Buffy really didn't like them.