Xander's Revenge

Author: Heathen92 <the_heathen2000series[at]yahoo.com>

Disclaimer: Things have gotten worse last I posted... Now I not only don't don't own any of this stuff (which belongs solely to Joss and Whitewolf) but someone stole my cardboard box.

Many months after the hell mouth's collapse, Xander reclined in his office at Wolfram & Hart.

He had found a job there after wandering aimlessly for awhile as he got over the worse of his grief for Anya. Coming in he had been surprised at how readily Angel had welcomed him aboard. He had proven himself useful within the Scooby gang, true, but this was another matter entirely.

Regardless, he had done well for himself here. His skills gained as a construction worker had helped him to administrate within the office (managerial skills were not exactly the A-team's forte). Then there was the fact that he was still a very good fighter. So long as he wasn't standing next to a Slayer or Master vampire he was pretty impressive. Especially after he had the psyche department unlock all the soldier and hyena memories.

But he still had one problem working there…

"What'cha doin' Droopy?"

And that problem had a name. "Tired after another fearsome day of sittin' behind a desk while everyone else is working?" If Spike could only be hurt… the thought gave Xander a Happy. A big one with a capital 'H' "

"Spike, I can hold my own in a fight. Which is more than I can say for your ethereal ass."

"Ooo ruffled some feathers did I? Good thing I didn't piss off a wizard, or god forbid, a necromancer! I only screwed around with a glorified brick layer." With that the ghost stepped back through the wall with a smirk as the bricklayer in question growled in frustration.


It had gotten to the point where Xander could depend on two things everyday. A jackass spirit and a case of raging insomnia. Curling into a ball under his quilt and comforter, Xander heard her at night for the first time.

He had never seen her at night or day: she was dead in his dreams as well as in life. So when his departed love materialized in front of him he knew it was for real. "Anya!" he called, she smiled as he ran and knelt in front of her. "I've missed you so much!"

"Xander… Always remember that I love you… Remember everything we shared. Our joys and our pains."

The man grew solemn as he spoke. "Yes. I'll never ever forget."

Even as a spectre, her smile was radiant. "Good. Now get up you stubborn bricklayer," coming from her mouth that seemed more like praise than an insult "… there's something we must do before I can lie to rest."


Spike entered the boy's office through the wall to find the whelp waiting for him. "Come on, you don't really like it when I knock you do ya, bricky?" Xander smiled.

"At least my girl died. Yours left the freak' in continent to escape the whining."

Spike forgot that he could really touch anything as he made to hit the former Scooby…

… and struck a barrier. The boy jumped at him, through him, and grabbed something from the table. He then sprinkled the powder (salt?) at the stunned ghost's feet. "Hey, Spike! Did you know that salt is supposed to be a barrier spirits can't cross?" The disembodied vampire snarled. "I can move it. Ijust need to concentrate."

"Actually I thought of that." He moved a T.V. from the corner in front of Spike and turned on a tape… Of the village people. "It plays on a loop you know." Xander laughed as the vampire's eyes grew wide.


"Y-yes!" Xander replied whilst trying to desperately to keep his laughter in control. Before leaving he made a little victory dance with Anya's ghost (who had of course wanted to watch the magic…). "Come on An! HIGH FIVE! HEY ANGEL COME HERE!" the elder vampire entered, took one look at his child's predicament and laughed his head off. "Just don't keep him in there more than a few days."


Xander's apology: I have to tell you I am deeply sorry for our dear spikey… for you see, NO ONE deserves THAT. I'll be sure in check up on him in a few…

…Just to see if he needs anything. :-)