XanderZone II

A Sequel to XanderZone

Author: Koos van Winden <van_winden_koos[at]hotmail.com>

Author: Faith Williams <slayer-1998-1[at]watcher.co.uk>

Author: Buffy Summers <slayer-1996-1[at]watcher.co.uk>

Author: Willow Rosenberg <red[at]us.wicka.net>

Author: Dawn Summers <dawn_summers[at]hotmail.com>

Rating: PG R

disclaimer: I own (nothing) everything. It's me! Its mine. No mine . . . No mine

Main pairing: X/F ::scratch:: X/B ::scratch:: X/W :: scratch X/D


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Summary: Deep penetrations and violence with a horny slayer. Slayers. Oh, yeah. No! A witch. Love with a sweet little key.

Betaread by Giles, ::scratch:: Willow ::Faith don't that::

A hot fucking night in the moooonlight with a kick his ass fight

A beautiful hot girl with long black raved hair was surrounded by a group of frat boys. She was helpless as they wanted to rape her. But then rescue came in the form of a handsome hunk. There he sat, clad in black leather, on his horse, a black Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa with 175 pk and a top speed of 310 km/h , the fastest motorcycle in the world. As he stood there, he dared the guys all by himself, not moving a inch. They dared him back, but those dammn fucking assholes were distracted when he grabbed a fistful of throttle and rocketed forward while slowly pulling the front tire off the ground. The group riiiiiipped itself apart as every frightened stupid member rushed away quickly. The goddamned coward bastards ran away in fear as he rushed into them. Then he hit the breaks and with amazing agility he gently stood still in front of me.

The man took of his black helmet and showed his handsome features as he spoke kindly, "How are you doing, miss?"

The black-haired girl was stuck in her sentence as she took in his deep dark brown eyes. "Uh, F-Five by Fife and . . . F-Faith . . ."

The guy stretched his arm and she took his hand pulling her from the ground. "Hi, I'm Xander. Care for a ride?"


"Aaaah, oooh, you are so good, X," Faith yelled as Xander took her from behind.

"Oh, my fucking God!" Faith screamed.

They were having sex for hours now. The poor girl was subjected at the deepest and longest penetrations ever. But she could hold on as she suddenly had turned into a Slayer.

"You're amazing, yourself, Faith," Xander calmly replied.

She laughed. "We both are good, boy toy, you and I!" She turned her head and looked at his face. "We are the best!"

"And you know it, Faith!"


Sweeeet Prophecy Girl

A self-centered bitch was approached by a wonderful sweet boy. She knew him, 'cause he was her best friend and she loved him so much . . .

I will continue this love story quick.