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Timeframe: Post S7

Summary: How can we make Xander have the respect he deserves? How can we make Willow, Buffy into respectable and caring women? Without angst, without drama or yelling? A huge challenge

After the hellmouth was sealed a 'school for Slayers' in Cleveland was founded and it's leaders and students protected the world from the hellmouth. But a leader was necessary, because with all these Slayers it could get escalated into a drama. Then some strange thing happened in one day, which changed their world forever.

Xander walked the stairs, hearing noise coming from Buffy's room. Since she got her own computer and Willow helped with it, the two of them spend every single minute on the bloody machine. Well, not at first. First Buffy was crying, hours after hours. But after a good talk with Xander it went better. She had promised to better her life and maybe one day she might own him, the man of her dreams: Xander. But it was easy as opposition was huge. And then there was Willow. She wasn't crying like Buffy, but the apologies were more than enough for Xander.

Then there were all the other Slayers. Some didn't dare to approach him as they felt so nervous being around him. Some were constantly around him, stalking, wanting and dreaming to have him. And this all happened after Buffy got her new computer. Xander didn't understand a bit of it. Every time he asked Willow or Buffy what was so interesting about, they smiled at him in silence and awe. Even Faith got sucked into it. Hell, even Giles found the machine suddenly a very interesting piece of equipment. "A rich source of valuable information," he said, "especially about you, Xander." It was so strange to Xander and the most strange about it is that they all *respected* him since that first day. He became the leader, he got to plan everything. Giles brought him into training. Giles arranged that he got his left eye back. The girls were constantly fighting over him or behind the machine. Normal got a different meaning . . .

And then there were those things with Cordelia and Spike. Spike got immediately dusted for his services and they rescued Cordelia.

A few months after that first day

He stood for the door and heard Willow, Buffy and Faith bickering. He didn't understand a word of it and decided to knock on the door. Nothing, they just continued their arguments. He opened the door and the heads of Faith, Buffy and Willow immediately turned.

"Xander!?" Buffy shouted excited. Willow turned the screen off immediately and Faith stared at him, nervously. "What are you doing here?" Buffy asked.

"Uh, checking out my favorite friends . . ." he replied.

"Uh, we're busy, Xan," Willow said.

Xander looked at her and then sighed. "It's okay, Wills. I'm going out anyway."


"With who?"

". . ."

"With my chronicler's muse, whatever the hell either are, we're going to a an Inn. It seems to be cool and at the same time relaxing out there."

"Oh, that Inn," Willow said understanding while Buffy didn't understand. Faith was still looking in awe at Xander.

"Great Xander, it'll do you good, she is a nice woman," Willow said, not jealous at all.

"I know, she is a bit overworked, but the Inn will do her good."

"Bye," he said while leaving.

"Bye," Willow and Buffy replied. As soon as he moved out of the door, Willow rushed to the keyboard and pressed the button of the screen, turning it on.

"I want to see it," Willow said excited.

"What?" Buffy asked, still not understanding.

"Hey," Faith said, turning to her normal self now Xander was gone, "I thought we agreed."

"No, we didn't," Willow said, "I want to see this part of the Inn."

"We agreed to check out the latest part of Journeyverse, it's really kick ass . . ."

"I want to see some of Lori Bush . . . " Buffy pouted.

"No, the Inn *or* Lexa," Willow whispered softly as her eyes filled itself with lust.

Buffy sighed. "You have read that a thousand times, Wills."

"But she is so hot," Willow whined.

"Wild horses . . . " Faith quipped.

The two of them gave him a daring look, that even was scaring for Faith.

"Cat shadows, " Buffy said as she thought she had the solution.

"Buffy Z."

"Axel F . . ."

"Where Fools Go," Faith said.

"No!" Buffy yelled.

"The Phoenix Chronicles," Willow said.

"Huh?" the other two said.

Willow shrugged. "Just offering . . ."

"The three Slayers . . ." Faith waited for moment as she shook her head. "The Slayer Mansion," she quipped.

"That's us," Buffy remarked dryly.

"Yeah, we can read what happens behind our closed doors, wouldn't you guys want to know?" Faith said winking evilly.

They all sighed and paused for a moment . . . And the bickering continued . . .

"Knights Chosen."

"Go to Hell!" Faith yelled.

"We could get go to that new site, the MuppetZone?" Willow finally offered.

"Me as Miss Piggy? I don't think so!" Buffy exclaimed. "Then we better take Roadrunner," she wickedly added.

"What!?" Willow yelled. "I didn't accidentally have this computer magically linked up to another dimension's internet to read about us being Looney Tunes!"

Faith grinned. "The Band . . ."

The End???

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